Testimonials page design can be very powerful yet a not very utilized tool in online marketing. With a perfect testimonials page design, you can build more credibility, convert visitors to customers and alleviate uneasiness or concerns with your product or brand. Adding client testimonials into your site could be a very effective way of establishing trust and strengthening the reputation of your company with its clients. When it comes to online shopping, people are generally more skeptical. They are afraid of losing money or getting a pig in a poke. How will they feel or understand that an online store can be trusted?

The answer to that is satisfied customers pages, reviews and testimonials. They can show customers the real value of your products and/or services. Traditionally, the testimonial page design, structure and layout typically consists of clients reviews that are arranged in a list, which is unattractive and redundant to readers. The reason is that many companies do not consider customer testimonials as an essential part of web success.

I am not saying that you should not use a list format in your testimonials page design. Adding them anywhere in your site would be better than not having any. However, a testimonials page can have more value to your online strategy if you will go out of traditional format and use a tailored approach.

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