As internet speed continue to improve and monitor resolution keeps on advancing, an increasing number of web designers use over-sized images or illustrations as website backgrounds. A big picture on the background can generate amazing visual effects, especially if you are using a high resolution monitor. Adding large images may also add extra life to the design of the website, compared to the customary tiled background graphic.

It is no wonder that using a large picture or image in website backgrounds has become quite popular in today’s web design. Displaying a catchy image that occupies most of the screen never fails to attract audience attention. It is powerful and it can say a lot about the people behind the website, as well, as the website itself. In addition, a good photo background helps designers create a strong color palette and to signify the objective and substance of the website.

If you are going to build a website with fullscreen image background you need to consider the web contents, search engine optimization and typography since they are essential parts of web design. You probably also need to know photo manipulation and since it is not easy to resize an image based on browser size, you may have to know some web development basics to ensure that everything will look great. Some website owners choose to build their website using a WordPress fullscreen theme that are designed especially for this kind of layout.

To help you get a better grasp of the topic, here is a collection of more than 35 websites that use big pictures website backgrounds. Hopefully, I can inspire you with my initiative. Once you are done browsing, share your thoughts or suggestions with us through the comment section below. Did this post inspire you? If so, please share it with your friends.

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