In this post, we take a look at a comprehensive collection of templates for your admin panel web page. So if you are looking for professional admin templates for your next project, this is a great place to look.

Website templates for admin panel that are fully customizable have grown to be very popular. Consider this: The design of your front end is a main element in getting your clients impressed and happy. However, to complete the project correctly, you have to use an admin panel interface that looks professional. Creating CMS from scratch is arduous, not to mention complicated, and you need to incorporate a strong design into it. A customized admin UI takes time to complete, which in many instances will affect your earnings. To save time and earn more money, you should instead use pre-designed admin templates to help you with the design job.

An admin panel is mainly used to control web stuff from your back end. Thus, every developer or client would really like a featured admin panel template that will allow easy arrangement of the complicated control panel. With stunning templates for admin panel, the admin will always be inspired to make updates and changes to the website.

All developers want admin templates that will match their assets. So in this post, I am featuring 15 new templates for admin panel that all came out in April & May 2013. These admin panel templates are incorporated with full features and creative designs so they can be really helpful as well as inspiring. Please tell us what you think of my roundup through the comment section below. If this post was a help, you can share it with your friends.


StartUp Admin – MORE INFO

StartUp Admin

This interesting template was created with its popular Bootstrap framework designed from Twitter, which is powered with Sass. A lot of web developers will surely enjoy its different customized variables because of its uniqueness.



Web developers will certainly enjoy an awesome admin panel with this powerful template called Ergo. This feature-rich admin template features a minimalistic design, fully responsive to other devices and sustains high-resolution retina ready images.

Sangoma – MORE INFO


This cool bootstrap-based admin template contains a number of great features. Sangome utilizes a sleek and flat design that fits well in most of the web applications. Moreover, it is fully responsive to other devices like tablets and mobile phones.

Social – MORE INFO


For those who are seeking for a responsive template for their admin panel, this theme can be a perfect choice since it is based on the Facebook look and feel. Moreover, Twitter users will also love this one because it is compatible with Twitter bootstrap.

Novus PSD Admin – MORE INFO

Novus PSD Admin

This admin panel-powered template is a PSD design that promotes modern and striking appeal to the site. This is quite fascinating because users will find all the elements that they need in making designs easily.



Genix is a popular template for admin panel that is based on the popular Twitter Bootstrap framework. Users will surely find this template as a great time saver for their upcoming projects. It is also fully responsive, which can be perfectly accessed to any devices.



Timex is a simple, clean and flexible template for admin panel. What’s interesting with this theme is that it is a fully responsive design, which fits to any viewing device. Moreover, it is integrated with different bootstrap plugins.

Admin Lab – MORE INFO

Admin Lab

This responsive admin template is created with Twitter Bootstrap Framework that most web users will certainly use. It contains an overwhelming collection of reusable UI components, which are integrated with jQuery plugins.

Moon Light Admin – MORE INFO

Moon Light Admin

Web enthusiasts will surely enjoy a Bootstrap template that is modernly created and built with the latest Twitter Bootstrap. This template for admin panel will save you for hours in making your projects on the Web.

Admin Template for Web (Free) – MORE INFO

Admin Template for Web

This free admin template contains three-column design that has a tabbed menu. The idea behind this template is to have the standard categories in the tab menu to reach the detailed contents found in the left menu.

Huraga – MORE INFO


Huraga is a minimalistic HTML5 template that provides outstanding elements to any backend, as well as user interface and administration for any device. What’s interesting is that it is built on the latest Twitter bootstrap framework.

Katniss – MORE INFO


Katniss is a responsive admin panel template that is powered by CSS3. It contains a number of great features, elements and plugins that users can utilize for their backend projects. What’s interesting is that it contains different skins that can be interchanged.

Spring Time (Free) – MORE INFO

Spring Time

Spring Time is a free template for admin panel that contains great features in store for website developers online. Moreover, this theme will save the users their efforts of skinning an administration template.

Shamcey – MORE INFO


Shamcey is a metro style-inspired admin template that is created with the use of Bootstrap framework and other jQuery plugins. This template is a perfect tool for users on their succeeding projects.



AdminKIT is deemed to be one of the most complete admin templates online that users can enjoy in working on their projects. It contains several coded, well-designed and commented pages, along with unique and creative elements.