A selection of cute Tumblr themes can be very helpful in creating an engaging blog that will encourage more visitors to come back and be transformed into lower followers. Cute Tumblr themes are great for getting a nice first impression whenever users browse on your blog.

There are more than a hundred million blogs that are using Tumblr and many people are constantly searching for better quality themes each day. Everybody wants to personalize their Tumblr space and make it appear clean and simple. However, if you are going to search for cute Tumblr themes, you will be navigating through an ocean filled with cute titles for Tumblr. Finding the best of them all would be like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

This was on my mind when I decided to compile a list of more than 30 cute Tumblr themes, which you will find in this post. I hope you will find time to browse on each cute entry to familiarize yourself with their particular features. Installing cute Tumblr themes is quite easy so there should be no problem in that aspect. Once you are done browsing, share your thoughts and suggestions with us through the comment section below. If this post was able to help, please share it with your friends.


Pop Gallery – MORE INFO

Pop Gallery cute tumblr themes[3]

This Tumblr theme was designed for galleries, visual portfolios and handcraft shops. It has a distinct quality to present unique thumbnails for your reserved, fresh and sold items. Its design is clean and stunning complete with circular thumbnails.

Lightglass 2 – MORE INFO

Lightglass 2 cute tumblr themes

Lightglass is entirely new. It has been lovingly created by hands with all the cutting edge technology around in the web today. It comes with a responsive design created with HTML 5.

Infinite 3 – MORE INFO

Infinite 3 cute tumblr themes

This a theme for Tumblr that is super cool. If you are going to take a look at it, you will also find it better, larger and more appealing. You can have a maximum of 5 post columns, fade in posts, post shadow and other useful features.

Narnia – MORE INFO

Narnia cute titles for tumblr[3]

This theme is a unique creation that was made with magic. It took 6 months to design and develop. Narnia is packed with fresh features, tons of customization options and stunning design.


Optic cute themes for tumblr

This theme for Tumblr is responsive and ideal for blogs that come with Masonry jQuery plugin. Optic can be customized to your desire yet still remain focused on your content.

Pandora – MORE INFO

Pandora cute tumblr theme[3]

When Pandora was created, its game over for the other themes. It has been inspired by the huge demand made by fashion bloggers. The theme highlights stunning fashion images on different devices.

Vision – MORE INFO

Vision cute tumblr theme

This theme for Tumblr is the best choice if you have a business portfolio or agency or working a freelance job. Post snippets are featured on the home page, which will allow viewers to see more of what is inside your website.

Theflow – MORE INFO

Theflow tumblr cute themes

In plain words, this theme is the perfect option for every Tumblr fan. It is guaranteed to look stunning on all devices and promises to provide users with optimum experience. It also has a wide range of options that will make you look twice on Tumblr themes.

Gridlocked – MORE INFO

Gridlocked tumblr themes cute

This Tumblr theme has been designed for creative. It supports post format, comes with minimalist design, layout shuffling and based on the grid design. It can work as a modern Tumblr blogging system or a standard portfolio.

Photographica – MORE INFO

Photographica tumblr themes cute

This portfolio theme for Tumblr has been designed especial for creatives and photographers. Customizing the theme is a breeze and it is very adaptable.