Appearance plays a huge role in eCommerce primarily because a lot of transactions and activities that are involved in this kind of industry all start when people get enticed by what they see. Netizens do not have tangible access to the things that are posted online, and so they rely on the appearance of the eCommerce website when judging for trustworthiness and credibility. Any online marketer or eCommerce person knows that these play a major role in the success of their business.

You need to make a good impression right at the start. Remember, it is always a good idea to evaluate your website design to see if it communicates the right message. Inspiration from the top eCommerce website designs can help you get on the right track. Here are some extraordinary ecommerce sites that you can choose from or pattern your website on. Enjoy this!

Coloud Headphones – MORE INFO


This is a website that features the Coloud brand of headphones. Notice that the website has an obvious trademark color combination that is evident in the entire website in all of its pages. When deciding on an ecommerce website design, you might want to think about colors you will want to stand out in the home and inside pages. This way, it will be easier for visitors to remember your website.

Ark Collection – MORE INFO


Now this is one of those websites that offer an overview of their most saleable or most popular products right when you open the site. It has a big header that shows pictures of the goods. Unlike the previous eCommerce website, this is bolder and more playful with color.

Epic New Year – MORE INFO


Epic New Year shows a wonderful and very aesthetically appropriate ecommerce web design for games. Having the appearance of a storybook page, this will surely entice game lovers to explore and get to know what it has to offer.

Designed to Move – MORE INFO


Suggested by the title, this website is all about physical activity, particularly for children. It makes use of big, end to end blocks of color to present different features of the website. This kind of ecommerce website design will be more appreciated on big screens.

Icon Monstr – MORE INFO


Icon Monstr is a very clean, simple, mainly black and white website that banks on its use of unique and creative icons. Of course, since this eCommerce website is all about icons, it is only natural it shows good ones.

Suit Supply – MORE INFO


Since this website is selling suits, its sexy, macho overall appearance fits very well. It communicates that when a customer buys suits from this website, they will look as good and attractive as the people on the featured page.

Five Simple Steps – MORE INFO


This website title can be a little misleading, because this is not a how-to website but a website where you buy books for web professionals. Since manipulation of html and the like is generally perceived as difficult, the name is basically trying to give people the idea that it doesn’t have to be that way. This is a great way to plan on a website name.

Folksy – MORE INFO


This is an eCommerce website that sells handmade stuff, mostly gifts. The design is light and cute, with lots of pastel colors that are easy on the eyes and communicate a general sense of comfort.



This website looks very vintage, with an overall magazine feel. It is also very minimal in the way it displays the navigation icons and, unlike in some cases, they add contribute to the look instead of disturb it.

Tattly – MORE INFO


Dispelling the notion that tattoos are only for the rough, tough guys, Tattly has a weightier feminine feel to it and makes use of light, pleasant colors and fonts. The business is basically about cute, unique tattoos, and so the design suits it very well.

Funk Haus – MORE INFO


Funk Haus a clothing design website that showcases outfits that rebel against the norm and stand out in the crowd. The featured picture on the Home page is that of Korean pop group 2ne1, known for their wild wardrobe.

Brooklyn Soap Company – MORE INFO


This eCommerce website title is very direct and no-nonsense, if you ask me. If you want a website that will make sure there is no confusion about what exactly you produce and sell, you might want to get ideas from this website.



Eden offers mobile phone accessories made of natural material, such as wood. Because of the nature of their products, the website looks very rustic and has an outdoor feel.



The thing about selling cars is elegance is your major front-liner. Cars are considered luxury possessions, and so the website selling cars has to reflect this and make customers feel how great it is to own the featured cars.

Silk Artificial – MORE INFO


This fresh-looking website sells artificial flowers and plants. It has a combination of flower colors and greens, appropriate for such an enterprise. It also has a navigation panel that will allow you to go to the particular kinds you want to look at.

United Pixel Workers – MORE INFO


United Pixel Workers is a website for T-Shirt designs. Upon opening, you will be able to see the many different T-Shirt designs that are available. The designs are superimposed on actual T-Shirt photos, to give a more realistic view.

Fit for a Frame – MORE INFO


Any saying, quotation, or excerpt from a book you have always liked? Maybe this website has that. This website features textography that can be framed and displayed in your homes or offices.



I don’t think it is merely coincidence that one needs only to replace the U with O to make it STORY. This website is a convenient and interactive platform for swapping books. So it basically looks like a library or an e-book shelf on a tablet.

Skinny Ties – MORE INFO


Who ever said ties are only for the starchy suits worn on formal occasions? This website it a perfect illustration that dressing up and dressing well is fun. This is a very interactive website with little bursts of color.

Indochino – MORE INFO


I have no idea why the website name is such and the photos featured are those of Caucasian men, but this website is very sleek and elegant, perfect for a platform that advertises crisp suits for men.

Rick and Drew – MORE INFO


This website is all about digital media, such as film and photography. Perhaps the most important thing to see from a digital artist is his/her portfolio. In this case, the website presents just that, so you will have no problem imagining the kind of output they provide.

Conference Badges – MORE INFO


Conference Badges is a very straightforward website. On the Home page, you will see right away a sample badge created by this website. It is also minimal and makes use of contrasting colors very well.



Hello claims to be revolutionizing the use of electronic mail. It is very unique in its presentation. Unlike the conventional scroll down website navigation option, this does it sideways. The features are great, by the way.

The Story of Monkey – MORE INFO


This website takes a bit longer to load because of the graphics and all, but it looks very unique and playful. This is a storybook website that is complete with images and audio that will surely click with the young’uns.

Tiny Big Studio – MORE INFO


Tiny Big Studio features the many designs that are available, basically in a portfolio sort of format. The varying colors are refreshing to the eyes and looks great against one another.

Eyegix – MORE INFO


Eyegix is a digitial design website that is very interactive. The website makes browsing more fun because of the movements of the icons and the way navigation is planned in such a way that visitors will feel like browsing on a tablet computer.

Samcreate – MORE INFO


This is another digital design platform that offers designs for print and such. The website is a burst of color, although more text heavy than other blogs that were mentioned earlier.

Courchevel – MORE INFO


It is very important that your visitor is made aware that what you have to offer is great, fun, and enjoyable. This website, about skiing, does exactly that right at the Home page. We are given a dream-like photo of people skiing.

Renaud Futterer – MORE INFO


Renaud Futterer is all about design and direction, which you will be able to see in the Home page. It takes quite a while for the site to load completely because of the heavy graphics, but after the wait, you will see a showcase of lovely outputs.

Substrakt – MORE INFO


This is one really elegant website, one that, if you are interested in design and digital media, you will surely give considerable thought to upon discovering it. It is very simple but it is able to communicate its passion for quality well.

Badr Food – MORE INFO


Of course we know right away that this website will feature food. And it does. The website is minimal and shows only a picture of fresh and tasty-looking olives on the homepage.

Eat Drink Inc. – MORE INFO


Yet another food website, this entices the reader into the website with wit—“Preparing your palate” instead of “loading”—and colorful and vivid photos of food, lots and lots of food!



This website makes use of video and magazine-like navigation style. It looks really good, and it makes for a very interactive experience, but the visitors need to have a fast enough Internet connection or the page will crawl.

El Monstruo – MORE INFO


If you want to greet your new website visitor in a unique, funny, and interesting way, you can learn a thing or two from this website that makes use of a bug-like orange creature that prances on the opening page.

Tequila Mobile – MORE INFO


For a website about mobile social games, this is actually pretty cool—and unexpected. You may also want to surprise your visitors and give the impression that you are different from the rest.