A lot of people are misconceiving the color black. It is often conceptualized as the color used to describe evil. It became the color of mourning and was directly associated with death, witches, magic, the end, violence, secrets, betrayal, chaos, bad luck and everything related to the dark side.

Nonetheless, black is the total absence of all colors, dark or light. It is actually considered as a non-color. Thus, it is very important to have caution when using the color black especially when you are web designing.

The problem is black will lessen the essence of any color. Thus, your secondary color should be chosen correctly and with delicacy. In general, it will always work when you blend it with colors blue, green and red. In addition to this, black can make lively colors stand out. Having said so, using darker colors in a black background is against the rules of color combination. It will probably work but eventually, the dark color will just merge with the black background.

Black is not generally used by web designers because of the aforementioned matters. But black website design will make a photograph website or a portfolio web page very interesting and attractive—just like what you will see below.

Black is generally used in art-centered website templates because the colorful showcases will definitely stand out in the black theme. To introduce you to this, here are 45 black website designs for your inspiration.

Kineda – MORE INFO


With its simple hot collection of stories and photographs you’ll never get bored to look at it. Kineda updates it web with trending stories. The photographs are aligned in a uniformed way. Color black has been lit by the colors of the photographs around.

Kowalik – MORE INFO


Hot rod cars are being displayed in this bad boy website. The dark shade and the city buildings behind made the page very grand to the spectator’s eyes. Not to mention the moving car displays.

Finger Boardy – MORE INFO

Finger Boardy

Finger Boardy has a cool and yet simple web design. Consider the moving fingers with skateboards in it. The design of it with the moving ramps and the movements of the links give another life to the darkness.

Digital Zoo – MORE INFO

Digital Zoo

Digital Zoo is a designing agency that has a very cool design itself. The transition of the mechanical bugs when you open the website will blow you away. The black background makes the webpage beautiful.

Internet Dreams – MORE INFO

Internet Dreams

Internet Dreams shows a collection of website designers and applications. Its simple lines and its darkness show its simplicity. The moving advertisements above and the uniformed collection below, added to its beauty.

Wacom Pen Collective – MORE INFO

Wacom Pen Collective

Wacom Pen Collective is another website designer. But this time, they introduced their designers in forms of names, pictures, and job description. What’s cool about the effect is that there is a picture of the designers and if you put your mouse pointer on any one of them, the other people will go black while the one you are focusing on gets all the color.

Krista’s Creations – MORE INFO

Krista’s Creations

Krista’s creations has this cool collection of different kinds of fonts in every letter, some of them are not letters at all. Some are simply accidental objects that appear to be a letter. It lets you choose whatever creative letter you wish to use.

Granny and Smith – MORE INFO

Granny and Smith

Black shades in the background and a cool transition of the logo whenever the page is loading. It has some cool transitions as you move your mouse pointer around it.

Batman 3D – MORE INFO

Batman 3D

The illustration of Batman here is very cool. You can feel the darkness in it. It is a website about the Dark Knight himself. Batman fans will not just like it, they will love it for sure.

Cavalier Literary Couture – MORE INFO

Cavalier Literary Couture

Cavalier Literary Couture is a collection of literary stories from different creative writers. The design of it is very unique. The Houses, the Ferris wheel afar, and the three, very interesting moving black kites, will sure enlighten you as you enter this website.

Dragon Labs – MORE INFO

Dragon Labs

Dragon Labs has a very attractive and a very interesting web design. They make very illuminating black web designs just like the one they are using. The transitions of the laboratory materials make the page alive and the colors in each bottle.

Let it Bleed – MORE INFO

Let it Bleed

Let it Bleed is an interesting black website design. In just one look you will be attracted with the combination of colors. The designer used red to contrast with the black background, making it alluring and attractive.

Paulo Taneda – MORE INFO

Paulo Taneda

Paulo Taneda is a very brilliant black web designer. He has done so many great dark-themed web pages. Just like this design, he has proved his excellence by using the lime green color to contrast with black.

Envizion Media – MORE INFO

Envizion Media

Envizion Media is a stunning black web design. It used light blue and yellow for its font to perfectly contrast with the black and dark blue background. Because of its gradient backdrop, any element will stand out.

Kim Jackson Visual Media – MORE INFO

Kim Jackson Visual Media

Kim Jackson is a very talented person regarding the web designing world. This web designer has done some amazing job when it comes to such matters. The use of the four different colors seen in the website gives the black a life.

Couch Creative – MORE INFO

Couch Creative

The black website design used on Couch Creative is really astounding to the spectator’s point of view. The image of the black brain with white outline in the middle will surely attract your eyes. Couch Creative gives black design a name.

Future of Web Design – MORE INFO

Future of Web Design

Black and yellow are the color used in the design on this web page, which makes the whole page lit with the color. This web invites different web designers who have the potential to be in the world of web designing. The website has a very pleasing theme to call the attention of onlookers.

Palazzo Dallay- MORE INFO

Palazzo Dallay

Palazzo Dallay has a very eerie and yet very astonishing web design. The darkness that eats up the whole page and the place with only two lights to give bright to it is just dazzling.

Greg Wallace – MORE INFO

Greg Wallace

Greg Wallace has done some good in the designing business. Take his web as an example. The brilliant design of the background with the images of cracked stoned wall and with a little hint of the color orange, Greg Wallace shows that his designs are very effective.

FT Designer- MORE INFO

FT Designer

FT Designer is a web designer that has amazing designs to offer to everyone in need. The use of the color blue can please the eyes on those who check the page out.



Badex offers great web designs. Although theirs is a little simple, but they can give illuminating designs in to a person like you who is in need of a plan desires.

Dan Ogborn- MORE INFO

Dan Ogborn

Another usage of the colors black and yellow has hit the list. Dan Ogborn has a great web design. Not to mention the very realistic editing of the photo itself.

Kenda Perez- MORE INFO

Kenda Perez

Now this has a very interesting customized webpage. The black and white stands out. But the design in which the viewers would like is the transition of the collection of pictures in the middle. You can play by dragging it around which is very amusing.

Joint Media- MORE INFO

Joint Media

Joint Media has some great ideas when it comes to designing. Theirs is using blue on the letterings as it stands out in the black. It also has some great effect. They have these pictures that when you pass by them, it moves and shows a message behind it.

The Old State – MORE INFO

The Old State

The Old State is an ingenious web designer. They have great sorts of skills when they talk about the matter at hand. The design used on their web page is a very simple black and white; simple but very elegant and classic.

Cobra Creative – MORE INFO

Cobra Creative

This digital agency makes a very tremendous job on digital devices. When you get a chance to see their page, you will surely be amazed to the customized eye following your pointer wherever it goes. The design itself might be a little spooky but it is very startling.

Depthcore – MORE INFO


A colorful design stands out on a black and grey color here at Depthcore. Their idea of making the collection of pictures in different colors so that people won’t be confused is brilliant.

Atom Bicycle Ltd. – MORE INFO

Atom Bicycle Ltd

Groovy dark background stands out on this website. The color blue shows up as well. The said color that is shown, gives our eyes an ease when looking at it directly.

Looks Like Good Design – MORE INFO

Looks Like Good Design

Looks Like Good Design does believe on its own title. The combination of the black and yellow colors lightens up the view. Not to mention the great photography and illustrations inside.

Worry Free Labs – MORE INFO

Worry Free Labs

Worry Free Labs’ ideas are surely remarkable in the designing world. Their idea of using the mossy green and the dark background really makes a very good first impression to everyone who sees.


Cuneyt SEN

Cuneyt SEN is another manifestation that darker background can make other bright colors stand out. This particular black web design used dark blue backdrop which makes the colors (red, green, blue and brown) of the other element beautiful.



Etch is a very classy black design. It is very apt for art portfolios. It has helpful grids where the artist can showcase his works. the dark grayish background sooth the element colors red, blue and orange.

Brabus Tuning Berlin – MORE INFO

Brabus Tuning Berlin

Brabus Tuning Berlin is a nice example of an elegant dark website design. The dark blue with shades of gray and indigo makes the classy car and the white font color stands out.

The Windmill Club – MORE INFO

The Windmill Club

The Windmill Club is a great example of dark meets minimal design. It has dark navy blue background with contrasting white element and font colors. This minimal setting makes the main idea of the website stand out.

Always Creative – MORE INFO

Always Creative

Always Creative is an interesting black website design. It has the dark galaxy as its backdrop. The washed out white elements supplements the dark background and the stand out white font color deliberates the message correctly.

Duke Blue Planet – MORE INFO

Duke Blue Planet

Duke Blue Planet is an outstanding example of an attractive dark web design. Its gradient-filled background occupied with blue colors makes the darker grids very effective. The high definition videos and photos are complementing the whole black design.


UFC Social

UFC is not just a federation of grueling men and women. Its social website proves that it is more that. Choosing a black web design fits the main concept of the association, at the same time, it immediately serves the purpose of the page because of its clearer elements.

Incredible Web – MORE INFO

Incredible Web

Incredible Web is another great example of incredible dark web design. It has dark gray background which complements the white and light blue text colors. If the owner of the site decides to put colorful images and elements on the site, still, the page will be outstanding.



Ghost is a powerful website. Because it wholly embraces the dark web design, it always raises curiosity to net visitors which eventually builds more internet traffic. The dark background makes the gray-scaled image stands out. The white and dark pink font colors supplements the black backdrop, thus, delivering the right message.

Adrien Colombie – MORE INFO

Adrien Colombie

Adrien Colombie’s website is an excellent example of unique and classy black web page design. It has dark gray background which soothes well the white and light blue font colors.

Doug Carpenter – MORE INFO

Doug Carpenter

Doug Carpenter is a website that combines dark design and simplicity theme. This collision is a perfect thing because it clearly helps the web owner to deliberate the right message in an immediate manner.

Valentina Gallo – MORE INFO

Valentina Gallo

Valentina Gallo is a store for women shoes. With its dark web design, the notion of class and elegance was added to the prestigious run of the said fashion boutique.

Junior Akademie – MORE INFO

Junior Akademie

Junior Akademie is another great inspiration for web owners who want a dark web design. The black theme works very well with the school’s web page especially when they put an image of a lung in a bright red color.

Weareanonymous.fr – MORE INFO


weareanonymous.fr is a great example of the excellent combination of black and simplicity. The website does not have anything on it but a blue vague hair and white title. But what makes it interesting is the right contrast of this hair to the dark gray background.

Neilson Photography – MORE INFO

Neilson Photography

Nielson Photography is a nice inspiration for photographers who want to have their own web pages. Nielson Photography embraced the black web design because darker colors can be very effective especially when they are partnered with the rainbow colors of high end photographs.