If you still do not have an error page on your blog or website, you should start looking at the 404 page design examples I have featured in this post. Having a good 404 page could be considered to be as vital as great content. There are times that visitors landing on 404 pages may not be your fault. However, having the capability to communicate and redirect them back to your homepage gives you the second chance to reengage them. An error 404 page will help you do just that.

You may already know about The “Contact” and “About” pages as well as what to put in them because you may have given the matter deep consideration. You may also know precisely what you want in your inside pages because you already have the content for them. Thus, you may think that everything has been covered, correct?

Think again! You have the chance to make use of your error page and utilize a 404 page design. Quite bluntly, you are not that cool if you do not have an ultra-stunning 404 page design. Why do you have to go out of your way to have these 404 pages? Well it is like this: It is like a small secret world that you usually hope nobody will ever see. However, if they ever get a chance to do so, you want to ensure that it is a stunner!

You have a couple of options when it comes to 404 page design. Because technically it is a page that is reached by a visitor in error, you could make your error page completely functional, which can help your visitors get back to relevant content. Another option that seems to be fancied by many is to make the page your little creative space. It could be an amazing picture or illustration or a page that people will be desperate to return to.

There are many ways of creating a 404 page design and today, we are going to take a look at some of them. Feel free to jump right in and give us your feedbacks through the comment section below. If you think a 404 page design will help a friend, you are welcome to share this post with them.

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Tin Sanity 404 page design[3]


DDZ 404 page design[3]


Wufoo 404 page design[3]

ApartmentHomeLiving – MORE INFO

ApartmentHomeLiving 404 page design[3]

Bergan Blue – MORE INFO

Bergan Blue 404 page design


Magnt 404 page design[5]

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Cartoon Network 404 page design[5]

Blizzard – MORE INFO

Blizzard 404 page design[3]

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Deviantart 404 page design[3]

Walk With You – MORE INFO

Walk With You 404 page design


GitHub 404 page design

Daniel Karcher Film Design Studios – MORE INFO

Daniel Karcher Film Design Studios 404 page design


Douh 404 page design


Gog 404 page design

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Chrisglass 404 page design

Audiko – MORE INFO

Audiko 404 page design

Huwshimi – MORE INFO

Huwshimi 404 page design

Jayel Gibson – MORE INFO

Jayel Gibson 404 page design

Hakim El Hattab – MORE INFO

Hakim El Hattab 404 page design[3]

Robert Sherman – MORE INFO

Robert Sherman 404 page design