You cannot go unnoticed by using yellow website designs. However, yellow can be tricky to design. It is definitely bright, making it great for catching the attention of people. However, yellow website designs also have the tendency to turn your eyes sore. Thus, you will be walking a thin line if you are going to use yellow in your web design. The good news is that when used properly, it could be a refreshing and very effective alternative to more ordinary shades.

Yellow is associated with good times, happiness and cheerfulness. It is a warm color that is also the color of our sun. However, yellow is also the color of fire, which can destroy everything. For the most part, it is an optimistic color but all depends on shades. More golden yellow shades for example could lead to more sales and you could use the web design as an effective marketing tool. Thus, yellow would be more apt for eCommerce websites providing different kinds of services.

To enlighten you, I have selected more than 40 yellow website designs that use the color effectively. Some websites use yellow to highlight important aspects of the design while some use the color abundantly to create a bold effect.

Do you know of some inspiring neon yellow website designs that are not included in my list? Have you learned anything from browsing on my list of yellow website designs? Share your thoughts and suggestions with us through the comment section below. If this post inspired you, kindly share it with your friends.

Rice Bowls – MORE INFO

Rice Bowls yellow website designs

Chleon Automotive – MORE INFO

Chleon Automotive yellow website designs


Roome yellow website designs

Luton Science Fair – MORE INFO

Luton Science Fair yellow website designs

Mooze Design – MORE INFO

Mooze Design yellow website designs

Ryan Keiser – MORE INFO

Ryan Keiser fancy website design

Beer Camp 2011 – MORE INFO

Beer Camp 2011 web colors yellow

Postmark App – MORE INFO

Postmark App black and yellow color scheme

Paralotna – MORE INFO

Paralotna web color yellow

Smile Local – MORE INFO

Smile Local yellow and black color scheme

Design Charts – MORE INFO

Design Charts black and yellow colors

Impero – MORE INFO

Impero yellow pages web design[3]


Brio yellow website designs

Wilkintie – MORE INFO

Wilkintie yellow website designs

I am Always Hungry – MORE INFO

I am Always Hungry yellow website designs

Ross Plus Jess – MORE INFO

Ross Plus Jess yellow website designs

Solid Soup – MORE INFO

Solid Soup fancy website design

Map Crow – MORE INFO

Map Crow web colors yellow

Helveticons – MORE INFO

Helveticons black and yellow color scheme

Above The Mark – MORE INFO

Above The Mark web color yellow

Yellow Marshmallow – MORE INFO

Yellow Marshmallow black and yellow colors

Snipcart – MORE INFO

Snipcart yellow and black color scheme


Trout yellow website designs

Mikio Inose – MORE INFO

Mikio Inose yellow website designs


BG yellow website designs

Go Live! – MORE INFO

Go Live! yellow website designs