Twitter Bootstrap templates are the latest infatuations of web designers. Thanks to the countless classes on Bootstrap CSS that can be found in the Bootstrap library, it is now possible to take advantage of deep coding, even if you are a newbie.

Twitter Bootstrap is an easy to use and powerful framework that allows front end developers to create [high quality and professional templates. Such Bootstrap templates are incorporated with flexible responsive layouts, which look equally stunning on desktops, mobiles and tablets. Since it was release in August 2011, the development community grew fast, providing designers with the knowledge and tools to generate native and ready to use Bootstrap HTML/CSS themes or templates that will work on top publishing platforms such as Joomla and WordPress.

Among the reasons why Bootstrap became popular is the capability to develop websites and web apps quickly as well as its responsive design support. Compared to other available CSS responsive frameworks, it is among the most matured frameworks out there, currently having the biggest user base. This certainly has a positive impact on how responsive websites are created.

To help you start with the framework, I have compiled a list of new Bootstrap templates that you can try out for size. At the moment, WordPress is still the most popular publishing platform and there are tons of responsive WordPress themes available, if you want to create a mobile friendly website. However, you just do not know. Your next website could just be compatible with new Bootstrap templates.

Enjoy the article and do not forget to share your thoughts on new Bootstrap templates with us through the comment section below. Have you found your favorite Bootstrap template already? Do you have friends who will be as interested as you in new Bootstrap templates? If so, you are welcome to share this post them.


Metro King Bootstrap 3 Admin Theme – MORE INFO

Metro King new bootstrap templates

Aveta – Responsive Bootstrap 3 Template – MORE INFO

Aveta new bootstrap templates

Serenity Minimal One Page Bootstrap Template – MORE INFO

Serenity new bootstrap templates

Granite – One Page Responsive Bootstrap3 Template – MORE INFO

Granite new bootstrap templates

Parallaxer – MORE INFO

Parallaxer bootstrap templates

Lovinflat – One Page Bootstrap 3 – MORE INFO

Lovinflat new bootstrap templates

Apture – MORE INFO

Apture new bootstrap templates

Nyirok – Responsive Portfolio & Business Templates – MORE INFO

Nyirok new bootstrap templates

Bootscroller – MORE INFO

Bootscroller new bootstrap templates

Clip-One – Bootstrap 3 Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO

Clip One new bootstrap templates

Bootstrap Responsive Website Template – MORE INFO



Flatty – Flat Bootstrap 3 Administration Template – MORE INFO

Flatty bootstrap templates

Bootstarter – MORE INFO

Bootstarter bootstrap templates

Lava – Single & Multi Page BootstrapTheme – MORE INFO

Lava new bootstrap templates

FlatLab – Bootstrap 3 Responsive Admin Template – MORE INFO

FlatLab new bootstrap templates

Clean Canvas – Bootstrap 3 Business Theme – MORE INFO

Clean Canvas bootstrap templates

SimpleApp – Single Bootstrap 3 Page Scrolling Site Template – MORE INFO

SimpleApp new bootstrap templates

Diamond – Bootstrap 3 Landing Page Template – MORE INFO

Diamond new bootstrap templates