Non profit websites are the best methods of disseminating information to people who are interested in receiving services or getting involved in charitable work. An effective nonprofit website helps in communicating what the group is all about and in reaching more people.

However, nonprofit organizations find it hard to develop well-designed websites because of monetary constraints. Non profit websites share almost all of the best features that can be found in any other website. They have to be easy to navigate, use the right fonts and colors, be user friendly and other elements. Usually though a nonprofit website should provide more than an average corporate website.

A non profit website should make it easy for people to know more about the foundation. It should be easy for people to get involved and donate money. Further, the design should be easy for the media to find vital information as well as the contact details of key people. All of these things should be achieved in an inviting manner.

To help you get a grip on non profit websites, let us take a look at more than 45 examples that I hope will inspire you. I wish that these inspiring non profit websites will give you enough information for your organization or design.

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Stand non profit websites

Upside Down Town – MORE INFO

Upside Down Town non profit websites

Volunteer Louisiana – MORE INFO

Volunteer Louisiana non profit websites

Nature Conservancy – MORE INFO

Nature Conservancy non profit websites

Blood Water Mission – MORE INFO

Blood Water Mission best non profit websites

Ace in the City – MORE INFO

Ace in the City best nonprofit websites

Ambassadors for Life – MORE INFO

Ambassadors for Life non profit organizations list

Natural Resources Defense Council – MORE INFO

Natural Resources Defence Council well designed websites

Institute for Emerging Issues – MORE INFO

Institute for Emerging Issues nonprofit websites

Sacred Heart – MORE INFO

Sacred Heart charity websites

Children’s Museum Pittsburgh – MORE INFO

Children's Museum Pittsburgh non profit website

African Moons – MORE INFO

African Moons nonprofit website[3]


Wiser websites for nonprofits

Mid Cities Pregnancy Center – MORE INFO

Mid Cities Pregnancy Center top non profit websites

Child Aid – MORE INFO

Child Aid non profit organization websites

Alliance for Africa – MORE INFO

Alliance for Africa non profit websites

Confidence Coalition – MORE INFO

Confidence Coalition non profit websites

Family Life – MORE INFO

Family Life non profit websites

Eps Environmental – MORE INFO

Eps Environmental non profit websites

Susan G. Komen for the Cure – MORE INFO

Susan G. Komen for the Cure non profit websites

Feeding America – MORE INFO

Feeding America non profit websites

Ducks Unlimited – MORE INFO

Ducks Unlimited non profit websites


MANNA FoodBank non profit websites

Charities Aid Foundation America – MORE INFO

Charities Aid Foundation America best non profit websites

Moltonel – MORE INFO

Moltonel non profit websites

The Michael J. Fox Foundation – MORE INFO

The Michael J. Fox Foundation best nonprofit websites

Sower of Seeds – MORE INFO

Sower of Seeds nonprofit websites

The Society of Publication Designers – MORE INFO

The Society of Publication Designers non profit websites