If you love nature as much as I do, you will be delighted to see my eco friendly list of non-profit WordPress themes that I showcase in this post. Eco friendly or environmental WordPress themes are typically designed with green color combination; although there are some that use other earth colors, as well. However, do not get the notion that eco friendly nonprofit WordPress themes are just for environmental organizations and this kind of topics only, since they can also be for other kinds of websites.

The idea behind environmental WordPress themes is to help websites and organizations raise awareness among people and encourage them to become more responsible towards the environment. We all need to ask ourselves if we are doing our share in protecting our planet. To get started, check out the eco friendly non-profit WordPress themes I have collected in the post and be inspired.

Once you are done browsing, please share your thoughts with us through the comment section below. Perhaps you are already using a non-profit WordPress theme with an eco friendly approach? What is your experience with it?


Earth Eco/Environmental Non-Profit WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


This is a premium theme for WordPress that is designed for ecofriendly/environment websites. It is an ideal solution for all kinds of nonprofit and business organizations that like to have a touch of earth to their presence online.

Green Earth – Environmental WordPress Theme– MORE INFO

green earth

This nonprofit theme for WordPress is aptly called Green Earth. Its well-made layout is ideal for nonprofits and businesses that like to have an environmental style in their websites.

Going Green– MORE INFO

going green

The design of this theme is the ideal choice if you are on a planet or neighborhood saving mission. The platform is both stable and clean, which is perfect for making a difference in your selected niche.

InCare Responsive Eco/NonProfit WordPress Theme– MORE INFO


This is a theme that is, by design, friendly to the environment. Its layout is perfect for environmental, nature, community, recycling and nonprofit websites. It includes an amazing set of features that will let you stand out from the rest.

Chameleon– MORE INFO


Just like its namesake, this theme has an almost endless color combinations and patterns. It was designed as a professional and simple theme with plenty of customization options.

4 Children With Love – MORE INFO


This theme can best be described as user friendly and modern. Its charity layout is perfect for highlighting your noble cause. Although designed for children, you can nonetheless use the theme for all kinds of nonprofit and charity purposes.

Evolution– MORE INFO


This theme is entirely responsive. It comes with 4 unique layouts that are all designed to boost user experience.

Natural Theme– MORE INFO


This theme was created for organizations and businesses that are associated with promoting green lifestyles or the environment. These can include surf adventures, travel blogs, vegan cooking tips and rainforest preservation.

Charity Hub – MORE INFO


Responsive and clean, Charity Hub is perfect not just for nonprofits but also for NGO’s, donation websites, fundraisers, churches and charities. The theme has a PayPal donation feature, which will collect PayPal sent money automatically.

Advocator – MORE INFO


Advocator is as responsive as responsive can be. It will boost your organization, charity or nonprofit organization to a higher new level. With this theme, you can reach out to more audience and communicate your cause better.