Wallpapers for web designers are quite popular for a good reason. Creative people such as web designers continuously seek for fresh inspiration and motivation. With this, a lot of individuals often change their desktop wallpapers to have a visually stunning image sitting on their desktops that will serve as their inspiration in their everyday work.

Wallpapers, otherwise known as desktop background, is a picture or image utilized as a backdrop of a graphical interface on a mobile device or a computer screen. Basically, these wallpapers are created for desktop backgrounds and idle screen for mobile phones. The term ‘wallpaper’ for the technological world is coined my Microsoft Windows, while ‘desktop screen’ is used by those users of Apple Mac computers. Currently, there are plenty of amazing wallpapers with different sorts of themes that can be used by web designers as their inspiration. Listed below are some of the best wallpapers for web designers that we have found online. Please leave a comment and feel free to suggest wallpaper designs for the list. Enjoy!

Color Theory Quick Reference Poster – MORE INFO


The idea behind the creation of this color reference photo as a web design wallpaper is to utilize it as a guide for the benefit of the web developer and the online visitors as well.

Screen Resolutions Chart – MORE INFO


This is one of the few wallpapers for web designers that seems helpful because it utilizes a number of screen resolutions of laptops and desktop computer, as well as CRT monitors, LCD monitors, televisions, and even mobile devices and Apple products.

Elements of Design Quick Reference – MORE INFO


This wallpaper for web design is intended to educate people to know about the elements of design, as well as the basics of design and application of the elements. This serves as a refresher course for beginners.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts – MORE INFO


This web designer wallpaper is originally made as a simple cheat sheet for web designers who constantly utilize Adobe Photoshop. It features the common keyboard shortcuts utilized in the software.

Connected – MORE INFO


This could be a nice wallpaper for web design inspiration. It works on a theme that every entity is connected to each other amidst their location. The connection used is a strong light that transcends in every spot of the image.

Form React Wallpaper – MORE INFO


This digital abstract utilizes a variety of striking and bright colors, which makes it a creative wallpaper for website design. Moreover, it can be a perfect image for desktop backgrounds and mobile idles.

Vim Shortcut Wallpaper – MORE INFO


This wallpaper guide is very handful for professional and amateur web designs. The simplicity of how it is presented, as well as the typography and colors used in the design is very soothing.

Unity Shortcuts Wallpaper – MORE INFO


This image presents the list of unity shortcuts and mouse shortcuts of commands that are commonly utilized when working with computers. Although the image is a bit conventional, it provides touch of contemporary elements, making it a great wallpaper.

Chromata Reincarnation – MORE INFO


This could be a great wallpaper for web designers to use because it has a minimalist approach, wherein objects with bright and striking colors placed in the middle surrounding a warm and dark color. This wallpaper is available in various resolutions.

Untitled Scene – MORE INFO


Another nice wallpaper selection as web site design, presenting a boy wandering along the brink of the sea and watching the sun sets while the moon rising at dawn. The combination of bright and striking colors makes it a nice inspiration for websites online.

Thank You – MORE INFO


This wallpaper is created in expressing the designer’s gratitude in patronizing his works of art by many online visitors. It focuses heavily on typology, providing great decorations on the phrase ‘thank you’.

I Hate Vegetables – MORE INFO


This comical image presents a cat who is forced to eat broccoli. This digitally-enhanced photograph makes use of a bright background for the topics to be focused on the image.

Little Cloud Guy – MORE INFO


This minimalist-themed wallpaper is perfect for web designers who are looking for light and simple wallpaper. It makes use of light colors, which limited to three colors (blue, white, and a little of black).

Apptastic – MORE INFO


Apptastic is a cartoon-themed wallpaper showcasing the most popular applications in mobile and in computer desktops. The colorful balance of every logo of the applications makes it visually appealing to web designers.

Lorem Ipsum – MORE INFO


This simple wallpaper uses only two colors. It works heavily on its simple typography, focusing on lorem ipsum. The minimalism feel of this wallpaper makes it one of the most favorite wallpaper design blog by online users.

Aurora Remix – MORE INFO


Aurora Remix is a digitally-enhanced wallpaper using the still image of Aurora Borealis. It makes use of different vibrant colors separated by each panel made in Photoshop CS3 software. This visually stunning wallpaper can be a great addition in a website design.

The Dark Design – MORE INFO


This wallpaper is originated from a lively and bright image turned into dirtier texture and shiny elements, although the color schemes are maintained. This could be a good inspiration for web designers.

The Plugs Street – MORE INFO


This artistic wallpaper can be a perfect wallpaper for those who love colorful themes. The image showcases extraterrestrial beings who are wandering in the city park. This image is available in various resolutions.

Woodstroll 2 – MORE INFO


This monochromatic image can be utilized as one of the wallpapers for web designers to use as their desktop wallpaper. Aside from the idea of making it as a desktop and laptop wallpaper, it could also be a great background for web design.

Machine a Lumiere – MORE INFO


This artistic and creative wallpaper utilizes warm and bright colors that complement the simplicity of its background shade and color. This makes this image a perfect desktop wallpaper.

Conquer the World – MORE INFO


This digitally-enhanced photograph of a hay field on a sunny day can be a perfect wallpaper. What’s fascinating with this image is that it centers an insect who believes in itself in conquering the world.

Magestic Skies – MORE INFO


This is a high-definition photograph made enhanced with the use of certain software on the computer. This digitally-enhanced image can be one of the greatest wallpapers for web designers to use as their desktop wallpapers.

The Magic Tree – MORE INFO


This stunning wallpaper presents a magic tree at the center of a vast field in a sunny day. This view is commonly seen in the plains of Africa and Australia. This image is available in different resolutions.

Age of Strife – MORE INFO


This amazing photograph features two opposite roads in a vast plain on a certain countryside. The scenery is visually stunning, as well as the colors and how it complements with each other on the picture.

Periodic Table of Typefaces – MORE INFO


This periodic table presents different forms of typefaces that are commonly utilized while working with the use of desktop computers. The main reason of creating this wallpaper is to promote one-of-a-kind design that you can use on your desktop.

WordPress Help Sheet Wallpaper – MORE INFO


This wallpaper contains a simple listing of Basic Template Files, as well as PHP Snippets for the Header and Templates and Extra Stuff utilized for WordPress use. These listings are based on the most utilized stuffs for WordPress.

TextMate Cheat Sheet Wallpaper – MORE INFO


This wallpaper presents the listing of keyboard shortcuts and TextMate shortcuts utilized by many individuals on the multimedia world. This listings bring out the formation of this wallpaper, which can be a great addition to your wallpaper collection.

Yahoo UI Cheatsheet Wallpaper – MORE INFO


Yahoo! Has a number of cheat sheets utilized in their UI library widgets. Making a listings in a form of wallpaper can be a great avenue to be used as a guide in virtual desktops.

Linux Commands Cheat Sheet Wallpaper – MORE INFO


This monochromatic wallpaper contains a listings of commands applicable for Linux operating systems. Its simplicity can be a great choice as one of the best wallpapers for web designers.

Apple Space – MORE INFO


This wallpaper features a logo of Apple located at the center of the image, which is set at the outer space. The use of dark and cool colors make it a perfect wallpaper design for your desktop.

Grand Disorder Wallpaper – MORE INFO


This is one of the wallpapers for web designers to use as their background wallpaper. This wallpaper is perfect for web designers with deep and comprehensive themes as it adds focus on its contents.

Swoosh Glow – MORE INFO


This visually stunning wallpaper features a dark background image with a burst of bright and vibrant colors coming from different areas. The darkness of the image enhances the feel of the colors featured on the image.

Lava Ballad – MORE INFO


Lava Ballad is a digitally-enhanced wallpaper that features all-time favorite gaming character Mario in his quest to save his princess. This image showcases Mario under a circumstance along a hot magma around him.

Mickey and Donald – MORE INFO


Mickey and Donald are two among the most all-time popular cartoon characters worldwide. The image is digitally-enhanced, wherein the two characters are placed in large mushrooms apart from each other.

Console Collective – MORE INFO


This Mario-inspired wallpaper is created with the use of CD case images following one of the arenas in Mario’s popular game in a family computer. The vibrant colors and its visually stunning shapes make it pleasing to put on to your desktop as background wallpaper.