The jQuery dropdown menu is an ordinary sight in most types of websites these days. It provides a stunning navigation system to the webpage without taking up too much space. With a jQuery drop down menu, it is possible to display essential subcategories and pages by just clicking the sidebar or header navigation.

Navigation is important in all kinds of websites. Many of the bigger websites utilize drop down menus to allow visitors to access the information that they want easily. There are different kinds of jQuery dropdown menu plugins that you can use, ranging from simple multilevel dropdown designs to those that contain various links in several columns.

In this post, we are featuring 10 jQuery dropdown menu plugins that you can use to add life to your website. There are free tutorials that are available so you can teach yourself easily how to code the animated menus. Most of these tutorials contain jQuery scripts that are downloadable, so you can still get the menus and use them on your website without dealing with codes. A few of the items are premium versions, which are expected to have fixes and support. If you want to share your opinion, join the conversation through the comment section below. If this post was helpful, you can also share it with your friends.


Premium jQuery Dropdown Menu Plugins

Responsive Mega Menu Complete Set – DEMO


A perfect dropdown menu for building distinctive menus, this plugin will allow you to utilize nine jQuery effects and various color schemes. The plugin has a foundation on the custom grid. It will let you do content organization from one to 12 columns.

UberMenu – DEMO


This plugin is very customizable, easy to use and responsive. You can have it up and running right out of the box. UberMenu is simple but robust enough for your creative and customization needs.

Scroll Menu – DEMO


This plugin allows users to use tag points as short code in documents. Each tag point is added as button in Scroll Menu automatically. This feature will allow your website to enjoy navigation control on medium and large pages as well as great user experience.

Smart Responsive Menu – DEMO


This is a robust dropdown menu that will help your website adapt to various screen sizes. It utilizes CSS media queries in customizing menu displays for different screen resolutions.

Elegant Menu – DEMO

jQuery Dropdown Menu Plugins

This plugin is a CSS and JavaScript menu part that comes with clean and unique style. You can use it for many kinds of sites. It is also compatible with major browsers.

Aviate Mega Menu – MORE INFO


If you want a very flexible and modern jQuery menu that is also ready for mobiles, Aviate may just be the solution you are looking for. It comes with tons of custom options that will help you build what you have in mind.

Kodda Responsive WordPress Mega Menu – MORE INFO


This mega menu is responsive, very customizable, clean and contemporary. With Kodda, it is possible to style practically anything via the settings page.

VT Supermenu – MORE INFO


This is a cutting edge module for Drupal, which is designed for modifying created Menu Modules blocks into different unique menu displays.

Free jQuery Dropdown Menu Plugins

Simple jQuery Dropdown Menu – DEMO

jQuery Dropdown Menu Plugins

The animations and effects that you will see in this dropdown menu are simply beautiful. It has limitless levels, compatible with major browsers and provides full access, even if JavaScript is off.

jQuery Menu Navigation Style Orange – DEMO

jQuery Menu Navigation

This plugin has been optimized for search engines. You can set it up easily and updating is a breeze. You can use it as an entirely CSS menu if JavaScript is disabled. Also compatible with major browsers.