Diagonal web design is quite popular today. It is often used in the popular grid-based layouts that can add a visually unique approach to websites. Basically, a diagonal web design breaks the traditional rules and it can help draw visitors’ attention if you get it just right.

Some diagonal web design make use of large fonts and simple diagonal lines in order to create a plain and effortless yet eye-catching design, while other make use of diagonal boxes or lines in a symmetric design to provide a more structured layout. Both of these methods can provide a creative appeal and yet a user-friendly experience. Unfortunately, some websites that make use of diagonal web design look a bit chaotic. If you are interested in creating a diagonal web design for you website you should take you time to look at successfully designed websites to get ideas and inspiration. Below are more than 25 beautiful examples of websites with diagonal web design for you usage and inspiration. Please be kind and tell us what you think about this collection and leave a comment below.

Yamaha – MORE INFO


The official website of this known maker of motors and vehicles worldwide presents a diagonal web design in a creative and quirky way. The squares and yellow shade complement well on the overall look of the website.

WhyInteractive – MORE INFO


It is a graphic design firm and online portfolio consisting the works of artists and graphic designers. Its website design makes use of diagonal elements, which make it look quirky and unique.

Badminton Center – MORE INFO

Badminton Center

This official badminton homepage in Sweden presents a monochromatic look with a slanted line in navigation. Moreover, the uniqueness of its typography, as well as the placement of contents, complement well on the overall look of the website.

Arnaud Beelen – MORE INFO

Arnaud Beelen

This is an online portfolio of a freelance graphic designer stationed in Brussels, Belgium. It utilizes diagonal boxes for its artworks and other contents, and they are placed neatly in a way that it conveys a contemporary feel for the website.

Piropixel – MORE INFO


This online graphic design agency website utilizes diamond shapes that are connected in a diagonal manner. Each of the shapes has contents attached to it. The noticeable use of shapes and lines contribute to the contemporary look of the website.



Wixel is a mobile application provider to Smartphones, either operated by iOS or Android. Its website heavily uses diagonal lines in directing the viewers on the flow of the website content.

Skidpasset – MORE INFO


It is quite fascinating that some of the event websites like this uses diagonal lines heavily in facilitating the navigation to online visitors. Moreover, the color choices and the typography used to harmonize well with the overall look of the website.

Neotokio – MORE INFO


This Italian-based interactive graphic design studio website works against the traditional form of website design and relies heavily on lines shapes and large typography. With its unique look, it was acknowledged by Awwwards as one of the best sites of the day.



The Kikk Festival is an international digital festival held annually in Belgium. It showcases a  week of presenting different digital creations from different acknowledged individuals worldwide. Its website uses diagonal lines to add texture to its header.

Designer Gleb – MORE INFO

Designer Gleb

This website is an online portfolio and a private graphic design firm owned by a professional freelance graphic designer and web developer Gleb Leksicov. It showcases diamond shapes with the shade of navy blue attached in a diagonal manner to present a classy and elegant feel.

Unfold – MORE INFO


This design agency features a group of professional graphic developers and web designers who aim to provide services to people online. Their creativity transcends on their website, which features a lot of diagonal elements, from lines and shapes to bookmarks and scrolls. This makes it one of the popular diagonal websites online.

Ethan Marcotte – MORE INFO

Ethan Marcotte

This online portfolio is owned by a professional freelance graphic designer, Ethan Marcotte who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. His website features a simple and light colors, as well as plain diagonal lines and other shapes.

Truly Design – MORE INFO

Truly Design

Truly Design is an online visual communication studio formed by a group of notable artists and designers online. The diagonal lines represented by bright colors are quite noticeable on its website.

Bleep Radio – MORE INFO

Bleep Radio

Bleep Radio is an online radio and lifestyle website offers entertainment to every online visitors. It presents an upbeat and lively design, utilizing diagonal shapes and designs to attract more visitors online.

Fusion Room – MORE INFO

Fusion Room

This online company is a skilled development house that connects with creative individuals known to provide super digital experiences for web, social and even mobile.

Olivers – MORE INFO


This freelance design website is owned by a freelance web designer Ramon Oliver. Its website features yellow and green colors, along with diagonal lines and unique shapes. The uniqueness of its website design can draw attention online.


Neo Lab

This Norway-based online graphic design firm offers branding, web development and web design services online. The use of squares in a diagonal way for its contents present an elegant feel on the website.

Samsung Smart TV – MORE INFO

Samsung Smart TV

This local website of Samsung in Peru presents a different kind of website design. It heavily uses large photographs, diagonal shapes and lines, as well as bright colors to attract visitors online. Moreover, it follows a diagonal navigation to guide visitors.

Shopping Paseo Itaigara – MORE INFO

Shopping Paseo Itaigara

The official homepage of this huge lifestyle shopping mall in Brazil presents its vibrant physical look through the use of bright colors and various diagonal shapes and lines that will surely draw attention online.

Shiny Demos – MORE INFO

Shiny Demos

Shiny Demo is an online graphic design company that provides design services to customers online. Its home page is quite simple and classy one, as it features diagonal lines with different vibrant colors representing each content of the website.

Tympanus – MORE INFO


This tutorial website features sloppy elements with the use of CSS3 software. It heavily utilizes shapes and typography in order to make the web page attractive to online visitors. However, the choice of colors is quite offensive to the eyes.

Davidkopec – MORE INFO


This Czech web gallery portfolio utilizes diagonal shapes and lines in arranging its contents on the homepage. Moreover, the website employs bright colors to complement the whole unique design of the website.

Greteman Group – MORE INFO

Greteman Group

This marketing communications website presents a traditional form of web design. However, it uses basic lines and shapes like diagonal lines and diamond boxes to enhance the simplicity of the web design.

Carter Digital – MORE INFO

Carter Digital

Carter is a carbon neutral web digital design agency that is situated in Melbourne, Australia. They offer web development and web design services online. The creativity of the owners is channeled through its diagonal styles that online visitors will enjoy.

National LGBT Museum – MORE INFO

National LGBT Museum

LGBT is one of the largest group of people advocating for equality and human rights. The way they presented their website is simply amazing. It employs the use of diagonal sliders, huge photographs and unique shapes.

Fifteen Robin – MORE INFO

Fifteen Robin

This online luxury apartment leaser presents how luxurious their houses through its diagonal web design, breaking the traditional web design format to showcase breathtaking photographs of apartments for sale.