Minimal web design is everywhere at present and for a good reason. It is based on “less is more” and it makes use of limited elements – colors, shapes, features. This is useful if you want to draw your visitors and viewers’ attention to the content itself. Contemporary styles like the modern metro style designs have also been trending for quite some time, and you can even find high quality WordPress themes based on this layout. I like minimalistic web design and I think it is fascinating when run into a successful and effective minimal layout. Metro style designs are also kind of minimalistic with less focus on graphic designs and illustrations, but typically with highly use of strong colors, typography and cubes.

The use of Metro Style has originated from Microsoft products, and it goes all the way back to the mid 90’ties. Metro is an internal code name of a typography-based design language that focuses on the content of the applications. After releasing the Metro UI on Windows Phone 7, the design style has been utilized a lot for Windows applications, in various website designs and in modern style website templates. Many web developers are following the design because of the elegance and style it brings in enhancing the contents of the website.

Below are some of the inspiring examples of metro style designs, as well as Metro Style-inspired designs for websites. Enjoy reading this post and please leave us a comment.

January Creative – MORE INFO


This WordPress-powered website incorporates a number of ideas coming from different popular windows metro style websites. The arrangement of shapes and the use of limited colors brings charm to the website.

Metro Twit – MORE INFO


Metro Twit is a popular metro style design that offers elegant and clean user interface that is visually striking and a delight to read for online visitors. One fascinating feature they offer is the frequent update through social networking sites.

One Touch – MORE INFO


One Touch is an easy template created for WordPress. Its structure focuses mainly on Metro Style design while upholding the simplicity of the layout design. Moreover, it is easy to navigate and interactive to online visitors.

Windows Phone – MORE INFO

windows phone

This contemporary method of web layout design focuses heavily on Metro design. It utilizes limited yet bright colors that will surely catch online viewers’ attention. Presently, a number of web developers had created their own version using the idea of this metro style website.

Xbox Australia – MORE INFO

This gaming website presents their contents applying the metro style design principles from Windows. It is easy to navigate, and the limited features are striking enough to draw visitors’ attention online.

Up Magazine – MORE INFO

This online magazine portal in Portugal is showcased in a simple and elegant website layout, which makes it a one-of-a-kind metro style website. Moreover, its simplicity allows ease of navigation for online visitors.

MetroStyle WordPress Theme – MORE INFO

MetroStyle powered by WordPress is a great tool that can be utilized in any business venture online. The use of bright and simple colors along with great image selection can help the website transform into a great business selling tool.

Chrome Web Store – MORE INFO

This website offers a countless number of useful and entertaining applications made for desktop computers and mobile phones. Their applications are downloaded by many because the home site is well-organized and easy to navigate.

The Verge – MORE INFO

The Verge is an online technology news information that provides news regarding the latest trends of the gadget world. The layout invests of arranging the website’s content into window boxes with different bright colors that will surely catch the viewer’s attention online.

Touchality – MORE INFO

Totality is a mobile app portfolio that offers great mobile features and applications that will surely entertain gadget addicts. The website design draws heavily on warm colors like black and yellow, as well as the simplicity of its design and easy navigation.

Build Windows – MORE INFO

Build Windows is an annual event program from Microsoft that holds lectures and updates about their upcoming products as well as answering some FAQ regarding the services offered by the company. The website design perfectly works by utilizing orange, white and gray colors in overhauling the overall layout, providing easy navigation to online users.

Microsoft – MORE INFO

Microsoft’s home website is a classic example of a metro style website, showcasing simple and neatly-arranged contents, interactive links to other pages, and seemingly attractive key features.

Coffee Shop Manager – MORE INFO

This is a classic design example created for Windows 8 processors. This could be utilized as a dashboard for a certain coffee shop website, wherein coffee shop owners can get track of their sales and other operational tasks to be done.

Metro-style Reddit Client – MORE INFO

After the launching of Metro Style design of Microsoft for Windows application, a lot of web developers are starting to create their own design based on Metro Style. This is a classic example of a Reddit client design for Windows 8.

Behance Windows Phone – MORE INFO

Another Behance concept, but it is for Windows phone this time. It is quite interesting to find Behance on phone seemingly the same on the Behance app online. The Metro Style was sustained there, and its design is intensified with cool colors and designs.

MetroStyled Website Template – MORE INFO

These templates focus heavily on the Metro Style, along with its color combination and content placement. Its simplicity and ease of navigation makes online customers to try these templates.

Patient’s Records App – MORE INFO

patient records
This application is intended for health professionals use in order to manage the patients that are assigned to them. The simplicity of the layout is well-acknowledged, as well as the limited use of colors, focusing on the shades that are commonly utilized in the medical field.


Gaana is a premier music website in India wherein people can search, listen and play to free music on the World Wide Web. The Metro Style is heavily maintained on the website, along with the use of vibrant colors on the boxes as well as high quality images.

Windows Phone UK – MORE INFO

The official UK-based blog about Windows Phone offers interactive features and appealing website metro design. Aside from its simple white background, interactive red windows and photographs, its ease of navigation is a must-try for online viewers.


Kaixin is an interactive Chinese-based application that features a number of portfolios and other images. This app is customized created with a Metro Style design following the guidelines of Microsoft Windows 8, while keeping the basic elements of the app.


Touch is a powerful WordPress-themed metro style website design that suits both business and creative users, as well as amateur and advanced web developers. This theme contains plenty of options to choose from.

MixCloud – MORE INFO

Mix Cloud is an online music hub that features radio shows, DJ mixed tracks, and many more. In this concept, the developer employs Metro Style on it that is compatible for Windows 8 platform.

Antena3 Windows Phone 7 App – MORE INFO

This app is one of the most popular in the market, where mobile phone owners enjoy the features of this app. Its concept heavily draws on Metro Style, utilizing warm colors to promote its sleek and elegant feel.

Pinterest for Windows Phone – MORE INFO

Pinterest is a well-known social networking medium that shares images to different people across the globe. The idea of bringing this social media to Windows Phone is very fascinating. It is used to Metro Style feel while keeping the basic elements of the site.

Behance – MORE INFO

This a proposed concept on what the app Behance will look like in Windows 8. There are interesting specs that’s in store for this concept, such as a unique landing page where it shows its featured projects and the latest activity area where it presents newly uploaded works, comments on certain projects, etc.

Free Throw: Dribble App – MORE INFO

This application focuses heavily on the guidelines on Metro Style design while providing some twists that makes it unique among other apps. One great facet of this app is the automatic loading of contents through infinite scrolling.


This mobile application for Windows Phone 7 showcases a sleek interactive feature which draws heavily on the Metro Style design along with the combination of warm colors. This could be a great metro style website design for web developers to utilize.

Sneak Peek – MORE INFO

Sneak Peek is a minimalist yet clean and modern theme for WordPress utilized with a Metro Style design that makes use of a unique brickwork and layout. It centers on showcasing portfolios and artworks of artists, photographers, web designers and illustrators.

Site Design – MORE INFO

This Metro Style-themed design is purposely made for companies offering carpentry and masonry products and services. The simplicity of the design, as well as the use of simple multimedia features, promotes easy navigation for users and customers.

Sink Tricky – MORE INFO

This online feature website follows the principles of Metro Style design while creating twists to showcase a contemporary feel. Although it is visually appealing to online users, it tend to have backlogs at times.


Bing is an Internet browser developed by Microsoft, which follows the guidelines and principles of Metro Style design while keeping the layout in a simple and easy to navigate stance.

Snow Bird – MORE INFO

Snow Bird is a Ski and Summer Resort located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Its homepage website makes use of the Metro Style design, while keeping some of the conventional features of a layout design.

United Pixel Workers – MORE INFO

United Pixel Workers are a creative design firm online located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The use of bright colors and creative texts complement well on the Metro Style of design that they utilized in their layout.

Securifi Almond – MORE INFO

This company offers wireless internet router that can be used in the comfort of your homes. Its home website works on following the principles of Metro Style design while keeping its basic elements and trademarks of the company.

Aries Template – MORE INFO

This is an example of a Metro Style-themed template that is developed through Windows 8 standards. It is simple, clean and light design that will allow easy navigation for online users and visitors.