Design portfolios are traditionally print based – something that can be carried around to a meeting for showcasing your work and how you have done it. Through the years, the design portfolio took on many forms and today, a lot of designers took advantage of the web to showcase and publish their work online. Displaying your work online eliminates geographical constraints that were once imposed by traditional portfolios.

This has its disadvantage though. With a lot of design portfolios on the web, getting yourself noticed from the rest became quite a challenge. It takes a lot of creativity to design a portfolio that will attract the attention of the users and hold it long enough to make them go through your entire work. Crafting a way of providing a great user experience is one way of doing it. So is incorporating rich interactive elements. These will not only grab user attention but also showcase your ability as a designer.

In this article, you will come face to face with a great compilation of design portfolios to stimulate your creativity. These design portfolios cover a wide variety of specialties such as product design, photography, animation, web design and illustration. If I missed a great portfolio that you think should be added to the list, kindly let us know through the comment section below. You may also share this post with friends who will also be inspired by great design portfolios.

Gareth Strange – MORE INFO

Gareth Strange design portfolios[3]

Kathryn Cornelius’s Portfolio – MORE INFO

Kathryn Cornelius's Portfolio design portfolios

I’m Tawn – MORE INFO

I'm Tawn design portfolios

Russian Creative Agency NILE – MORE INFO

Russian Creative Agency NILE design portfolio

Foxie’s Graphic Design – MORE INFO

Foxie's Graphic Design design portfolio

13 Creative – MORE INFO

13 Creative design portfolios

Italian PR Studio Moovents – MORE INFO

Italian PR Studio Moovents design portfolios

Russian Brand Studio – MORE INFO

Rusian Brand Studio design portfolios

Luc’s Blog Octwelve – MORE INFO

Luc's Blog Octwelve design portfolios

Great Britain Design Agency Toasted Digital – MORE INFO

Great Britain Design Agency Toasted Digital design portfolios

Dave Werner’s Portfolio – MORE INFO

Dave Werner's Portfolio design portfolios

Ukrainian Studio 908vc Ink – MORE INFO

Ukrainian Studio 908vc Ink design portfolios

Ukrainian Agency ATELIER – MORE INFO

Ukrainian Agency ATELIER design portfolio

SuperLover – MORE INFO

SuperLover design portfolios

Kendra Schaefer – MORE INFO

Kendra Schaefer design portfolio

Creative Agency SmallStudio – MORE INFO

Creative Agency SmallStudio design portfolio

Brian Rhinehart’s Portfolio Kineticshadows – MORE INFO

Brian Rhinehart's Portfolio Kineticshadows design portfolios

Portuguese Web Studio Cafundo – MORE INFO

Portuguese Web Studio Cafundo design portfolios

Steven Bonner – MORE INFO

Steven Bonner design portfolios[3]

Paul Currah – MORE INFO

Paul Currah design portfolios

Frisk Web – MORE INFO

Frisk Web design portfolios

Ukrainian Web Agency 73dpi – MORE INFO

Ukrainian Web Agency 73dpi design portfolio

Juan Diego Velasco’s Portfolio – MORE INFO

Juan Diego Velasco's Portfolio design portfolio

Canadian Studio N.Design Studio – MORE INFO

Canadian Studio N.Design Studio design portfolio

Creative People – MORE INFO

Creative People design portfolios