In this article, we are presenting a welcome collection of new HTML5 templates that are available for download. Neatly coded and professionally designed templates make work easier for developers since they save them a lot of time and effort. Web development is a field that is continually evolving and it is essential to keep your work updated with the latest changes if you are a developer. With CSS3 and HTML5, you can make your website more accessible and ready for the future.

The first thing that is considered by developers when they create a very trendy and stylish website is HTML 5 and CSS3. The reason is that they provide a lot of features and functionality. Considering that HTML5 and CSS3 are hot topics even for web designers, I thought about making a collection of new HTML5 templates and present it to you. Enjoy this article and keep up the good work of making online experience more fun and gratifying.

Take a closer look at each new HTML5 template I have presented here and then share your thoughts and suggestions with us through the comment section below. Do you find new HTML5 templates as exciting as I do? What are your experiences with HTML 5 templates? If you think your friends will benefit from new HTML5 templates, I encourage you to share this post with them.

Obscura – Free Responsive Html Template – MORE INFO

Obscura new html5 templates

Chromatron HTML5 Admin Backend – MORE INFO

Chromatron new html5 templates

BisLite: Free Html Website Templates – MORE INFO

BisLite new html5 templates

Innovation+Science Theme Portfolio – MORE INFO

Innovation Science new html5 templates[3]

Goodcook – MORE INFO

Goodcook new html5 templates[3]

Mobilize – Touch Optimized Mobile Template – MORE INFO

Mobilize new html5 templates

HTML5 Responsive Template – Zerofour – MORE INFO

Zerofour new html5 templates

Vintage Template – MORE INFO

vintage Template new html5 templates

SCRN – Responsive Parallax Template – MORE INFO

SCRN html5 template


Zeni html5 template

Folder HTML5 Responsive Template – MORE INFO

Folder html5 template

Nevia – Responsive HTML5 Template – MORE INFO

Nevia html5 template

Simple Responsive Template – MORE INFO

Simple Responsive Template new html5 templates


Cream html5 template

Surreal – Responsive Parallax One Page HTML5 – MORE INFO

Surreal html5 template

Dead Stocker Fashion Template – MORE INFO

Dead Stocker new html5 templates

Porto – Responsive HTML5 Template – MORE INFO

Porto new html5 templates

Halftone – MORE INFO

Halftone html template

Agora Html5 Template – MORE INFO

Agora new html5 templates[3]

Strongly Typed – MORE INFO

Strongly Typed html5 template

Brownie – MORE INFO

Brownie html5 template

Minimaxing – MORE INFO

Minimaxing html5 template[3]