Beautiful minimalistic and white website designs are quite popular and for a good reason. Still, when you are surfing on the internet, usually you will be exposed to a lot of colorful web design, illustrations and images. Using colors is surely a powerful tool for engaging your visitors and for making your call to action powerful. On the other hand, white and clean website will leave more space for your content and allow it to be the center of your website.

There are good reasons why the trend of using white minimal design is here to stay. A clean white website gives more charm and beauty to the images and the contents. With a simple background, you will have less disturbance and the contents are seen with its whole honesty. Also, it gives the impression of professionalism, making the site more reliable and trustworthy. It makes the site look peaceful, innocent and pure. Aside from these, the minimal and simple website designs gives the impression of elegance.

These are just some of the reasons why white website design is a popular trend in today’s web design. A lot of companies choose clean business website templates because of the said features and benefits. Thus, if you want to succeed online, maybe you should try a white website design. Here are 35 of beautiful examples for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Sennep – MORE INFO


Sennep is a white website which has been exquisitely designed. This is a website showing that colored pictures and website elements are not the always favored ones. Sometimes, having white design is more advisable because of its non-complexity.

Metaphiziks – MORE INFO


Metaphiziks is a site presented in a simple layout design containing cartoon-ish buttons and impressive header design. The shade of gray utilized in the background of the webpage compliments the typography of the website.

Fear the Grizzly – MORE INFO


Fear the Grizzly is one of those clean website designs with simplicity and all. But the cleanliness and lack of colors did not stop this website from alluring more internet visitors.

Saturday Surf NYC – MORE INFO


Saturday Surf NYC is an example of a white website design which which combines blue and brown colors. It’s a clean site design. Well, if you look t it, there is a unique aesthetic all over it.

Face Works – MORE INFO


Face Work is a white website design wherein you can view the exact details you want to see. Unlike in colored site, there is some kind of complexity where readers and visitors will find hard to look at.

Jonathan Krause – MORE INFO


Jonathan Krause is the designer of this magnificent and easy-to-look-at white background design. He believes that beauty and charm do not only lie on colors but with cleanliness and simplicity too.



VBG is a clean site design with exquisite beauty and simplicity which can allure more internet users than any colored website. This site shows that images are more beautiful when they are natural.

Alcian Blue – MORE INFO


Alcian Blue, although its name says so, is not a blue-colored site. It is also one of those magnificent white background websites that showcase the real beauty of every element.

Made by Sofa – MORE INFO


Made by Sofa is simplicity at its best. This website shows that having white background design makes simple website incredible and attractive at the same time. Sofa is indeed a powerful design that can allure as many internet visitors as possible.

Subtraction – MORE INFO


This design has substracted all the superfluous and non important colors which makes it white and very simple, which is incredibly good: visitors can be relaxed and they can get what they really want minus all the extremities.

Fell Swoop – MORE INFO


Fell Swoop is a white website design with all the natural essence in it, which makes Fell Swoop looks amazing in the eyes of internet visitors who look for simpler web pages.

TCM Summer Under the Stars – MORE INFO


TCM Summer Under the Stars is a clean site design with incredibly impressive visuals. This shows that being minimal and simple does not mean low standards. Sometimes, having black and white designs makes it more attractive and desirable.



Ditto is one of those top white background designs. This clean shows professionalism. Well, every white background design can show professional outlook. It can be used by any corporate company who wants their website look very professional.



An Idea is a creative agency that offers inventive platforms while defining and exploring the dynamics of the World Wide Web. Their innovative minds are being seen in the way they layout their website homepage.



BVD is another professional-looking white background website. This kind of website design makes it more trusted and reliable in the eyes of clean and respectable internet users. They see white as trustworthy and dependable.

The Manual – MORE INFO


The Manual is one of those top white website designs believing that having white background is the new high style. The World Wide Web is now in the era wherein simplicity is the new standard of website marketing.

MmDesign – MORE INFO


MmDesign is another white background website showcasing hat having simple designs makes it more attractive. Indeed, white attracts the eye because of its high contrast. Having white background makes it easier o convey message through texts and images.

Casey Britt – MORE INFO


Casey Britt’s white design raises the curiosity of internet readers and visitors. With its simple and clean design, it allures people to look deeper. Because of its simplicity, people will try to look for the true story behind the elements posted in contrast with white background.

One Day Without Google – MORE INFO


One Day Without Google is a white background website which makes simplicity as its main ideal. With its simple and clean designs, internet readers and visitors will surely grasp the message the site wants to convey.

Brooklyn Soap Company – MORE INFO


The company website draws heavily on utilizing the vintage photography on a particular place in Brooklyn, New York, hence the name of the company. Its header is its main attraction that will surely draw more traffic online.

Sherpa – MORE INFO


Sherpa has every touch of minimalism in it which makes it more attractive to internet visitors. With its white design, it soothes every element on it. Images are more realistic and more alluring in the eyes.

Foundry Co – MORE INFO


Foundry Co is a white website design which is very simple. There no other superfluous elements. the only color that can be seen is some blue green elements. Although the whole site is dull-looking, still, there are some things that make it alluring in the eyes.

Julien Millies – Art Director – MORE INFO


Julien Millies is the designer of this white website design. He has been designing minimal and simple designs. For him, it is more elegant and professional-looking. With white background, he believes that images are more attractive and alluring.

Look Up


This is probably one of the best simple and eye-catch website design online, utilizing a couple of contemporary features while preserving the traditional look of a simple and clean web design. Its header is visually stunning, as well as the arrangement of the content.

Lotta Niemen – MORE INFO


Lotta Niemen is another incredible designer of simple and minimal websites. Although there are some colors on it, still the white background makes every element stood out. The images and their real details can be seen with all honesty.

T. Grimes – MORE INFO


The portfolio website of this freelance film director presents a visually stunning design, maintaining the simplicity of the website. What makes this site interesting is that it promotes easy navigation to online visitors even though there are additional interactive features included in the site.



Kyan is a clean site design with perfect white background. The colorful images stand out as they perfectly soothe with the white design. The text fonts are also very suited with the background.

What Happens Next – MORE INFO


What Happens Next is a cool white design website. Its fonts are very wacky which are very suited with the exquisite white background design. The images are also seen with clarity because of the simplicity of the whole design.

La Wine Agency – MORE INFO


La Wine Agency is another wonderful white background website. Because of its simple and minimal design, there’s a touch of classic all over it—the 40s font style also added to that belief.

Wishpipe Studios – MORE INFO


This small web design studio stands its aim of providing outstanding designs while promoting simplicity on its output. How they present their designs to their clients can be seen in the simplicity of their website design.

Sugar Rush Creative – MORE INFO


The website presents a simple minimal site with a cool organization of contents and blend of vibrant colors. They presented their website in a way that online visitors will be enticed to visit the site all over again.



Posh CSS is another simple website at its best. Although some may see it as dull but if you will try it you will find out that its more alluring in the eyes of internet visitors. You don’t want too much elements.

Ui Tuneup – MORE INFO


UI Tuneup is a white website design that makes the exquisite fonts and cool images stand out. If you want to immediately give the details you want to say, then this website is right for you.



BKWLD is a white background website which is very ideal to daily news website and sport pages.Well, in contrast to the accepted reality, having white background is more pleasant if you are running the mentioned webpages.

Homo Studiosus – Interested Man – MORE INFO


Homo Studiosus is a another website design that shows simplicity. It is the best way to convey the right messages. Images are more clear, the fonts can be seen with whole clarity and the message can be the center of the whole page.

Harlo Interactive – MORE INFO


Harlo Interactive is a website with white design. This particular clean site design is very advisable to classic-centric photography and lomography enthusiasts. Because of its simplicity, the photographs posted will be clear and elegant.

Tom Reinert Design – MORE INFO


Tom Reinert Design is a white background website which is also advisable for photographers, designers and artists who want to showcase their artworks. The page have grids where up to 6 images can be posted.

Visual Supply Co – MORE INFO


Visual Supply Co is another white website design which is advisable for photographers, artists and designers. They can post their artworks with the all convenience as the white background design suits well with any color.

Skillshare – MORE INFO


Skillshare is a very simple website which has minimal elements. the fonts are small, the colors are washed out and the grids are very simple. Although it may appear dull, still, its simplicity raises a lot of curiosity.

CSS Piffle Pitch – MORE INFO


CSS Piffle Pitch is another exquisite white website design. Its white, with skyblue torches makes light blue and red stand out. This can attract many internet users as the only colored element is the center focus of the whole site.

Hering Berlin – MORE INFO


Herling Berlin is a very classy-looking website with its white and simple design. The font colors, which is gray, suites well with the background. The images, which are edited to black and white, stand out very well.