When speaking of website designs, digital art and graphic design is commonly used and highly appreciated by millions of daily viewers. It is often this contemporary form of design that is applied in web design across different niches. However, some web designers chose to bring back the elements of conventional artistic design through the use of hand drawn works. It is an undeniable fact that hand drawn sketches are delightful pieces of art that can add a strong creative approach to a website design. Skillful web designers with a steady hand can use pen and paper to create an initial  sketch before they transfer the design to a design software such as Photoshop.

Hand-drawn sketches are quite popular and for a good reason. People love them because of their magnificence and visual appeal. They bring some “down to earth” to the table and it can help designers create a website that makes visitors feel comfortable. Below are some of the examples of artistic websites that make use of hand drawn art as their web designs.

Esteban Muñoz – MORE INFO


Esteban Muñoz has worked for a number of commercial companies worldwide, showcasing his outstanding handcrafted sketches that even once landed as rotations in MTV channel. He incorporates his art sketches with a Flash software to have it move around the home page.

Kuyosama – MORE INFO


This Japanese website heavily utilizes a sketch design of an alienated world with incorporations of multimedia to make it move as if it has its own world. Also, the use of some shades of gray makes the design simple yet attractive to look.



One fascinating feature about this website is that it utilizes a short multimedia presentation of a series of hand drawn images placed together in order to present it as a short clip playing on its welcome page.

Multiways – MORE INFO


The Multiways is a web agency that features hand drawing caricatures played with bright colors and simple multimedia flash that keeps it in motion while sitting as a header of the website.

Kunal Chhajer – MORE INFO


This online portfolio is owned by a freelance graphic artist who specializes in enhancing hand sketched works into something visually enticing to see. An artistic website at its finest, it received a number of accolades from different recognized website organizations online.

Exit Media – MORE INFO


It is probably one of the best examples of an artistic website that heavily uses hand drawn sketches as its website design. The plain sketch used as a website design is like it is taken out on a piece of paper and placed it on this site.

Duirwaigh Studios – MORE INFO


The magical world of Duirwaigh Studios brings its online visitors to a dream emporium that anyone would want to experience. The use of bright and striking colors has complemented the handmade drawing enhanced with the use of great digital software online.

Buy Me a Soda – MORE INFO


Buy Me a Soda is an online portfolio of a freelance web developer and designer Ian Hill, featuring his works that are products of his creative mind. The idea of an enhanced artwork of a simple sketch of buildings turned into a contemporary feel with the use of bright colors is visually stunning.

Project 365 – MORE INFO


This web design and web development company features a unique typography and subsections of sketched artworks complementing the overall simplicity of the website design. Moreover, it contains easy navigations for visitors to surf around the site easily.

Who is Leon – MORE INFO


This online portfolio is owned by an interaction graphic designer who works at American Heart Association. Its artist website design features a simple sketch of a typical sky with clouds and birds resting on the electric cables.

Namie Taniguchi – MORE INFO


The online portfolio of a freelance designer residing in New York showcases her simple and artistic website design works using the elements of basic art design. The use of hand-made sketch designs complements the overall simplicity of the website.

Hugs for Monsters – MORE INFO


This portfolio site features quirky website designs coming from enhanced handmade drawings with bright and striking colors. Joe Lifreiri has been working as a designer and illustrator for years already.

Shawn Johnston – MORE INFO


Shawn Johnston’s website presents the blending of conventional and contemporary elements of website design and the use of hand drawn sketches enhanced with the use of digital design softwares, making it as one of the artistic websites online.

Richard Stelmach – MORE INFO


This web design portfolio presents the past and present artworks of freelance graphic designer Richard Stelmach. He has been working on web designing for eight years already, specializing in doodle designs, handmade sketches and digital designing.



Lotie is a compilation of hand sketched illustrations enhanced in a multimedia flash presenting it in a slideshow. The images complement well on the monochromatic motif and design of the website.

Kinetic – MORE INFO


This Singapore-based creative design firm provides outstanding artworks, which brings creativity in another dimension. It is quite fascinating how hand sketched illustration brings life to the public.

Bowtie – MORE INFO


Bowtie is an interactive design company that offers web development and web design services online. They can draw a number of customers’ attention online because of their attracting hand sketched images used in their website design.

Hello Sour Sally – MORE INFO


This is one of the artistic websites online that heavily utilizes draft drawings as designs for their websites, which is complimented with visually striking colors that are pleasing to the eyes.

Neighborhood Homework House – MORE INFO


This neighborhood-based learning centers aim to reach out to at-risk children and their families to thrive academically, socially and spiritually. It contains hand sketched designs that complement the theme of the website design.

Jcb song – MORE INFO


This is among one of the fascinating artistic websites that features sketch images and drawings that match the theme of the website. The developer of the website has probably released his utmost creativity as seen on the website.

Wing Cheng – MORE INFO


Wing Cheng is a freelance professional graphic and web designer that caters creative design services online. Her website portfolio heavily uses caricatures and sketch images, depicting her talent in art design.

Doodle Pad – MORE INFO


Doodle Pad is a creative design marketing agency that offers graphic services to a number of clients online. Their creativity is seen on how they design their website, which uses hand drawings enhanced with bright colors.

Mobius – MORE INFO


Mobius is a creative direct and digital marketing that caters multimedia services such as advertising, direct marketing, media planning and buying, artwork and print, and many more. Their home page contains fascinating hand drawn image that online viewers will surely enjoy.

Kuztown University – MORE INFO


Basically, university websites should use a corporate format for their website. However, this particular university takes their website into another dimension as it features the image of the school in a caricature form.



Bootb is a highly-regarded creative design agency that offers multimedia services like web development, graphic design, and many more. This is one of the drawing websites that uses sketches as their website design.

Miki Mottes – MORE INFO


Miki Mottes is a freelance animator and illustrator that offers freelance graphic design services, as well as graphic and multimedia applications for computers and mobile phones. Her style of art is seen on how she presents her website online.

Lucuma – MORE INFO


Lucuma is a design portfolio showcasing some of the coolest artwork designs, mostly using hand drawn images enhanced with the use of digital software in order to make them visually appeasing to viewers online.

Heather Sloane – MORE INFO


This online portfolio of a freelance graphic designer reaches out online to cater services to people who are in need of graphic designs for their websites. She specializes in doodle works, as evidenced in the design of her website.

Mel Kadel – MORE INFO


The cool artworks of freelance graphic enthusiast Mel Kadel are featured in her online portfolio. One of the fascinating things about her website is that she uses hand drawn sketches for her website design.

Mariska – MORE INFO


Mariska’s works of art are all featured in her online portfolio. The creativity and inventiveness that she possesses transcends in her website, featuring great handmade sketches and drawings that are visually enhanced with the help of digital softwares.

Jesse Willmon – MORE INFO


His online portfolio is one of the coolest hand-drawn artistic websites online, as it utilizes caricature images as select buttons for every page section. Moreover, the simple white background complements the overall sketchy theme of the website.

Leo Burnett – MORE INFO


Another portfolio website heavily utilizes hand sketched graphic designs enhanced with multimedia flash that makes it attractive to see by viewers who visit the page online. The black and white concept also adds simplicity to the website.

Deborah Cavenaugh – MORE INFO


This artist and painter have been producing outstanding art pieces for a long time already, and her works are seen in her online portfolio website. Moreover, its home page features artistic hand drawn pictures and images that express her creativity.

Draw For Joy – MORE INFO


Draw For Joy is an online art and design blog that features a different hand drawn and digitally enhanced illustrations and drawings from a freelance graphic designer. Her creativity even transcends in her website as well.

Robbin Waldemar – MORE INFO


This online design portfolio is being managed by two professional freelance graphic designers who cater graphic advertising and web development services from different parts of the globe. Their inventiveness and passion for art are seen in their home site.

Mixtel – MORE INFO


Mixtel is an online design agency that caters branding and graphic design services to companies and private individuals. Their team possesses unique, skills and imaginative minds that can be seen through the artworks they feature as their website design.

Cloud Kid – MORE INFO


Cloud Kid is a graphic design agency that creates meaningful character sketches, unforgettable caricatures and extraordinary art for companies and private individuals online. The cartoon theme of the website is highly focused on the hand drawn characters that they have already produced.

Low Morale – MORE INFO


Low Morale presents a series of animation showing a man’s adversities and struggles in coping up his own life. It heavily utilizes handmade sketches that are perfectly fitted in the animation that they present in their website.



This graphic and illustration French portfolio presents a one-of-a-kind masterpieces that are mostly handmade and digitally enhanced through design software online. Its website features a certain hand drawn thing which is enhanced with bright colors and great outline shades.

Quake Quiz SF – MORE INFO


Quake Quiz is an interactive gaming website that features hand drawn caricature of establishments that are often visited by people with corresponding questions about earthquake drills. A lot of hand sketch images are utilized in this interactive website.

Teresa Walsh – MORE INFO


Teresa Walsh is a watercolor artist who creates hand drawn illustrations and children characters that reflect the cultural heritage of every childhood from different parts of the globe. Her sketches of children makes her renowned in the field of arts.