Updated 15.06.2014. One of the most important elements of any website is navigation, wherein common design practices and layout are being employed in order to pleasingly present the website to online users. Web designers and graphic artists are spending time planning on the design of their website’s navigation before publishing it online. Fortunately, there are tools that can make the navigation a cool and dynamic one. Among these tools is the jQuery navigation plugins.

jQuery is a powerful open source software created to simplify the client-side scripting of the website’s HTML. It is a lightweight, cross-browser compliant, and a powerful Java Script framework that provides emphasis and simplifies interaction between CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Moreover, it enables web developers to create abstractions for low-level animation and interaction.

Listed below are some of the jQuery navigation plugins that can be used in any website’s navigation. These jQuery navigation menu plugin will certainly assist web developers and designers in their work in enhancing the look of their website.


UberMenu – MORE INFO

uber menu

UberMenu for WordPress has been created to be very customizable and user friendly tool that will function in all highly customized sites. It provides simple access and easy navigation of online websites.

FH Mega Menu – MORE INFO

fh mega menu

This is a jQuery Mega Menu Plugin build with Bootstrap 3. It is fully responsive, has useful customization options and it it is easy to install and setup.

ResponsiveNav Free Plugin – MORE INFO

responsive-nav free

This is a responsive navigation plugin that will work wonders on small screens and it features touch events.

Pull-Out Content Menu – MORE INFO

pull out content menu

This menu pluin is quite useful. You can add a sliding panel menu in the righ or left side of your website. It can contain any content and it comes with a simple contact form.

Zozo Tabs – MORE INFO


This plugin is fully customizable, user friendly and responsive. It is a jQuery tabs plugin that can take any image, video and other HTML content then display it in responsive, organized and clean tabbed navigation.

Metro flexible Navigation – MORE INFO

Metro flexible Navigation

This plugin is a simple grid layout that is quite similar to new Windows 8 interface. It can be customized vertically or horizontally. Moreover, they can be drag-able and scrollable.

jQuery Two Tier Sliding Menu Plugin – MORE INFO

jQuery Two Tier Sliding Menu Plugin

This is another jQuery navigation plugin that generates a two tier sliding menu from an unordered list. However, this plugin only supports two levels of nested HTML lists. Also, it allows initial opening of the menu and closing of other opened items. As the name suggests, this plugin is capable of generating a 2 tier sliding menu direct from unordered lists. Take note though that it can only support 2 level HTML nested lists.

jQuery Push Menu – MORE INFO

jQuery Push Menu

Push Menu is a cool mobile menu plugin that is great for featuring images and typography with the use of key products. The use of this plugin can easily embed videos, images, forms and among others.

InfiniScroll – MORE INFO


This is a jQuery navigation plugin that works for blog spots and other known websites online. This plugin tool is perfect for websites that contain a lot of pages. This can also work in portfolio websites and leader boards.

HorizontalNav – MORE INFO


This jQuery plugin provides a horizontal navigation to the websites in order to fit the full width of its display site. Although it can be quite hassle to create this effect as a project, this plugin will create it easily, thereby adding support on various search engines.


Ninja UI

This jQuery plugin is skilled in various techniques of the JavaScript and CSS. It features different effects on the top navigation, conveying an Oriental look and feel on the website.