This post features a compilation of jQuery date picker and calendar plugins that can prove very useful in creating your own web design. Some of the plugins are free while others are premium versions, but all can be very handy in adding date pickers and calendars easily to your design.

The calendar is a tool that can be very useful. Not only will it help to remind you about important happenings but also in keeping track of appointments and dates. With modern technology continuously evolving, people are becoming more and more dependent on the internet and mobile devices. Many people have now placed their paper calendars aside and instead depend on user friendly calendars that can be integrated to your website. These are vital in showing releases, events and other important occasions.

In this article, I have collected more than 20 jQuery date pickers and calendar plugins, which can enhance the functionality of your site. These plugins can be incorporated directly into a website with only minor enhancements and styling. Modifying your jQuery date picker is important since it will allow you to style it to your own or client’s preferences.

Have you used jQuery date picker and calendar plugins before? Do you know of some great jQuery date pickers or calendar plugins that were not included in my list? Tell us your thoughts and suggestions through the comment section below. If this post was able to help you achieve your purpose, please share it with your friends.


wdCalendar – MORE INFO


This jQuery calendar plugin is a clone of jQuery-based Google calendar, which contains most of the Google calendar features that users can select. It can be viewed on a daily, weekly, or monthly format.

vCalendar – MORE INFO


The vCalendar is an open source jQuery calendar picker and Web calendar application that works by posting and reminding schedules and events online in a calendar form. It is a perfect and excellent solution for web users to utilize online.

Event Calendar – MORE INFO

Event Calendar

This jQuery date picker works similar with the Google calendar system. This plugin allows users to share the calendar information within the group or organization. What’s fascinating about it is it makes use of a simple user façade to facilitate control of rights.

EvenTouch Calendar – MORE INFO

EvenTouch Calendar

This plugin features an events calendar in a jQuery format. It resembles a simpler version of the Google calendar. It consists of two parts: a horizontal month calendar and a vertical week calendar.

jQuery Week Calendar – MORE INFO

jQuery Week Calendar

It is one of the jQuery calendar and date picker plugins that features a weekly calendar concept in the web application. A number of events can be supplied in an array, which can be dragged, resized or dropped.

Ajax Booking Calendar Pro – MORE INFO

Ajax Booking Calendar Pro

This jQuery calendar plugin is only essential when planning to add moe information about the bookings on the virtual calendar. It is very simple and easy to use. In fact, it can be integrated into the owned CMS in the website.

Timeline Calendar – MORE INFO

Timeline Calendar

This simple JavaScript-driven calendar plugin is written at the top the known jQuery framework. It features a horizontal representation of the days that are not quite highlighted in the month view.

DZS jQuery Mini Events Calendar – MORE INFO


This plugin can be a perfect way to present certain event and upcoming programs in a calendar. What’s fascinating about this plugin is that it is very easy to install and simple to instruct.

CuteTime – MORE INFO


CuteTime is a simple, yet attractive jQuery plugin that converts timestamps online into formats that are quite pleasant that the traditional ones. Moreover, this puigin features an ability to configure and re-figure elements and timestamps.

jQuery Frontier Calendar – MORE INFO

jQuery Frontier Calendar

Looking as almost similar as Google calendar, jQuery Frontier calendar doesn’t include some of the UI elements like next-month and previous-month buttons, edit event form, add event form, and many more that the Google calendar has.

jQuery UI Datepicker – MORE INFO


This jQuery plugin is very configurable due to its datepicker functionality on its every page. In fact, users can customize the language and the format of the date to be utilized. This is one of the most downloaded jQuery calendar plugins online.

oCalendar – MORE INFO


oCalendar is an interactive jQuery candela plugins that lets the users to add another upcoming event in the calendar schedules. Moreover, it lets users to add an event in the calendar on a certain website very easily.

jMonth Calendar – MORE INFO


This jQuery calendar highlights the important events of the users. They can make use of elements in initializing the calendar plugin, including the addition of the events array to handle the rest of the days of the calendar.

FullCalendar – MORE INFO


It is a popular jQuery calendar plugin that promotes features such as integration with Google calendar, drag-and-drop of contents, and the ability of fetching events on the other calendar using JSON.

Booking Calendar PRO – MORE INFO

Booking Calendar PRO

The use of this jQuery plugin is very essential for use in booking on various rental websites. Both ends can easily be integrated in the CMS and the website where it is to be posted, and it can be customized separately.

jQuery Date Range Picker – MORE INFO


This simple date picker extension lets users to select date ranges based on their preferences. Once they already selected a date, a hidden entry form within the plugin is submitted. This plugin is compatible with various browser sites online.



This jQuery plugin can be a perfect addition on magazine sites, blogs, news site, portfolio sites, and many more. What’s fascinating with this plugin is that the script can take time-stamped site contents and arrange it on a timeline.

Blue Shoes JS Datepicker Content – MORE INFO

Blue Shoes JS Datepicker Content

This is one of the jQuery Date Pickers that allows users to easily choose several valid dates coming from a dropdown calendar. Users will need not to worry about the date formats that they use since they are always correct in picking dates.

Calendar – MORE INFO


This classic jQuery plugin provides accessible and low profile date pickers in order to form the elements. Moreover, it is a compilation fusion of different elements from various jQuery plugins online.

jQuery Calendar Widget Plugin – MORE INFO

jQuery Calendar Widget Plugin

This simple calendar plugin allows users to view calendar of events in a monthly format. Moreover, users have the opportunity to specify what month they would like to display on their website.

Tigra JavaScript Calendar – MORE INFO


This jQuery plugin is a free cross-browser JavaScript calendar control that allows the users to enhance their experience through enabling a drop-down calendar for the date fields in the website in HTML formats.

Sliding Date Picker – MORE INFO

Sliding Date Picker

This jQuery calendar plugin allows the users to select dates using a simple slider bar. The dates will change quickly by dragging the sliding bar over the timeline. On the other hand, the bar automatically adjusts to a particular date when the user plans on changing the dates manually.

Calendar and Picker Control – MORE INFO

Calendar and Picker Control

This is one classic example of a jQuery simple calendar date picker. Moreover, its calendars contain three requirement dependencies. These are the Yahoo Global object, the DOM Collection and the Event Utility.

dynDate Time – MORE INFO

dynDate Time

This jQuery plugin allows the users to easily add date and time selection to the text field inputs in a particular content of a site. Moreover, it supports the date and time, rendering its worth to a certain field with the use of a configurable format.

jQuery Date Input – MORE INFO

jQuery Date Input

This is probably the lightest jQuery calendar plugin used by most web developers online. Date input is a no frills plugin designed for jQuery. A lot of web designers love this plugin because it is quick, lightweight, and simple.