When it comes to WordPress security plugins, the big challenge is in finding the perfect combination that will provide maximum coverage without overlapping functionality and conflicts.

If you are managing a WordPress blog or website, security should be your first concern. In many instances, WordPress powered sites are compromised because of outdated plugins and/or core files. Files that are outdated are traceable and an open invitation to a hacker.

So how will you keep your blog off the hands of bad guys forever? As a start, make sure that you are constantly updated with the newest edition of WordPress. For more safeguards, browse on the list of useful WordPress security plugins I have presented in this post. This will not only enhance your WordPress security but also keep you updated with the latest plugins for securing your website.



hide my wp

No one can know you use WordPress! “Hide My WP” will help protect your site from brute force attacks. It has been updated to include multisite, child theme support, Nginx and 3x faster speed.

Security Ninja – MORE INFO

security ninja

This WordPress plugin combines the best security practices for WordPress. It performs over 31 security tests that include brute force attacks, take preventive security measures and check for security vulnerabilities in your site.

All In One WP Security & Firewall – MORE INFO

All In One WP Security & Firewall

Although WordPress is already a very secure platform, it still would help if you can add extra firewall and security. This free plugin will take your security effort to the next level.

WP Secure (Download) Links – MORE INFO

WP Secure Links

This is a security plugin for WordPress that will help you add download links to you website in a safe and secure way. The Download Links created by “WP Secure Links” cannot be copied or distributed on other websites.

Secure HTML5 Video Player – MORE INFO

Secure HTML5 Video Player

This is a WordPress security plugin that will allow you to play HTML 5 videos on modern browsers. Videos can be pseudo streamed from secure directories and served privately.

Wordfence Security – MORE INFO

Wordfence Security

This is free enterprise security plugin that is incorporated with anti-virus scanning, live traffic, malicious URL scanning and firewall. It is the only security plugin for WordPress that verifies and repairs the plugin, theme and core files, even without a backup.

Ghost Captcha For WordPress – MORE INFO

Ghost Captcha For WordPress

Ghost Captcha is invisible and works quietly in the background when it detects and blocks possible spambots. It comes with its own captcha tests, which is only displayed as a last resort, once it detects suspicious browsing activity.

BulletProof Security – MORE INFO

BulletProof Security

BulletProof has been designed to be simple, quick and single click. It adds .htaccess protection to your WordPress site. BulletProof Security protects your WordPress website against XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection hacking attempts.

Source Guard for WP – MORE INFO

Source Guard for WP - Source Encoder - Encryptor

Source Guard is WordPress plugin for encoding/encryption and obfuscating your website output source code.

NuCaptcha WordPress Plugin – MORE INFO

NuCaptcha WordPress Plugin

If you want to protect your website with video captcha, NuCaptcha is it. It is easier for visitors to read and provides better security.

More Secure Login – MORE INFO

More Secure Login

A robust authentication plugin, More Secure Login requires filling up of a second field. It is similar to a password but it will be coming from your own printed card (FR/EN).

Better WP Security – MORE INFO

Better WP Security

One of the most effective and easiest available WordPress security plugins around, Better WP security can improve your site security in seconds.

6Scan Security – MORE INFO

6Scan Security

This plugin might be the most comprehensive automatic security protection that you can give to your website against hackers. Its security scanner goes over the rule based protection provided by other WordPress Security Plugins. It employs testing algorithms that penetrates actively to find your security vulnerabilities.

Ultimate Security Checker – MORE INFO

Ultimate Security Checker

This security plugin for WordPress helps in identifying security issues in your installation. It scans your blogs and them provides a security grade that is based on passed tests.