Various technology websites around the web attract countless users each day. Perhaps this could be attributed to the fact that everybody is dependent on technology and we like to have fresh inventions that could make our lives easier and a bit more fun. High quality websites that concentrate on all kinds of technology are many. So if you have a technology website and you want to keep it on top of the search list, you have to carefully think about standing out from the rest. You need to have unique features and design, updated and relevant content, user friendly navigation and social media integration among others.

Many prominent websites today use WordPress for their platform because of its flexibility, ease of use and powerful features. Technology websites can benefit much from the useful features that can easily be added to WordPress such as featured posts, image sliders and rating systems. However, whether you utilize WordPress or not, it will always be better if you could scout the best websites in your particular niche. This will not only provide you with inspiration but also insights on what will be best for your website.

To make it easy for you to gain an advantage, I have collected more than 35 technology websites to get your creative juice flowing. Kindly share your thoughts on this post with us through the comment section below. Enjoy browsing and do not forget to share this with your friends.

Logitech – MORE INFO

Logitech best tech websites

Android Apps – MORE INFO

Android Apps technology websites

Printer Comparison – MORE INFO

Printer Comparison best technology websites

Apple Insider – MORE INFO

Apple Insider technology websites[3]

Computer Weekly – MORE INFO

Computer Weekly technology website

Ars Technica – MORE INFO

Ars Technica technology websites


eBizQ technology websites

Electronista – MORE INFO

Electronista technology websites

OmmWriter – MORE INFO

OmmWriter technology websites

Gadgetell – MORE INFO

Gadgetell technology websites[3]

2020software – MORE INFO

2020software top technology websites


14U technology websites

Authentic Jobs – MORE INFO

Authentic Jobs technology websites[3]

Mashable – MORE INFO

Mashable best tech websites

Gecko Board – MORE INFO

Gecko Board technology websites


PCWorld best technology websites[3]

Triple Play – MORE INFO

Triple Play best tech websites

Tapbots – MORE INFO

Tapbots technology website

Digital Camera Review – MORE INFO

Digital Camera Review technology websites

Search Engine Land – MORE INFO

Search Engine Land technology websites

Brian Madden – MORE INFO

Brian Madden technology websites

SAI: Silicon Alley Insider – MORE INFO

SAI Silicon Alley Insider top technology websites

Silicon Beat – MORE INFO

Silicon Beat top technology websites

Slashgear – MORE INFO

Slashgear technology websites

Panel Fly – MORE INFO

Panel Fly technology websites

Tea Round – MORE INFO

Tea Round technology websites

Menlo Systems – MORE INFO

Menlo Systems technology websites

Technologizer – MORE INFO

Technologizer best tech websites

IT Knowledge Exchange – MORE INFO

IT Knowledge Exchange technology websites

TheNextWeb – MORE INFO

TheNextWeb technology websites

Mobile Magazine – MORE INFO

Mobile Magazine technology website

Venturebeat – MORE INFO

Venturebeat technology websites – MORE INFO best tech websites

Versions – MORE INFO

Versions technology websites

Viximo – MORE INFO

Viximo technology websites

BeyeNetwork – MORE INFO

BeyeNetwork technology websites