Here are some Instagram apps that can help you make the most out of your photo sharing experience. Instagram is a tool for sharing photos online, which has attracted the affection of millions of fans. The photo sharing tool became a headline when people started blurring their photographs, in a time when 3D movies and high definition televisions is the norm.

However, the fact that Instagram was acquired recently by Facebook for a billion dollars is also difficult to ignore. While there surely are people that are wondering about the future of Instagram, let us step back and take a closer look at 10 Instagram apps created to enrich image sharing on the website. The Instagram apps are mostly named in one variant or another, which is either “insta” or “gram.” If you know of others that you think are better than the ones on my list, please share them with us through the comments. You are also free to share these Instagram apps with your friends.

Instagrid – MORE INFO


This is similar to a feed reader but designed for Instagram. You can subscribe to it through email and the display can either be in list or grid view. Clicking on an image will take you back to the original link.

Gramfeed – MORE INFO


This app is similar to Quickgram but with additional features. The experience is like browsing on Instagram through a web browser with links to user profiles. It comes with comment and like options as well as follow button.

Instagram Popular Photos– MORE INFO


This app gathers Instagram photos that are popular and display them in simple webpage. You will be given an option to view the image in its original size and check on other collections from the user.

Instac.At – MORE INFO


This is a simple web application for searching relevant photos in Instagram based on keywords and hash tags. You will be directed to the original link if you click on an image but there are no other available options.

Followgram – MORE INFO


This is a fully featured web application for Instagram. It comes complete with Follow button and photo galleries. You may follow other users as well by scanning custom QR codes by phone. Your own QR can be shared with others as well.

Statigram – MORE INFO


This app will provide you with a lot of great features, which are not found in other applications. These includes, Facebook custom tab, Timeline integration, cover creator and statistics.

Quickagram – MORE INFO


This app will allow you to browse random photos that are listed on map and gallery in Instagram. You can open an image in its original size by clicking on it. Available options include Facebook like and sharing as well as Instagram comment.



This is an excellent app for adding small doodles and text to your images. It comes with options for color, opacity and alignment as well as a selected compilation of designer apps.

Printstagram – MORE INFO


This app gives you the option to print Instagram photos as neat and attractive posters, stickers and mini albums.

Extragram – MORE INFO


This fully featured web app for Instagram comes with an elegant photo gallery. It also has more sharing options.