Hotels are geared towards offering the perfect atmosphere and ambiance to their clientele. However, hotels does also need to establish and run professional hotel websites and social media activities that will serve as their alternative gateway in reaching out customers from different parts of the globe.

Everybody know that hotels are establishments that offer lodging to visitors and foreigners on a short-term basis. We are also aware that they can be found in different pricing areas and with different levels of luxury.  Some hotels only offer basic accommodation such as a room with a bed, a small table, a cupboard, and a washstand. Other more expensive hotels are filled with innovative equipment like en-suite bathrooms, telephones, WI-FI and air conditioning units. There are also luxurious hotels that present additional features in hotel rooms like television sets, a mini-bar consisting of foods and beverages, wellness area and even Jacuzzi bathtubs. Some these hotels also present additional amenities like business centers, swimming pools, social function halls, fitness centers, and many more.

Since hotels can cater people from various sorts of nationalities, creating a hotel website is very essential to reach out these people online. A proper hotel website design will include engaging design and navigation, handsome image gallery or image slider /carousel features, easy to use online booking and good description of the services available. It is essential to find inspiration when you prepare for creating a hotel website. Below are some of the best hotel websites we have found online in the hopes of you will acquire inspiration in creating an innovative hotel website design.

Atlantis the Palm – MORE INFO


Hotel Guarda Golf – MORE INFO


The hotel web design focuses heavily on images and photographs of the amenities offered by Hotel Guarda Golf. This method allows visitors to know the services they offer and to help them acquire a sense of security when looking for a place to stay.

Gale Hotel – MORE INFO


NH Hoteles – MORE INFO


What makes this website fascinating is its multimedia feature that allows online customers to enjoy their online booking with no hesitation. Moreover, they have provided precise and relevant information that the customer needs whenever they decide to make a reservation.



Albert Hotel Riga – MORE INFO


Basically, the target of every hotel across the globe is the international market. Although English is the common spoken language among different nationalities, some hotels like Albert hotel are utilizing a number of languages to cater the needs of the customers who are not well-oriented with English language.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo – MORE INFO


This five-star hotel website focuses on easy navigation and comprehensive booking methods in order to prevent inconvenience on the customer’s part. Moreover, it also contains a weather icon for the customers to know the weather condition around the area.

Pasazas – MORE INFO


Aside from its simple website layout and design, this Italian hotel website provides customers with reviews of the hotel for them to have a feedback on the services that they offer.

Aquardens – MORE INFO


This Italian restaurant website focuses heavily on the easiness of navigation for the online customers’ sake. It features comprehensive booking information and links to the services they offer and the reviews of their satisfied consumers.

Capella Singapore – MORE INFO


This six-star hotel in Singapore offers a number of amenities such as spa center and convention halls, as well as their signature cruises and tours. The simplicity of website allows customers to make reservations easily.

Hotel Missoni – MORE INFO


This hotel website makes use of warm colors to promote a homely feeling for online visitors. Hotel Missoni’s website is coined as one of the best hotel websites due to its unique concept.

41hotel – MORE INFO


Awarded as TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award in 2012, 41hotel offers great features that will make their customers feel that they are just staying in the comfort of their homes. Moreover, the elegance of the website design adds attention to online visitors.

Alexander Hotels – MORE INFO


Banyan Tree – MORE INFO


The website draws heavily on the photographs and images of the hotel’s sought-after attractions in order to attract online viewers’ attention. Most customers consider hotel websites with images like Banyan Tree as it helps them decide if they will make a reservation or not.

Bauer Venezia – MORE INFO


This multilingual hotel website plays on bright and vibrant colors that match the characteristic that the hotel portrays in public. Moreover, it stated comprehensive information allows readers to explore the features of this hotel online.

Bellagio – MORE INFO


The Bellagio is one of the popular hotel websites worldwide because of its elegance and style. A lot of noted personalities and celebrities had made regular reservations at this hotel.

Villa Pierrefleur – MORE INFO


Christophe Harbour – MORE INFO


Christophe Harbour is a luxurious hotel in the Caribbean that provides an exquisitely elegant feel that customers would want to feel at one point of their lives. Moreover, the still photograph on the home page adds flavor to the website.

Hilton – MORE INFO


Hilton hotels are probably the company with the most beautiful hotels worldwide. It contains all of the factors that a perfect hotel website should have – visually attracting, socially updated, easy functionality and a detailed information that customers need.

Hotel Arcaluinoe – MORE INFO


The photographs presented on the website are the famous attractions within their hotel in order to draw customers’ attention online. Moreover, the choice of colors complement well on the layout of the website.

Hotel Dion – MORE INFO


This Taiwan-based luxurious hotel offers hotel services and accommodation to both local and foreign customers. Moreover, the website features a number of languages for the convenience of the customers.

Hotel Grand Pacific – MORE INFO


This is probably the best hotel site because it presents ease of use, as well as trouble-free navigation. Moreover, the choice of colors really complement well on the design of the website.

Hiranoya – MORE INFO


What makes this hotel website fascinating is that although it is dedicated to its local customers in Japan, the website reaches out to its international customers through the use of the English language in the website.

Bozi Oko – MORE INFO


Czech Republic offers one of their luxurious hotels, Bozi Oko. It uses photographic images of the hotel, as well as their amenities to let the customers obtain an idea about services that the hotel offers to its customers. Once you scroll down your mouse, you will definitely be surprised!

Hotel Terra Jackson Hole – MORE INFO


This interactive hotel website allows online visitors to go through the features and amenities of the establishment. One attractive feature in the website is the updated weather tracker on the homepage, which tells the weather condition of the place.

Neutralia – MORE INFO


Neutralia is one of the popular hotel websites in Europe that offers quality hotel accommodation to its customers across the continent. The simplicity of the website layout and the easiness of its navigation allows customers to go over the amenities featured on the website.

Jumeirah – MORE INFO


Kahala Resort – MORE INFO


Kalaha Resort is a luxurious hotel rested at the heart of Hawaiian Islands. A lot of local tourists and international customers are fascinated with the website design because of its simplicity and ease to navigate.

Lion Sands – MORE INFO


Lion Sands is a luxurious hotel and resort that offers one-of-a-kind amenities aside from its excellent hotel services. Customers and clients will surely enjoy the wildlife within the premises of the resort.

Tsapakis Hotel – MORE INFO


Tsapakis Hotel in Germany presents an eco-friendly hotel and accommodation services that lets their customers feel at ease and away from hustle and bustle of busy streets in the metropolitan.

Leonia – MORE INFO


Leonia is a luxurious hotel and resort that is based in India, catering local and foreign customers from different parts of the globe. This is one of the hotel websites that focuses heavily on presenting photographs of the services that the hotel is offering to its customers.

Mansion Hotel – MORE INFO


The hotel website makes use of the contemporary method of designing its web layout, which promotes ease of navigation for customers whenever they try to make a reservation online. Moreover, it features amenities with the use of its interactive links.

New York Palace – MORE INFO


Palazzo Las Vegas – MORE INFO


This hotel website focuses heavily on the simplicity of its navigation. Moreover, the website contains interactive feature among customers and the support center of the establishment online. This makes Palazzo a must-visit world class lodging in Las Vegas.

Peninsula – MORE INFO


Peninsula Hotels is one of the most well-known hotel chains worldwide, which caters international clients from different parts of the globe. One interesting feature of their home websites is that it has a multimedia clip that encourages customers to make their reservations online.