WordPress plugins will allow you to extend the default installation with practically all kinds of functionality. There is always the option of downloading a plugin from the official WordPress repository or buying a premium solution. However, if you need a particular solution that the available plugins can’t provide, you can also choose to create your own.

In our post for today, I will be focusing on WordPress plugin tutorials that are useful references and guides in creating your very own WordPress plugins. All the WordPress plugin tutorials I have included in this collection are well written and thorough, so I am sure you will find them really useful.

Please share your thoughts on this post with us on the comments section below. Were they able to teach you something? Have you used a nice WordPress plugin tutorial before that is not included in my list? You may also share this post with your friends, if you think they will benefit from WordPress plugin tutorials.

WordPress Plugin Development from Scratch – MORE INFO

wordpress plugin development

Writing a Plugin – WordPress Codex – MORE INFO

wp codex write a plugin

Writing Your First Plugin for WordPress: A Primer – MORE INFO

writing your first wordpress plugin

The Ultimate Guide to Building a WordPress Plugin– MORE INFO

ultimate guide

Building a WordPress plugin: Tweetable– MORE INFO


How To Create A Simple WordPress Plugin– MORE INFO

how tocreate a simple

Create a Custom WordPress Plugin From Scratch – MORE INFO

create custom wordpress plugin

Create Database Tables for Your WordPress Plugin– MORE INFO

create database

How to create a “Recent Posts” WordPress Plugin– MORE INFO


A Crash-Course in WordPress Plugin Development– MORE INFO

crash course wp plugin dev

Create WordPress Plugins with OOP Techniques– MORE INFO


How to Build a WordPress Plugin– MORE INFO


Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Plugin Development– MORE INFO