Parallax scrolling is a new web design technique and with the advent of HTML5/CSS3, creating more interesting, remarkable and advanced browser effects became a possibility. These effects can be tricky though. When used correctly, they can make your website more impressive and amazing. However, if overused, it can easily backfire on you.

Parallax scrolling is a kind of special scrolling technique wherein the background images move slower than those in the foreground. This creates an illusion of depth. The technique was developed from multiplane camera method that was utilized in traditional animation since 1940’s. In 1982, the technique was popularized in the Moon Patrol arcade game.

To illustrate how the effect is done, I have compiled a list of parallax scrolling websites that use the technique excellently. In some, parallax scrolling is the main feature while in others, it is used to add depth – making the foreground pop out a bit. I hope that by browsing on my short list, you will find the inspiration you need for your succeeding projects. If you know any creative use of parallax scrolling that I missed, we would love to know about them in the comment section below. If you have friends that have not grasped parallax scrolling yet, you are welcome to share this post with them.

My Ring Pop – MORE INFO

My Ring Pop parallax scrolling[9]

Vereia – MORE INFO

Vereia parallax scrolling


KONIMEE parallax scrolling

Anna Safroncik – MORE INFO

Anna Safroncik parallax scrolling

Putzengel – MORE INFO

Putzengel parallax scrolling

Range Rover Special Edition with Victoria Beckham – MORE INFO

Range Rover Special Edition with Victoria Beckham parallax scrolling

The Whig – MORE INFO

The Whig parallax scrolling

5emegauche – MORE INFO

5emegauche parallax scrolling

No Leath – MORE INFO

No Leath parallax scrolling

Ràtatattoo – MORE INFO

Ratatatto parallax scrolling – Let’s get Wild – MORE INFO - Let's Get Wild parallax scrolling

Q music Titanic – MORE INFO

Q Music Titanic parallax scrolling

Green Chameleon – MORE INFO

Green Chameleon parallax scrolling

Gastronomic Bar QUINQ – MORE INFO

Gastronomic Bar QUINQ parallax scrolling[3]

Great Forest Park Balloon Race – MORE INFO

Great Forest Park Balloon Race parallax scrolling

Gramercy Park Hotel – MORE INFO

Gramercy Park Hotel parallax scrolling

New Zealand – MORE INFO

New Zealand parallax scrolling[3]


Red Sky parallax scrolling


Aiia parallax scrolling

Oakley Airbrake MX – MORE INFO

Oakley Airbrake MX parallax scrolling