In this post, we are featuring 25 of the most popular Minecraft videos for those who want to do deeper exploring of the game. Before going further though, we have a word of advice. The resulting addiction can become so much that you can forget your own world entirely. It is possible for you to become focused entirely on excavating subterranean holes into your very own virtual mine.

The reason is that Minecraft is limitless. It is fueled entirely by the imagination of the players and some of them created a few stuffs that are pretty amazing. You could be passing some of these Minecraft videos around your office. Do you have your own favorites already?

Minecraft was brought to the fore by indie gaming enthusiasts and since then, has been transformed into a web sensation. Although it is still in its beta form until today, the game made its developer, Mojang, one of the most popular on the internet. Minecraft is centered on a world that is composed entirely of blocks – where things can be made from different materials to construct tools or objects. The tool set that is incorporated into the game is very formidable; Fans have pushed it to its ultimate limit, creating virtual worlds and communities that are entirely different online and offline.

Most stuffs related to Minecraft that you can find on the internet are impressive. Some efforts really standout as the Minecraft videos I have presented here for you will attest. Enjoy browsing and do not forget to share your thoughts on Minecraft videos with us through the comment section below. Have you seen greater Minecraft videos than these? Have you created some Minecraft videos that you think should be featured in a post like this one? If this post inspired you, please share it with your friends.


Hilarious Minecraft House Fire – MORE INFO

Hilarious Minecraft House Fire minecraft videos

Minecraft Super Mario 3~ish Terrain skin – MORE INFO

Minecraft Super Mario minecraft videos

Minecraft – The Underwater City Rapture – MORE INFO

The Underwater City Rapture minecraft videos

Building Megaobjects in Minecraft – MORE INFO

Building Megaobjects in Minecraft minecraft videos

Minecraft Rollercoaster! – MORE INFO

Minecraft Rollercoaster minecraft videos

Zelda Ocarina of Time Recreated in Minecraft by Cody Davies – MORE INFO

Zelda Ocarina of Time Recreated minecraft videos

Minecraft: Hyrule from Ocarina of Time – MORE INFO

Hyrule from Ocarina of Time minecraft videos

Minecraft + Portal – MORE INFO

Minecraft Portal minecraft tutorials

The Simpsons Opening in Minecraft – MORE INFO

The Simpsons Opening in Minecraft minecraft tutorials

Minecraft: Pokémon Mod! (Pokemobs) – MORE INFO

Pokemon Mod minecraft tutorials

The Reichstag in Minecraft – MORE INFO

The Reichstag in Minecraft minecraft videos

Minecraft + Kinect : Building Worlds! – MORE INFO

Building Worlds minecraft tutorials

Minecraft – Outside the Blocks Episode 6: One Build to Rule Them All – MORE INFO

Outside the Blocks Episode 6 One Build to Rule Them All minecraft videos

Minecraft : 73 TNT Animal Cannon; Space program – MORE INFO

73 TNT Animal Cannon Space program minecraft tutorials

Minecraft Tetris Done In Stop Motion – MORE INFO

Minecraft Tetris Done in Stop Motion minecraft videos

Minecraft Doom E1M1 – MORE INFO

Minecraft Doom E1M1 minecraft videos

Notre Dame in Minecraft – MORE INFO

Notre Dame in Minecraft minecraft videos

Minecart Interstate V3.0 [MineCraft] – MORE INFO

Minecraft Interstate V3.0 minecraft videos

Minecraft Trailer – MORE INFO

Minecraft Trailer minecraft tutorials

Mine of Steel: Superman in Minecraft Trailer – MORE INFO

Mine of Steel Superman in Minecraft Trailer minecraft videos

Minecrafts dystopian future: BladeCraft – MORE INFO

BladeCraft minecraft videos[5]

Minecraft Timelapse – Hogwarts Build Part 12 – MORE INFO

TimelapseHogwarts Build Part 12 minecraft tutorials

Minecraft Earth – MORE INFO

Minecraft Earth minecraft tutorials

Minecraft – Even Bigger Ball o’ TNT – MORE INFO

Even Bigger Ball o' TNT minecraft tutorials

Minecraft – Vive la France – MORE INFO

Vive la France minecraft tutorials