Individuals who own a service or product based business will often depend highly on Internet traffic to get in touch with new potential customers. Converting traffic into leads and customers is therefore essential. It is also important that website visitors and customers can easily contact the company, ask questions or submit information. Web designers come up with creative and practical contact form designs to build a bridge between the websites and the precious visitors.

A contact form features empty boxes where visitors can add essential information such as name, contact information like e-mail address or phone number, and the query or comments to be addressed to the company. However, some visitors may not be enticed to send a message with the use of a standard contact form. Fortunately, creative designers have addressed this issue by transforming simple contact forms into something creative and well-integrated. There are plenty of creative contact forms generated for business and company websites online. Designs may range from comical, fun and sketchy to minimalism and conservative style that are more edgy compared to classic contact form design. However, creating the forms should be based on the needs and theme of the website and according to the customers’ needs.

If you are going to design a contact form your self it is always a good idea to find inspiration and best practice from established website. To help you kick start the proces we have collected 40 creative contact form examples that can be utilized as your inspiration. Kindly leave a comment and tell us what you think about this resource.

Aterlier Detour – Click Here


This website placed their contact us forms at the bottom of the home page. It will also direct the visitors on their contact form upon pressing the contact button. Its design is visually attractive to all online visitors, which compliments the design of the whole page.

Growcase – Click Here


Growcase is an online portfolio and design service of Emir Ayouni, a freelance graphic designer. With the use of his creative imagination and multimedia softwares like Photoshop, he offers graphic design services online. Visitors can get in touch with him through his creative contact forms and his contact details.

Foto Marcol – Click Here


Foto Marcol’s services can be reached through their cool contact forms, which features creativity despite its vagueness. The form shows a postcard-like sheet containing information needed to be filled up with those who have queries about their site.

Denise Chandler – Click Here


Denise Chandler is an online freelance graphic designer offering both simple and complex designs for corporate and quirky designs. They have one of the few contact forms for websites that occupy a certain page in order for the visitors to fill it up comprehensively.

Silly Poems – Click Here


This interactive and educational website is dedicated to kids and kids at heart. What’s unique with its creative contact forms is that it doesn’t use big pictures or typography; it utilizes a simple contact form complementing the artistic design of the website.

Paperlux – Click Here


Paperlux is a design company composed of creative designers who endow passion, esteem, cooperation, and inspiration while offering services like branding, corporate and editorial design, typography, illustration, and among others.

Mario Petrone – Click Here


Mario Petrone is a skillful freelance web designer, information architect and front-end developer who tenders services in graphic design for websites online. People who would want to get in touch with him can use postcard-inspired contact us form in his web site.

Fork – Click Here


Fork is an online open source site showcasing cms extensions, great applications, killer themes and other online marketing services that multimedia geeks will surely enjoy. Its contact form contains personal information like name and e-mail address, as well as the message that the visitor wants to ask about the company.

Insite – Click Here


Insite is a private-owned digital agency that keeps up with their mission to humanize technology and keep up with the fast-paced world. Individuals who do business with them can reach them out by dropping by on their sleek contact us page.

VISMAAD – Click Here


This website is a software development enterprise that offers high quality, innovative an economical IT consulting and software solutions. It has a Twitter-themed contact us information containing important information and a message box that visitors need to fill up so that their queries will be acknowledged by the company.

ND Creativity – Click Here


ND Creativity takes their customers into the outer space with their creative inputs in web design and branding. Moreover, they feature a contact form with a quirky look that complements the space-themed design of the website.

Captain Creative – Click Here


For those who want to avail graphic services that showcases creativity in another level, they should seek the help of Captain Creative. Their contact form conveys simplicity while complementing the superhero feel of the website.

Forefathers Group – Click Here


This design company website has a unique contact us forms, which appears at the top of the front page after the mail symbol is pressed. The overall design of the form – from typography to the design – complements the whole vintage look of the website.

Koru – Click Here


Koru is an online design company that offers developing business websites keeping up with the latest innovations in technology. They have a contact section inspired by a sheet of paper for online visitors to get their queries addressed to their site.

Always Creative – Click Here


This company site offers branding, web development and print design services online. They see to it that the money that their customers will spend will worth every penny. They have the contemporary way of placing the contents in their sites, including their contact form which seems so elegant with its black background.

Tone – Click Here


Tone is a design agency that helps people generate more business opportunities through search engine optimization, outstanding web design and content marketing. Visitors will surely want to get in touch with them as their contact form presents catchy and simple design.

Cabedge – Click Here


It possesses one of the creative contact forms that live with the theme of its own website. In case of Cabedge, they make use of a simple landscape format of the contact sheet and placed at the bottom of the page. It also uses the farm feel of the website.

Sormen Pills – Click Here


Its contact form design features a cartoon-inspired index card consisting personal information such as name, email-address and a contact number, and a message box where the visitor will ask his queries about the company.

Step 2 Reality – Click Here


This design website features their contact section on a separate page of the website. It has an endearing feel, containing the basic information and the message box. Moreover, it has a mailbox design which signifies the form’s stand as a ‘Talkback’ of the visitors on their site.

Syropia – Click Here


Syropia is a web development company that offers web development and maintenance service on a project basis. Its contact page contains important details for visitors to fill whenever they have queries regarding the services they offer.

Fseid – Click Here


This Denmark-based freelance design website offers web development projects and web design services online. Its contact form is quite unique, as it is quite similar to a Post-it note containing basic information about the visitor and the message box.

Focus Lab LLC – Click Here


This web development site features a simple website layout that promotes easy navigation to online visitors. Moreover, interested individuals who would want to avail their services can reach them through their simplicity and clean contact form.

La Masa Mimatta – Click Here


This Latin-Italian inspired restaurant feasts on a lively website design to entice online viewers to visit their site. Moreover, their contact session presents their contact us page with a Latin feel.

KunderiKuus – Click Here


Alessandro Santossera’s website presents a unique design that features his works of arts in a different light. What’s more fascinating is its contact section wherein the form is uniquely designed and formatted.

Xbition-art – Click Here


Xbition-art is a French-based freelance website development service that offers creative and enticing designs for customers online. The contact form is situated at the bottom of the website, presenting a simple yet timely theme that complements the site design.

David Hellman – Click Here


David Hellman is a freelance designer and web developer who provides design services in the World Wide Web. He is situated in Germany, but people from different parts of the globe can contact him through his simple yet elegant contact form on his site.

Rockatee – Click Here


Rockatee is a freelance design service website managed by a woman located in Hamburg Germany. It offers a number of services like startups, web application site, personal blog, graphic design elements and many more. It conveys simplicity on its overall website design, including the contact page.

Code Quest – Click Here


Code Quest is an online software development studio that is specialized in facilitating people and companies with their simple website and transforming it into an eye-catchy page. The quirkiness and stunning appeal of the website prevails including its contact form.

Shout Digital – Click Here


Shout Digital brings a cutting-edge expertise and innovation in web design and web develop sought by many individuals online. The simple and modern feel of the website transcends, including their contact form that features simplicity in its form design.

Reverend Danger – MORE INFO


Recognized as one of the ‘best site of the day’ by Awwwards, Reverend Danger features their website in an artistic and creative way. Its interactive multimedia helped this one-page to become noticed by online visitors and customers. Its page contains everything that a website should have, including contact form to get in touch with the company.

Goweb Formations – Click Here


This website makes use of shapes in the concept of their layout and design. Moreover, the contact form page is designed in a minimalist way containing all the information that should be filled up with visitors who have queries with the company.

Cake Mail – Click Here


It features a feminist feel with a little cartoon and graphic design to draw viewers’ attention online. For individuals who have queries regarding creating emails for email marketing, they can get in touch with the page through its contact form page.

Jess Marks Photography – Click Here


This Australia-based photography studio caters photography services at weddings and birthdays. One great thing about their website is their customized contact form, wherein potential customers will select their queries on the list provided by the page and they can address their concerns in a unique way. Moreover, a chat box appears whenever the owners are available online.

Cleek – Click Here


This Brazil-based design agency caters web design and web development service from web owners online. Its online page is creatively generated for the potential customers to entice in airing out concerns about the services offered by the agency.

Simple as Milk – Click Here


Simple as Milk is a freelance private design studio offering web development and web design services online. They have a ‘get in touch’ page where it is uniquely designed to encourage customers to have their project with them.

Carlos Mbonilla – Click Here


Carlos is an online freelance web and graphic designer that caters web development projects online. People who avail his services are reaching him out through his simple and catchy contact form.

Resistenza – Click Here


This website has a unique contact form, following the format of a mailing enveloped enclosed with a name, e-mail address and the message of the visitor. It is probably one of the creative contact forms online.

Try Triangle – Click Here


Try Triangle is a destination management company offering tailor-made services within Italy. They possess extensive knowledge in the field of tourism in Europe that travelers will surely enjoy. Their contact form inspiration is drawn from a sheet of paper placed on a table, containing all necessary information like the name, company, and contacts.

Asvalia – Click Here


Asvalia is a detective agency situated in Portugal, which offers a wide range of detective services. Their web contact form is inspired from a postcard, giving online visitors a stunning and visually calming feel.

Heart Breaker Fashion – Click Here


Another website apparel features a great contact form that comes in a mailing envelope. It contains all important information that the customer fills up, as well as the message box where he will write his concerns regarding the company.