A colorful website adorned with all kinds of bright hues is not favored by designers at times. However, given the right situation colorful web layouts could be very effective. In this post, we are going to show you how this could be done by presenting more than 30 colorful website designs. I hope that by browsing on these examples, you will gain inspiration for choosing the right color schemes for your own project. By knowing what other designers have done and how they were able to make colorful websites work, you can get several ideas of your own.

We have often heard that “less is more.” Simplicity is the road that is followed these days. However, you do not necessarily have to keep white spaces white. In this age of gray neutrality, it seems that everything should be balanced, discreet and subtle yet bright colors are still potent tools for making a design stand out. Great use and balance of colors can help in capturing the attention of your viewers.

I hope that I will be able to show you that web design can be clean and colorful at the same time. Once you are done browsing, please share your thoughts with us through the comment section below. If this post inspired you, please kindly share it with your friends.

Anet Design – MORE INFO

Anet Design colorful website

Scary Girl – MORE INFO

Scary Girl colorful website

The House Media – MORE INFO

The House Media colorful website

rdio – MORE INFO

rdio colorful website

Cobble Hill Towers – MORE INFO

Cobble Hill Towers colorful website

Brooks Shoe Advisor – MORE INFO

Brooks Shoe Advisor colorful web design

Kluge Interactive – MORE INFO

Kluge Interactive colorful web designs

Vegas Uncorked – MORE INFO

Vegas Uncorked colorful web layouts


Hitmo colorful websites

Save the Turtles – MORE INFO

Save The Turtles colorful websites

Trinity Web Tech – MORE INFO

Trinity Web Tech colorful website

Flourish – MORE INFO

Flourish colorful website[7]

Dribble Draft – MORE INFO

Dribble Draft colorful website

Wall Creations – MORE INFO

Wall Creations colorful website


Art4Web colorful web design

Daniel Sitek – MORE INFO

Daniel Sitek colorful web designs

Haafe & Haph – MORE INFO

Haafe & Haph colorful web layouts

Polecat – MORE INFO

Polecat colorful websites

Rareview – MORE INFO

Rareview colorful websites

Frances Cycles – MORE INFO

Frances Cycles colorful websites

Summer Tennessee – MORE INFO

Summer Tennessee colorful websites

n.design Studio – MORE INFO

n.design Studio colorful website

Triplagent – MORE INFO

Triplagent colorful website

Butterfly – MORE INFO

Butterfly colorful web layouts

Kick My Habits – MORE INFO

Kick My Habits colorful websites

Curious Generation – MORE INFO

Curious Generation colorful web layouts

Havaianas – MORE INFO

Havaianas colorful website

Aussie BBQ Legends – MORE INFO

Aussie BBQ Legends colorful website

Wake Somebody Up – MORE INFO

Wake Sombody Up colorful website

Indofolio – MORE INFO

Indofolio colorful website


F5 colorful website

Pixel Cool – MORE INFO

Pixel Cool colorful website