In this post, I have listed down 30 animated websites that you can use as inspiration. If your creativity is at a low, one of the best ways of getting yourself inspired is to look and admire brilliant web designs. However, looking for such great website design can take a lot of time, which is something that most designers do not have. Thus, you need some reliable resources that will take you to great design inspirations. That is precisely what I am trying to do with this post.

In order to become a great designer, one must master a trend before it can become, well, a trend. Having this sense of what will take off is the key to making a great product. One of the trends that should be anticipated is animated websites. Now this is not news anymore as it is basically the concept behind Flash sites. However, now it has to be done with minimal or no Flash. It should be done in a way that not only will interest viewers but also keep them in the site.

So enjoy and gain some inspiration from the animated websites I have presented in this post. If you have any thoughts on animation websites, please share them with us through the comment section below. If I succeeded in inspiring you to create a better web design, kindly pass this post to your friends as well.

Pragmatic Mates – MORE INFO

Pragmatic Mates animated websites

Duplos – MORE INFO

Duplos animated websites

The Kennedys – MORE INFO

The Kennedys animated websites

Universeries – MORE INFO

Universeries animated websites

Intacto – MORE INFO

Intacto animated websites

Goodtwin – MORE INFO

Goodtwin animated websites

Legwork – MORE INFO

Legwork animation website

Protect The Football – MORE INFO

Protect The Football animated websites[3]

Blue Acorn – MORE INFO

Blue Acorn animation website

Quechua – MORE INFO

Quechua animation websites

Evo Energy – MORE INFO

Evo Energy animation websites[7]

Rezo Zero – MORE INFO

Rero Zero animated websites

Octave & Octave – MORE INFO

Octave & Octave animated websites[7] – MORE INFO animation websites

Tori’s Eye – MORE INFO

Tori's Eye animated websites

Black Negative – MORE INFO

Black Negative animated websites

The Copywriting Studio – MORE INFO

The Copywriting Studio animated websites

Graf Miville – MORE INFO

Graf Miville animated websites

Denise Chandler – MORE INFO

Denise Chandler animation website

Pumpehuset – MORE INFO

Pumpehuset animation websites

Games We Played – MORE INFO

Games We Played animated websites

Kikk Festival – MORE INFO

Kikk Festival animation websites

Dubbelfrisss – MORE INFO

Dubbelfrisss animated websites


Mahe animation website

Polecat – MORE INFO

Polecat animation websites

Kick My Habits – MORE INFO

Kick My Habits animated websites


RS Collab animated websites

Le Singe Fume Sa Cigarette – MORE INFO

Le Singe Fume Sa Cigarette


Digit animated websites

Neilson Photography – MORE INFO

Neilson Photography animated websites