The flame texture is one of the most commonly used design element in digital art and graphic design. Used in the proper manner, fire textures can make your artwork more realistic. They add and provide extra realism and depth into a design, changing the entire appearance easily.

Fire has many uses in our daily lives. We use it for light, to cook food or generate heat. The heat produced by fire also helps people stay warm when the weather turns very cold. In digital and web design, fire also has many uses. A fire texture can add a fiery spark to any design, be it web or print design or 3D animation works and other digital media such as photo manipulations and movie posters.

One of the four elements of nature, fire is commonly associated with assertiveness, passion and energy. Have you ever wondered how designers use fire in their designs? In this post, you will discover more than 35 of the hottest flame texture designs that can be really useful. All of the fire textures I have presented in this post are in high resolution but you should form the good habit of reading the term and conditions of a particular flame texture before getting its source files.

Have you used a fire texture in one of your designs lately? Share your thoughts on fire texture with us through the comment section below. If this post enlightened you, sharing it with your friends would be nice.

Fire Texture IX – MORE INFO

Fire Texture IX flame texture

DS: Fire Texture 3 – MORE INFO

DS Fire Texture 3 flame texture

Fire Texture VII – MORE INFO

Fire Texture VII flame texture

Abstract Fires of Hell Texture – MORE INFO

Abstract Fires of Hell Texture photoshop fire tutorial

The Fire – MORE INFO

The Fire flame texture

Fire Stock – MORE INFO

Fire Stock fire photoshop tutorial


Red Hot fire tutorial photoshop


Firey gimp fire brushes

Swirlly Fire – MORE INFO

Swirlly Fire fire texture photoshop

Flaming Gold – MORE INFO

Flaming Gold fire texture photoshop

Seamless Hot Coals Texture – MORE INFO

Seamless Hot Coals Texture gimp flame brushes

Fire Package Blaze – MORE INFO

Fire Package Blaze flame texture[3]

Patita – MORE INFO

Patita flame texture


Fire flame texture

Explosion – MORE INFO

Explosion photoshop fire futorial

20 High Resolution Fire Textures – MORE INFO

20 High Resolution Fire Textures flame texture

Texture: Fire – MORE INFO

Texture Fire fire photoshop tutorial

Magic of Fire – MORE INFO

Magic of Fire fire photoshop tutorial

Fire Texture – MORE INFO

Fire Texture gimp fire brushes

Fire Show – MORE INFO

Fire Show flame texture[3]

Fire Seamless TileMORE INFO

Fire Seamless Tile flame texture

Free Fire Texture – MORE INFO

Free Fire Texture fire texture photoshop

Texture 113 – MORE INFO

Texture 113 flame texture

Burning Tire – MORE INFO

Burning Tire gimp flame brushes

Fire Texture by Sirius – MORE INFO

Fire Texture by Sirius flame texture


GN Mills fire pattern photoshop

Just Fire – MORE INFO

Just Fire flame texture

Fire Abstract – MORE INFO

Fire Abstract flame texture

Fire in the Heart Sends Smoke into the Head – MORE INFO

Fire in the Heart Sends Smoke into the Head flame texture

Series: Fire 2 – MORE INFO

Series Fire 2 fllame texture