WordPress widgets plugins make it easy to incorporate useful content and features to a website. There is a wide variety of options and if you will use WordPress widgets wisely, it is possible to create a strong presence online.

Think about how you can add useful features such as a stunning event calendar, a winning sign up form or social media widget with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you are currently using a nice and good quality theme for WordPress, chances are you already have several useful widgets in place. However, there is also the great likelihood that you are going to need more in the future.

This is where WordPress widgets plugins can help you. The best part of it is that you do not need to have the experience or technical savvy on short codes to be able to capitalize on WordPress widgets. By using the drag and drop feature of WordPress, it is easy to remove, rearrange or add WordPress widgets. You may also place them in the header, footer or sidebar depending on your web design or preference. If you need to add widgets in other areas, you can do that through short codes.

At present, there are tons of WordPress widgets plugins that you can download. However, the vast number of choices can also present a problem since looking for the best ones for your needs can be difficult. To help you with the task, I rounded up more than 20 WordPress widgets plugins and presented them in this post. I encourage you to browse on each example so that you can familiarize yourself with them. Once you are done, consider sharing your thoughts and suggestions with us through the comment section below. If this post was able to achieve its purpose, please share it with your friends.


PullOut Widgets – MORE INFO

PullOut Widgets
This is probably one great widget WordPress boasts to its users. It contains great features like unlimited pullout widget positioning on different directions, multiple pullout triggers, and many more.

Authors Widget – MORE INFO

Authors Widget
This amazing widget allows users to display the authors with their brief description and avatar in the sidebar. This can be utilized a number of times even in one sidebar area.

Hello Tabs WordPress Plugin – MORE INFO

Hello Tabs WordPress Plugin
This is among the fascinating widgets WordPress compatible plugins that users can enjoy. It is utilized in creating tabs elements from any widgets in any WordPress websites. It comes with several predefined styles and animation effects.

Mortgage and Loan Calculator – MORE INFO

Mortgage and Loan Calculator
This plugin is deemed to be one of the most downloaded widgets for WordPress sites. One of its unique features is that it provides the opportunity for the visitors to receive reports on their email account.

Advanced Links Widget – MORE INFO

Advanced Links Widget
This advanced widget provides users the total control over every link of the WordPress site. It comes with a new hit counter and star ratings, making this widget plugin more powerful.

Twitter Trending Widget – MORE INFO

Twitter Trending Widget
This simple widget is deemed to be the best Twitter plugin for WordPress that allows users to track the trending of the posts based on the number of times the URL has been shared through the Twitter platform.

Advanced Post Tags Widget – MORE INFO

Advanced Post Tags Widget
This widget plugin allows users to control the output of their post tags. It supports multiwidgets, resizeable post tags, sorting and ordering, and many more. Moreover, it displays a list of post tags as links.

Opening Hours – MORE INFO

Opening Hours
This easy-to-use WordPress widget plugin allows displaying of the user’s online business hours, making users to set up and maintain business hours in a complete and intuitive way. A lot of online users have benefited to this plugin.

Shareaholic – MORE INFO

This widget plugin has proven to be extremely useful tool in getting the visitors to discover and submit the content posts to a number of social bookmarking sites. It is deemed to be one of the most downloaded plugins online.

bbPress – MORE INFO

This WordPress widget is focused on the ease of use and integration, as well as speed and web standards. Nevertheless, this plugin is mean, lean, and ready to take on any tasks to perform.


WP SlimStat
WP SlimStat is a powerful real-time web analytics plugin for WordPress. It contains great features like compatibility with W3 total Cache, easy customizable interface, advanced filtering and World Map that works on the mobile device.

Social Media Widget – MORE INFO

Social Media Widget
This is a simple sidebar widget that allows web users to place their social media website profile URLs and reveal an icon on the sidebar. A lot of individuals with WordPress sites have already downloaded this amazing widget.

UberMenu – MORE INFO

This is one of the WordPress widgets that provide user-friendly, responsive and highly customizable widgets for WordPress sites. It perfectly functions with WordPress 3 Menu Systems, which promotes powerful configurations on the site.

Fancy WordPress Widget – MORE INFO

Fancy WordPress Widget
This is among the cool WordPress widgets that feature ten fancy apparels and awesome typography, background textures, adjustable corner shadows, and over a thousand graphical combinations. What’s fascinating is that it can work in any sidebar.

Special Recent Posts PRO – MORE INFO

Special Recent Posts PRO
Special Recent Posts PRO is one of the best WordPress widgets online. It allows users to display their recent posts in a form of thumbnail. It is deemed to be a perfect solution for online magazines and personal blogs.

Smart Post List Widget – MORE INFO

Smart Post List Widget
This WordPress widget allows users to create post lists based on the options from the contents. It is almost similar to SQL query; however, no coding knowledge is required. Moreover, it contains great features like drag and drop and sidebars.

WeatherSlider WP – MORE INFO

WeatherSlider WP
This beautiful widget for WordPress features animated weather effects and other amazing contents that WordPress site owners will certainly enjoy. What’s fascinating is that it is a responsive plugin.

Social Sprites Icon Widget – MORE INFO

Social Sprites Icon Widget
This widget contains commonly utilized social icons with the use of CSS ease. This plugin is very lightweight and can be easily integrated in any form of site. All icons are arranged in one sprite.

Moodything Mood Widget – MORE INFO

Moodything Mood Widget
This widget plugin allows any WordPress blogger to track emotional feedback of a particular post or article. It can be configured automatically below the posts with the use of a handy WordPress tag.

Twitter Tweets – MORE INFO

Twitter Tweets
Twitter Tweets is a WordPress Twitter widget that allows blog owners to easily display their tweets from Twitter with the use of interesting widgets, short codes, and other exciting functions.