Flat web design first became popular around two years ago but it is back with a vengeance this year. Flat design is quite simple. It is a method of design without the 3D attributes, which means no bevels, gradients and shadows. However, it does not mean that flat designs do not have any effect at all. It only means that it does not use the effects that are utilized to create dimension and depth. Flat designs focus more no typography, simple UI elements and solid colors.

Flat web design caused plenty of debates and really deserves a much longer article. However, although this post is not as deep, it certainly can help you understand the concept. Below, we will show you a number of flat web design examples that you can use as inspiration. Let us know what you think about them through the comment section below. Have I done a thorough job with this collection? Do you know of a website that utilizes flat web design? If this post inspired you, share your enthusiasm with your friends who might benefit from flat web design examples.

Yapi Kredi Bank – MORE INFO

Yapi Kredi Bank flat web design

Redbull Studios – MORE INFO

RedBull Studios flat web design

Teamsort – MORE INFO

Teamsort flat web design


Float flat web design

Engagor – MORE INFO

Engagor flat web design

Treehouse – MORE INFO

Treehouse flat web design

Palace – MORE INFO

Palace flat web design

Windows Phone – MORE INFO

Windows Phone flat web design

Creative Mornings – MORE INFO

Creative Mornings flat web design

Geckoboard – MORE INFO

Geckoboard flat web design[5]

January Creative – MORE INFO

January Creative flat web design


MTCDC flat web design

True Digital – MORE INFO

True Digital flat web design

Wistia – MORE INFO

Wistia flat web design

Werkpress – MORE INFO

Werkpress flat web design

Fitbit – MORE INFO

Fitbit flat web design

Coloured Lines – MORE INFO

Coloured Lines flat web design

Built By Buffalo – MORE INFO

Built By Buffalo flat web design

Elite Graphics – MORE INFO

Elite Graphics flat web design

Snowbird – MORE INFO

Snowbird flat web design


Etch flat web design

Fusionads – MORE INFO

Fusionads flat web design

Brillant Sketch – MORE INFO

Brilliant Sketch flat web design