Presently, the trend of using full-screen website backgrounds in web design has been hitting the World Wide Web. It has indeed become quite popular to use big pictures and illustrations as website backgrounds, and it provides an interesting visual appeal to the websites. It is of course essential only to use full-screen backgrounds for your website if it fits in well with your style and contents. The good thing is, that you do not have to be a expert web designer to build a beautiful web site with full-screen background. You can find a wide variety of portfolio website templates and WordPress fullscreen themes.

The use of large background images in website designs is an easy and effective way in adding a strong visual effects to a website. Thus, it is essential to look for the stance between the background and the other elements of the design. To help you find inspiration and learn from others we have collected more than 35 examples of the websites that utilize large background images and illustrations. Please share this resource with your friends and feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.

Thirty Dirty Fingers – MORE INFO


This website heavily focuses on monochromatic colors while utilizing one hefty image of the hands of the people behind this creative firm. They have been in the multimedia world for several years already.

Plate the Slate – MORE INFO


This website utilizes a large image that serves as its header, while the rest of the site follows a simple and the classy website backgrounds. With the type of food they feature every now and then, no wonder online visitors will certainly visit their website.

Stephan Siegrist – MORE INFO


This local website in Germany makes use of big pictures presented in a slideshow revealing photos of the breathtaking view of their local peak land formation. Moreover, the layout of the website complements the photographs provided by the site.

Studio Tilt – MORE INFO


Studio Tilt is an interior design studio that offers modern carpentry and interior designing across the country. The website shows a number of their projects and products they provided to their customers.

Giles Revel – MORE INFO


Giles Revel is a renowned professional photographer who captures images from the nature’s perspective. Its website portfolio showcases his impressive works and his dedication in showcasing the beauty of the world through his pictures.

Chicago L-Shirts – MORE INFO


The clothing line makes use of its website as an avenue for online users from different places to order and purchase the transient shirts that they are selling. Their products are well-presented in their website through their background website design.

Resto Hull – MORE INFO


Resto Hull is a Canadian restaurant that showcases Italian cuisine from winery to famous signature Italian foods such as pizza, spaghetti, lasagna and many more. What makes people going back to their site because of its elegant and clean web design.

Coal Headwear – MORE INFO


Coal is a clothing brand that focuses on head wear such as hats, caps, bonnets, and among others. This is one of the sites with the best website backgrounds, as it features their season’s collection through the image placed as a background layout.

Twelve Restaurant – MORE INFO


Twelve is one of the finest restaurants in the United Kingdom which offers Chic and contemporary feel while showcasing modern British menu that local settlers would certainly enjoy. The modern feel also transcends in their website as well.

August – MORE INFO


August is a creative firm that offers services in branding, web design, online marketing, and other assistance using their strategies, creativity and technology resource. Moreover, they show their creative side through their website.

Upstruct – MORE INFO


Upstruct probably has the best layout among minimal sites since it presents a simple layout, utilizing one of its works as the background layout. Moreover, its simplicity promotes easier navigation for online users.



The Ecoki Phone Reader is one of the most downloaded phone reader apps in the Android Market and iPhone App Store. One factor that makes the app downloaded by many phone users is due to the site’s classy design along with the background image.

Hotel Rottnest – MORE INFO


Hotel Rottnest is a popular five-star hotel rested in Western Australia along the iconic beach side of Down Under. The website presents large images of the amenities offered by the hotel, complementing the sleek layout of the website.

Image Now – MORE INFO


Image Now is an independent multimedia firm that provides commercially successful and significant product brands for different consumers and multinational companies. Their home page presents a collection of breathtaking images that netizens will enjoy.

Yes, I am Precious – MORE INFO

Yes, I am Precious

This website is a fund-raising activity about taking a self-indulgent yet a risky goal of biking across the United States to raise funds for helping people who are fighting with cancer. The mood of the website design intensifies as its background image is a unique bike used in this charitable activity.

8th Continent – MORE INFO


The company website of this milk product takes its online viewers to the kids’ wonderland as evidenced through the use of a drawing with vibrant and striking colors. What’s great with the website is that it is easy to navigate with no backlogs.

Bently Reserve – MORE INFO


This popular conference center is one of the popular establishments in San Francisco, offering conventions and conferences for all occasions. The home page of the website presents an outstanding image of the convention center which lies in San Francisco.



Yodaa is known for its impeccable services they offer to its customers from different parts of the globe. Their creativity in providing services and products to its customers transcend up to their website, having a simple yet endearing website background image.

Immersive Garden – MORE INFO


Only few websites can provide outstanding layouts for their mother company that has the capacity of drawing customers’ attention through its breathtaking multimedia feature and dazzling photographs from their gallery.

Because Studio – MORE INFO


The website utilizes a huge cartoon and real-life photographs from their services that serve as the website background design. Although there are times that the site experiences backlogs, its web design can still draw a number of viewers online.

Sayonara – MORE INFO


Sayonara is an interactive website that utilizes a big picture of cartoon image presented in bright and striking colors, drawing some attention to the users and viewers from different parts of the globe online.

Aussie BBQ Legends – MORE INFO


This reputable Australian food company provides their home website online, allowing home buddies to view some of their mouthwatering recipes online. The website presents a huge cartoon image of a typical picnic happened in a hot afternoon.

Sur La Piste – MORE INFO


The image of the author along with its dark image background promotes simplicity of the website. Moreover, the multimedia feature and the mood of the website adds up spice to the design.



Mavic is a manufacturing company that offers high end bicycle systems and rider’s equipment for bikers and bike enthusiasts. The large pictures of their products provide a ‘feel-good’ mood on their website.

Air Walk – MORE INFO


Airwalk is a manufacturing company of shoes that is highly regarded worldwide. The company website shows a sleek and modern design by utilizing monochromatic colors in their website design layout.

Werkstette – MORE INFO


This is probably one of the best minimal websites online because of its contemporary layout design while keeping it simple and elegant feel. Easy to navigate, fascinating multimedia features and a lot more –facets that keep the site stand out online.

Piero Martinello – MORE INFO


This website is the online portfolio of the professional photographer, Piero Martinello. The simplicity of the website prevailed as the website utilizes the works of Martinello as the background image of the website.

Compal International – MORE INFO


Compal is a multinational company known for their fruit juice products. Their website is acknowledged as one of the best websites of today because of its high quality images and great website layout.



This website is a documentary feature of China and its breathtaking tourist spots that every person should visit. This was created by 17 Norwegian students who had their field trip in China.

Oh! Nena – MORE INFO


Oh Nena is an online fashion website that sells clothing for women. This is one of the lighting websites that utilizes simplicity and plainness while providing contemporary flavor on the website.

The Squad – MORE INFO


The Squad is a group of creative designers in Australia who aims to provide quality branding services, digital marketing as well as the traditional media. What’s fascinating with their online home is that they utilize green and gray as their web design color.

Free Agent Depot – MORE INFO


This website is an online simplified accounting software that offers services in managing books and invoices in a stress-free manner. The website sticks to its sketchy look that will draw online customers.

Turkish Cosmetics – MORE INFO


The Turkish cosmetics’ website aims to reach customers from different parts of the globe, as they present their best cosmetic collection. People will certainly get their orders once they visit the website, which showcases perfect layout design.

Eden Made – MORE INFO


This Dutch website displays simplicity and love on its nature through the use of nature-themed images as website backgrounds. Moreover, its minimalist design and an organized arrangement of contents promotes easy navigation for online users.

Pop Whore – MORE INFO


Pop Whore is an online portfolio of graphic illustrator and designer Yurievi Ledesma. This website showcases the works of Ledesma, as well as his contacts on how to reach him.

Dean Oakley – MORE INFO


Dean Oakley is a professional creative designer that offers services in designing websites online. It utilizes simple layout and design to its website for online users to navigate the site easily.