The best iPad apps from among an estimated 375,000 choices are very good reasons why the Apple tablets continue to be among the best-selling devices worldwide. The number of options that is available for the iPad dwarfs the several dozen apps highlighted in Google Play and the 60,000 choices available in the Windows Store. In addition, there are plenty of new apps that are available at the App store, which take full advantage of Retina Display, providing unmatched sharpness to users.

The Apple iPad could be the best way of surfing the web while you are travelling, watching movies or just lounging around on a couch. It is also the best tool in the world for reading in total darkness. This is nothing though compared to the hundreds of other uses that can be made possible with the best iPad apps.

Apple provides a number of apps that can be used for both work and play. These include the iLife and iWork suites but that is just a teaser. There are literally tons of fascinating third party options that are available on the App Store, which are useful for updating yourself with social networking, TV shows and the latest news. There are also apps for streaming movies, cooking, managing your expenses and a lot more. Considering these choices, choosing the best iPad apps is not really easy.

However, knowing how helpful the best iPad apps can be, I collected the most amazing apps I could find and shortlisted it to the finest options, which I presented in this post. If you find my list insufficient and you have other options for the best iPad apps list, please drop us a note on the comment section below. If my choice of the best iPad apps inspired you, kindly share this post with your friends.

News 360 – MORE INFO

News 360 best ipad apps[3]

This app provides something different to office favorites such as Flipboard and Zite. Like its competitors, it picks stories based on your interests and the content of your social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. This app makes it itself unique by providing a variety of different sources for every story.

Little Fox Music Box – MORE INFO

Little Fox Music Box best ipad apps

This is a well-designed musical storybook that has plenty of things for kids to enjoy. There is a lot of animation as well as hidden actions to uncover in the scenes based on different classic songs.

Chess Pro – MORE INFO

Chess Pro best ipad apps

If you like playing chess but has the worst win-loss record ever, this app is for you. It suggests moves as you play and then highlights the piece that is being threatened by your opponent. Thus, you can easily take evasive action.


Sky Go best ipad apps

If you are subscribing to Sky, this is an essential download for you. Depending on the package, it is possible to see a maximum of 32 live channels, which include sports and movies as well as the on demand Sky catalogue. The app also works on 3G, which means you can watch football anywhere.

Cooliris – MORE INFO

Cooliris best ipad apps[3]

This app will transform your photo collection into a scrollable 3D wall. It will display iPad stored images and those that are saved on the web in services like Twitter and Facebook.

National Parks by National Geographic – MORE INFO

National Parks by National Geographic best ipad apps

National Parks is full of great photos of some of the most beautiful national parks in the US. It also has a lot of information about what you will find in those parks, maps with points of interest, activities you can do there and the kind of flora and fauna that exists in the parks.

Book Creator for iPad – MORE INFO

Book Creator for iPad best ipad apps

This app will allow you to layout and publish books from the iPad. It is not a professional tool but anybody can quickly ad videos, images, audio and text to create an interactive ePub book.

Google Earth – MORE INFO

Google Earth best ipad apps

Get the full power of Google’s information about the world with the Google Earth app. It offers 3D cities, tours of famous places, layers of information – including roads, borders and more – and enables you to see photos from around the world. You can get a surprising amount of information about pretty much anywhere in the world, all with one free app

iPhoto – MORE INFO

iPhoto best ipad apps

Dropbox – MORE INFO

Dropbox best ipad apps

This app will allow you to bring images, videos and docs anywhere and share them with ease. You can access any saved file to the app from every computer, iPad and iPhone you have, even from the Dropbox site.

Learnist – MORE INFO

Learnist best ipad apps

This is like Pinterest but for education. You can utilize the app to create and browse learning boards with text and mix media from various sources to provide you with everything you need.

iMovie – MORE INFO

iMovie best ipad apps

This app places anything you require to tell a story from your fingertips with a stunning interface as well as multi touch gestures, which allow you to enjoy videos like never before.