Website builders are the tools that will allow you to create a website without editing codes manually. They can be found under two categories. The first are online proprietary tools that are offered by web hosting companies and are intended for those that like to build their own private website. The second are programs that run on a computer, which create pages offline. The pages can then be published on any post. However, this second grouping is usually considered as Website Design Software instead of website builders. Enjoy this collection.

Wetpaint – MORE INFO


Wetpaint is the place to go to create your own free wiki in a matter of minutes. Similar to the other website builders out there, however like a wiki anyone can add, edit, and remove content from the page.

Easy WebContent– MORE INFO


Easy WebContent is another beautiful website builder that allows you to build HTML5 websites. Currently, it allows you to create websites in various forms and it recently started to embrace the HTML5 technology. You can create HTML5 websites in a matter of minutes. Begin by simply registering with the EWC Presenter for free. Once registered, you will have the option to select a theme for your website from a number of stunningly beautiful and eye-catching templates.

Let’s Eat– MORE INFO


For anyone in the restaurant industry, Let’s Eat is for you. Let’s Eat lets you create your own restaurant website where you can add information about your restaurant, menu, hours, location, and more.

Webnode– MORE INFO


Webnode is a free revolutionary interactive real-time drag-and-drop website builder. Webnode allows visitors to create, design, develop and run powerful websites and web applications from start to finish. Engineered for ease of use and extreme speed, it can effortlessly produce high-caliber professional web pages within minutes.

SnapPages– MORE INFO


SnapPages is the easy drag and drop website creation service. No need to know css to position your site!



Originally based on Flash, Wix has now switched to HTML5. Its unique template designs stand apart, making it a great way to create eye-catching websites. Wix is primarily a paid service but does offer a limited number of features in its free version as well.

Moonfruit– MORE INFO


Whether you want to create a personal webpage, a corporate website or an ecommerce platform to start online selling, Moonfruit will create everything for you free of cost.

This online HTML5 website builder creates the highest quality of websites with minimum of effort. It also offers a detailed design editor that can be used to customize its website templates.



Jimdo puts the power of website creation in the hands of ordinary people. Anyone can share their passions and interests on the Internet — on their own website — simply and easily. Jimdo is free, and you don’t need to know how to code or run a server to have a website. And not just any old website! You can start an online business, write a blog, send a newsletter, add your tweets, embed YouTube videos, link your Facebook Page, and embed almost any kind of widget you can imagine. Jimdo is a website creator for today’s web.

Cabanova– MORE INFO


Cabanova is another HTML5 website builder that offers a diverse set of website design templates that are compatible with mobile platforms. As a free Cabanova user, you can create websites with up to three pages and 50 MB storage. You also get to choose from over 1000 high quality website templates and designs. These limits, however, can be increased by purchasing the premium version.



Weebly is one of the pioneers in creating HTML5 based websites and templates. It’s an entirely online website builder with lots of goodies for designers. Its designs are immaculate and its features and mind blowing. Every template and website design created using Weebly is compatible with mobile devices and works smoothly on all major platforms. You can create websites with Weebly using either your own domain name or a Weebly subdomain.



With Yola, you can easily create a free website in no time. You won’t need an advanced degree; if you can edit a document, you can build a free website. Yola’s award-winning support team is always available, making websites easy to manage and simple to change. Yola packages include over 100 ad-free customizable templates, so you can create a website you’ll love without annoying pop-ups. Yola gives you the features you want, including integration with YouTube, Google Maps, and PayPal. With Yola, you’ll get up to five free websites with 1GB of storage so you can claim your rightful place on the web. Try Yola, the feature-filled, easy-to-use free website builder today.

Hubpages – MORE INFO


Hubpages is very similar to Squidoo, in the fact that you can build free pages and they tend to rank very well in search engines. You can also make money by adding affiliate products, links and adsense in your hub. It has all of the cool features that you would need including adding images, videos, ratings and reviews, and the ability to comment.



Webs’ point-and-click Site Builder requires no technical skills. Develop your site with our easy-to-use Site Builder. Upload images. Type your text. Point and click to edit. The Site Builder’s “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) interface makes it a breeze to add new pages, fresh content, photos, videos, and more. If you can use Microsoft® Word, you can build a site with Webs.



Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colors, to your theme’s HTML.

Squarespace– MORE INFO


Sleak and sophisticated with lots of room for customization. Great for blogs, portfolio sites and users who already have an eye for design.



The easy website builder. Create a website easily in just minutes.

Jigsy serves personal blogs, small business websites, news portals, bands, churches, pet groomers, artists, musicians, and… well, you name it. People are flocking to Jigsy by the thousands and we’re pleased to keep on doing what we do – enabling people to create and maintain great looking dynamic websites.

Sitecube– MORE INFO


Sitecube, which claims to be the world’s easiest HTML5 website builder, stands out because of its diverse range of high quality responsive website templates that can be used absolutely free of cost. Apart from creating HTML5 websites, Sitecube can also be used to design Flash websites, mobile websites and Facebook fan pages.

Squidoo– MORE INFO


One of my favorite places to create a free webpage is Squidoo. Not only do these pages tend to rank well in the search engines, but you can monetize them by adding amazon affiliate products and links, share easily through Facebook and Tweetmeme buttons and much more.