This post highlights some of the best admin panel templates. They are highly beneficial to web applications such as CMS or eCommerce projects and they will make your clients love you.

By using admin panel templates, you will be able to contain useful functionality, as well, as have a customizable and flexible time saving tool. All of the admin panel designs I have presented here are designed by professionals and incorporated with tons of features, thereby allowing you to have a professional, high quality look for your business.

Admin panel templates are created to make your life easier. Some have error pages that can be customized while others have great charts and advanced visualization. Still others are Ajax loading. With a good admin panel template, you can expect to use spark lines, bullet graphs, scatter graphs, bar graphs, meters and gauges.

If you are searching for admin panel templates, look for particular features such as easy navigation and user friendly interface. Consider what exact features you will need such as forms, tables, dropdown menus, different charts and tabs.

The design of a particular admin panel can let you access different layout styles, colors and combinations. A customized admin panel can be created from scratch but it would cost you a lot of time and effort. To save on vital resources, you should browse on the list of admin panel templates I have provided in this post to give you more control over your website.


todo – Web Application and Admin Panel Template – MORE INFO

todo admin panel templates

Todo is an admin dashboard and web app template that is fully responsive. It is incorporated with Bootstrap 3 and clean flat UI style. Other features include web app layouts, mobile widgets, a couple of runnable applications, 8 default color palettes, CSS3, HTML5 markup and others.

Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO

melon admin panel templates

This fresh admin template is responsive and flat. Its content structure is ultra-flexible and made with Bootstrap 3. Melon has been created with the latest CSS 3 and HTML 5 technologies.

Metronic – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template – MORE INFO

Metronic admin panel templates

This multipurpose frontend and admin theme is responsive in design and based on Bootstrap 3.2.0. You can utilize it for all kinds of web applications including admin dashboard, custom admin panel, eCommerce and business websites, CMS, eCommerce backend and more.

Flat – Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO

Flat admin panel templates

Responsive and based on Bootstrap 2.3.0, Flat can be used for both backend and admin applications. The design and user interface of Flat is clean and quick. It will give you a design that is easy to work with and provides an unforgettable user experience.

uAdmin – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template – MORE INFO

uAdmin admin panel templates

This is an admin template that has a premium design and based on Bootstrap Framework. The design is flat throughout. Even if you do not know the framework, you can duplicate the parts easily without getting complicated.

Perfectum – Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO

Perfectum admin panel design template

You will find this dashboard to be full of features. Its premium design is powered by Bootstrap 3.0.3.

Adminica – The Professional Admin Template – MORE INFO

Adminica admin panel templates

This template comes with clean coding. It can be customized easily and the style is really stunning. Adminica is among the most popular and best rated template you will find out there.

Developr – Fully Responsive Admin Skin – MORE INFO

Developr admin panel templates

If you are developing a web app for mobiles and desktops then this is a solution for you. You can do the codes just once then allow Developr to do the rest for you.

It’s Brain – premium admin theme – MORE INFO

It's Brain admin panel templates

This theme has just been recently updated with new features. These include, tags input, input limiter and placeholder plugins. It also has usual form validation, autocomplete and masked input plugin.

ACME – Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO

ACME admin panel templates

If you have an app and you want a dashboard template for it, you can do it with ACME. It comes with plenty of widgets and plugins such as chats, support tickets and weekly stats to give your design more awesomeness.