Now is the time to upgrade your WordPress once again. Today, an announcement was made about WordPress 3.6.1 Maintenance and Security Release. It comes with WordPress 3.6 fixes as well as several security issues so this update should be mandatory.

Those that are on receive updates automatically. The same is true to those that are on WordPress managed hosting such as WP Engine. The latest announced update applies to all who are using self-hosted WordPress versions.

The update fixes some critical security issues. One has been brought to the fore by Dave Cummon, who is a subcontractor from Northrup Grumman for the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The story is quite intriguing but it shows that there are fans and contributors of WordPress all over the world that do anything imaginable.

For more information, you can read on the WordPress Codex release notes or the list of WordPress changes in WordPress Trac.

Be more prudent and update today! It may not happen to you but there are cases where people who failed to update have been victimized by evil doers, which brought frustration and heartbreak to many people. The updates have been tested on so they have been applied and vetted already.