Web designers should always have good sources of inspiration in order to produce unique and original designs. Some of the inspiration may come from family, friends, music, or other individual’s work. Another good source of inspiration is looking at other clean website designs and learn from the choices the designers have made.

Below is a collection of light and clean website design examples that may serve as an inspiration for you and your fellow web designers. Please let me know what you think.

31 Three – MORE INFO


The simplicity of its website design depicts the main objective of the website’s existence online. The flow of the webpage, as well as the structure, typography and the alignment, makes it an elegant site to visit.

The Red Studio – MORE INFO


This website design company site stands on its main goal of providing simple and clean website designs to its customers online. The layout and its concept allow easy navigation for online visitors.

Made by Vadim – MORE INFO


Another website design company utilizes a vintage feel on his simple website. The effect of one-page website makes it unique among other websites with simple layout. The use of minimal web design colors allow focus on its every content.

Kzxtreme – MORE INFO


This online portfolio is designed by its owner, Kazuhide Fukuyama, a professional web developer from Japan. The element of simplicity he utilizes in his profile presents that he can generate hand-built attractive websites for his customers online.

Icon Monstr – MORE INFO


Icon Monstr produces simple icons for websites online. Its website provides a simple, yet classy feel where the contents are perfectly arranged in a manner that it can promote easy navigation for online visitors.

VAAI Design Studio – MORE INFO


Vaai is an online design studio composed by a number of creative designers provides services that utilize their creativity. A lot of people online visit them online due to the simplicity and inventiveness they showcase on their website.

Petros Dimitriadis – MORE INFO


Most website design company websites have its trend of generating their site with a simple and clean website design in order to draw visitors’ attention online. Take this website, for instance. It heavily uses white background to focus its contents.



This is probably one of the best simple and eye-catch website design online, utilizing a couple of contemporary features while preserving the traditional look of a simple and clean web design. Its header is visually stunning, as well as the arrangement of the content.

Facundo Almeyra Portfolio – MORE INFO


Another online portfolio from Facundo Almeyra which displays his works in illustration, photographs, scratches and many more. This website attracts more visitors daily because of its elegant and classy layout.

Mick Evans – MORE INFO


From its original concept having white as its background design, this website took a risk of converting white to black while keeping the lightness and simplicity of its layout. Moreover, the arrangement of the contents is modified as well, making it more simple and easy to navigate for visitor’s satisfaction.

Conference Badges – MORE INFO


This badge-making company website makes use of a mixture of light colors while maintaining the simplicity of the design. However, the contents are somehow not enough in order to utilize the spaces for the web page.

Design Development & Pursuit of Happiness– MORE INFO


This online portfolio belonged to an experienced designer online makes use of cream and white as its main background color. It utilizes some of contemporary features while keeping the basic simple layout designs.

Courchevel – MORE INFO


One way in keeping an established website popular among online users is by providing photos or images that represent the company. This ski resort website utilizes contemporary website design while keeping the simplicity of its look. However, the introductory video seems to keep the visitors getting ahead to their website.

Danni Croitoru Wedding Films – MORE INFO


The simplicity of the website’s look compliments the content that the service website provides to its online visitors. Keeping the simple web design color in place is effective on this service site.

Francesco Fonte – MORE INFO


The online portfolio of this professional photographer utilizes semi-dark tone while keeping the simplicity of the website design. Its arrangement of the contents is visually pleasing and easy to navigate.

The Lincoln Movie – MORE INFO


The official website of this award-winning movie draws heavily on its vintage look and feel while keeping its simplicity for online viewer’s pleasure. However, the multimedia facet of the website tends to provide navigation glitches to online viewers.



The product specialist website offers creative and innovative services for the pleasure of their clients from different multinational corporations worldwide. The website utilizes images of their outputs, promoting sleekness and simplicity as a clean website design.

Portfolio and Blog of Tudinh Duong – MORE INFO


Elegance and class – two words best described by the website. It utilizes cream as its main background color while blue on its header part. Contents are perfectly arranged and modified.

FormTroopers – MORE INFO


The FormTroopers is an online design studio company that offers services like motion design and visual effects for company websites and other firms. The simplicity of its web design, along with the slideshow of their works make the site stand out online.

James Charlick – MORE INFO


The portfolio of this independent web designer follows the clean design website, using a shade of black instead of a white color in its background design. Moreover, the arrangement of its contents is breathtaking. The web connected robot has its own.



The web connected smelly robot detector has its own website, along with its simple and light design. The website utilizes images of their product, as well as some of the bright colors with white as its main background color.

Video Guard – MORE INFO


This product website has maintained its simplicity while introducing the brand to online visitors. The use of a high-resolution image on the header, as well as the arrangement and its layout of the contents make it withstand other website designs.

Whiteloupe – MORE INFO


Whiteloupe is a premium design shop website that showcases various portfolios of different themes and styles. It uses color gray as its background color, which brings sleek to the look of the website.



Karma is a portable wireless Internet provider for tablets, laptops and mobile phones. Although its header utilizes heavy image presenting the product, the rest of the web page maintains its simplicity.

Chimp Chomp – MORE INFO


This website design company promotes its simple design through its comical look and feel. It’s cream-colored background design brings the quirkiness and uniqueness to the website design.

Patrick Algrim – MORE INFO


Patrick Algrim is a freelance product designer who worked for various companies and establishments already. The way he worked with his masterpieces can be seen through the look and feel of his portfolio website.

Ousback – MORE INFO


This clean website design utilizes a contemporary form of website layout wherein it presents a multimedia image on the header and a simple layout on the rest of the website page.

Kenny Meyers – MORE INFO


This online portfolio of a freelance web designer presents a comical feel for its website design. The use of simple light colors and the way the contents are arranged blended perfectly, making it an outstanding yet simple clean website design.

Startingbloc – MORE INFO


This is one of the best clean website designs online which utilizes new ideas on layouting. What’s unique with this site is that visitors are allowed to navigate the site through the use of the mouse’s roller or the arrow keys.

Developer Drive – MORE INFO


This website presents a clean layout following the elements of the contemporary form of web design. The use of light colors add vibe to the website design. Also, the arrangement of the contents is impressive.

Lesseverything – MORE INFO


This website is created by a group of web craftspeople who are passionate in providing outstanding designs of minimal websites to attract online visitors. What’s great with the site’s design is that its simplicity shows how they are dedicated to their craft.



This service website promotes project management for freelance individuals, offering a 14-day trial for the people to try out their services. The website design is a classy one, which conveys sincerity on their services.

Efficax Energy – MORE INFO


This website has a simple design that matches the product they are selling. The elegance and simplicity that the site shows to the online visitors shows the product’s effectiveness of use.

My favorite thing – MORE INFO


This personalized website owned by a freelance designer puts his creative mind through its simple website design, as well as the works he presented in his contents on the site. The shades of gray seen in background design uplift the contents of the site.

Jennifer James Wright – MORE INFO


The website of this freelance designer presents a very simple website design which uses a few colors and an organized selection menu, promoting easier navigation to online users. Also, the header picture on the website perfectly compliments the website.

Vlad Georgescu – MORE INFO


The use of light colors is employed in the website design, while keeping the simplicity and stance of the site. The owner of this website ensures that online visitors will never get trouble in navigating the pages of the site.

T. Grimes – MORE INFO


The portfolio website of this freelance film director presents a visually stunning design, maintaining the simplicity of the website. What makes this site interesting is that it promotes easy navigation to online visitors even though there are additional interactive features included in the site.

iKreativ – MORE INFO


Creativeness has prevailed in the company’s website. The simplicity of the website design and its vibrant color changes made the website stand out among other sites online. Also, the contents of the site are arranged in an orderly way.

Wishpipe Studios – MORE INFO


This small web design studio stands its aim of providing outstanding designs while promoting simplicity on its output. How they present their designs to their clients can be seen in the simplicity of their website design.

Sugar Rush Creative – MORE INFO


The website presents a simple minimal site with a cool organization of contents and blend of vibrant colors. They presented their website in a way that online visitors will be enticed to visit the site all over again.

Makalu Aerospace – MORE INFO


This is probably one of the design cleaning websites that promote simplicity in its contemporary form of layout design. It contains a number of interactive features that online sites will enjoy while visiting the site.

Pixelcraft – MORE INFO


Pixelcraft is developed by a professional interactive designer from Ireland, which provides a number of impressive website design templates that can be utilized by online users. What’s unique with this site is that it is easily navigated by online users.

ResetStudio – MORE INFO


This website works on white background and blue fonts, which blends perfectly on the web design. Moreover, its sleek arrangement of contents as well as interactive icons provide a ‘feel-good’ look on the site.

Super User Studios – MORE INFO


The design consultancy site presents a clean website design with interactive features and a perfect arrangement of contents. Moreover, the typography utilized in the site perfectly fits with the overall design of the web.



An Idea is a creative agency that offers inventive platforms while defining and exploring the dynamics of the World Wide Web. Their innovative minds are being seen in the way they layout their website homepage.

Brooklyn Soap Company – MORE INFO


The company website draws heavily on utilizing the vintage photography on a particular place in Brooklyn, New York, hence the name of the company. Its header is its main attraction that will surely draw more traffic online.

Metaphiziks – MORE INFO


Metaphiziks is a site presented in a simple layout design containing cartoon-ish buttons and impressive header design. The shade of gray utilized in the background of the webpage compliments the typography of the website.

Made With Love – MORE INFO


The website of specialists developing internet applications present their creative minds through the simplicity of the website design. Moreover, the images used in the site blend well with the design of the website.



This Turkish site presents a simple and clean website design, with a perfectly arranged contents and a few multimedia features that makes online visitors go back to the site again.

Drupal Works – MORE INFO


This website provides interaction between their clients through a number of great features installed on their page. Despite of the things that can be seen on the site, it continues to uphold simplicity of its design.