Clouds and skies in web design could be a great source of inspiration if you are creating a new website. Nature has that something that really inspires artists – a major factor in stirring fresh ideas among designers.

When designing a new websites, it is always worthwhile to look at how other designers are doing. As a designer, it is a must that you know what the current trend is, especially in the field of web design, where new trends are always emerging. Among these trends is the use of clouds and skies in web design.

In the compilation I have presented below, you will notice that some use clouds and skies very sparingly while others went all the way and based their creations around them. These stunning examples were created by people who are passionate about their craft and can serve as inspiration in creating your own project.

I would love to know what you think of these fantastic design ideas. Have I managed to present the best use of clouds and skies in web design? Have you seen some great examples of clouds and skies in web design that were not included in this post? Please let us know about your thoughts and suggestions through the comment section below. If you have associates that might be inspired by clouds and skies in web design examples, you are welcome to share this post with them.

Juicy Digital – MORE INFO

Juicy Digital clouds and skies[9]

Legacy Locker – MORE INFO

Legacy Locker clouds and skies


Rapid XHTML clouds and skies


Box clouds and skies

Indiqo Media – MORE INFO

Indiqo Media clouds and skies

Pix Logix – MORE INFO

Pix Logix clouds and skies

The Pixel – MORE INFO

The Pixel clouds and skies

International Comedy Film Festival – MORE INFO

International Comedy Film Festival clouds and skies

Ryan Scherf – MORE INFO

Ryan Scherf clouds and skies

Alex Arts – MORE INFO

Alex Arts clouds and skies

Green Any Site – MORE INFO

Green Any Site clouds and skies

Serj Kozlov – MORE INFO

Serj Kozlov clouds and skies

Amit Khera – MORE INFO

Amit Khera clouds and skies

Kirdan – MORE INFO

Kirdan clouds and skies

Above Creative – MORE INFO

Above Creative clouds and skies

Calobee Doodles – MORE INFO

Calobee Doodles clouds and skies


OP Resume clouds and skies


Yodaa clouds and skies

Ready Made Design – MORE INFO

Ready Made Design clouds and skies

Adobe User Group Nederland – MORE INFO

Adobe User Group Nederland clouds and skies

Web Design Beach – MORE INFO

Web Design Beach clouds and skies

Absolute Bica – MORE INFO

Absolute Bica clouds and skies