Travel website designs provide inspiration to those who would like to make their travel websites more appealing and useful to online visitors. Many people prefer to travel when they spend a vacation and they plan their getaway with the help of online travel sites. Thousands of individuals plan and organize their vacations this way because practically everything can be done on the internet. These include hotel and ticket bookings, insurance and destination. With such a strong trend, travel website designs must also be ready to cater to whatever is demanded by the industry.

Most travel website designs feature large or full screen images that show the best destinations in engaging photo galleries. The travel and tourism industry has been utilizing modern technology for years by promoting their travel websites on the internet. People just become awestruck with images, travel tips and destination descriptions. No matter where you want to spend your vacation, travel websites can show you the way.

If you are looking for a way to improve your travel or tourism site, you will gain much insight from great travel website designs. So in this post, I have showcased a roundup of 25 travel website designs for your motivation. I hope that by browsing on these travel website designs, you will gain enough insight in designing your own site.

Orchid Bay – MORE INFO

Orchid Bay travel website design

Monterey – MORE INFO

Monterey travel website designs

Cathedral Mountain Lodge – MORE INFO

Cathedral Mountain Lodge travel website designs

Summit Hotels and Resorts – MORE INFO

Summit Hotels and Resorts travel website designs[7]

Really Wild Challenges – MORE INFO

Really Wild Challenges best hotel website design

Live Africa – MORE INFO

Live Africa travel website designs

African Budget Safaris – MORE INFO

African Budget Safaris best travel agency websites

Yellowstone Park – MORE INFO

Yellowstone Park travel website designs

Telluride – MORE INFO

Telluride best travel website design

Disneyland – MORE INFO

Disneyland best hotel website design

Lake Nona – MORE INFO

Lake Nona cool travel sites

Travel Buzz – MORE INFO

Travel Buzz best travel agency websites

Spring TN Vacation – MORE INFO

Spring TN Vacation cool travel websites

Design Hotels – MORE INFO

Design Hotels best travel website design

Inspired by Iceland – MORE INFO

Inspired by Iceland hotel web design

Global Team Travel – MORE INFO

Global Team Travel cool travel sites

Alpine Meadows – MORE INFO

Alpine Meadows hotel website designs

Clover Cottage – MORE INFO

Clover Cottage hotel web design

Dublin Pub Crawl – MORE INFO

Dublin Pub Crawl travel web design

CantoBelo – MORE INFO

CantoBelo travel website designs

Australia – MORE INFO

Australia travel website designs

Visit Utah – MORE INFO

Visit Utah hotel website designs

Hotel Paradiso – MORE INFO

Hotel Paradiso travel website designs

Monterey – MORE INFO

Monterey travel website wallpapers

Visit Idaho – MORE INFO

Visit Idaho travel web design