In this roundup, we are presenting more than 25 jQuery slider plugins to inspire you. jQuery has overtaken Flash in many online uses and has become a very potent tool for designers. One such use is the topic of this post. Implementing a jQuery slider in your website is definitely a big plus so do not waste your time and download one the jQuery slider plugins I have featured in this article.

jQuery can be customized easily, lightweight and has limitless possibilities. So where can you use jQuery slider plugins? Sliders are the best solution for showcasing your content, work or product. They do not occupy a lot of space, look good and are very handy. To have a better understanding on how a jQuery slider plugin can add value your site, look at the fine examples I have listed below. If I missed some great jQuery slider plugins that you know, please share them with us through the comments. You may also share this post with friends who might be inspired by jQuery slider plugins.

jQuery UniSlider – MORE INFO


With this plugin, you will have a responsive slider that supports drag and touch features of mobile devices. You can use this slider for both HTML and image content.

Pikachoose– MORE INFO


This lightweight jQuery slider has gallery features that will allow your images to stand out from the rest. This plugin was created to support lightboxes as well as thumbnail navigation.

Liquid Slider– MORE INFO


This is a content slider that is responsive and optimized for HTML5. You can customize it to include only those features that you require, making this plugin bloat free and lightweight.

Coin Slider– MORE INFO


This is a fresh jQuery slider plugin but it is well worth your time. Coin Slider is lightweight and simple with cool transition effects.

Responsive Thumbnail Gallery Plugin– MORE INFO

Responsive Thumbnail Gallery Plugin

This is a jQuery plugin that is designed to create image galleries that will scale to fit any screen size.

SlideDeck– MORE INFO


This is a very popular premium pluin for WordPress that provides tons of features. It is beautifully responsive and easy to setup from the WordPress dashboard, even without any coding.

Unslider– MORE INFO


Unslider is for those that like a lightweight and simple slider. It will allow you to create responsive sliders and comes with plenty of fancy transition effects that you can select from.



This responsive slider uses jQuery mobile to allow mobile users to scroll through the slides on a touchscreen easily. It has a lot of customization options and supports video, images and HTML.

Wow Slider– MORE INFO


This is a great slider to choose if you are a non-coder. It is responsive and comes with lots of stunning visual effects as well as a point and click wizard, which allows creation of sliders without coding.

Smooth Scroll– MORE INFOquickdemo


This straightforward jQuery slider plugin is created by Thomas Kahn. Its content scroll horizontally in a slow motion in right or left direction.

LayerSlider Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin– MORE INFO


This is among the jQuery slider plugins that is packed full of features. You can add amazing layered effects use parallax effect. The plugin includes 5 presentation modes to allow the slider to be compatible with your website design.

BlogSlideShow– MORE INFO


This is a useful and simple jQuery slider gallery that will allow you to make great image presentation with captions. BlogSlideShoew is free and open code complete with HTML5/CSS3 transitions effects.

s3Slider jQuery plugin– MORE INFO


This is a slideshow that highlights layered objects, which can be positioned anywhere.

FlexSlider– MORE INFO


This is a free plugin created by WooThemes. It provides vertical and horizontal slides as well as fade animations.

Roundabout– MORE INFO


This plugin comes with great 3D effects. With Roundabout, you can transform your nested HTML structures and unordered lists into a turntable slider.

iView Slider– MORE INFO


This plugin is useful for featuring all kinds of contents such as HTML, video and images. It supports responsive layouts and is compatible with tough interfaces. The plugin includes 35 transition effects that will allow you to define different items in each slide.

jQuery Banner Rotator / Content Slider / Carousel– MORE INFO


This is an all in one jQuery slider that comes with 5 flavoers. These include rotator, banner, banner with playlist, content slider, thumbnails banner and carousel. You can create powerful sliders easily using HTML standard tags and animated text making it so easy to manage and setup.

Sequence : jQuery Slider Plugin with Modern Effects– MORE INFO


This banner comes with infinite style. It provides a variety of functionalities for a site slider without the need for a set theme.

Responsive KenBurner Slider jQuery Plugin– MORE INFO


If you want a premium method of using a slider in your site, this plugin is a good choice. It combines, text animations, cutting edge slider, responsive rebuilding and Ken Burns effect. You can customize this slider easily with a little CSS and HTML.

Unoslider– MORE INFO


This plugin has been designed for mobile users. It has been optimized for mobiles and is touch enabled. It also provides unlimited transitions and can also be themed.

Refine Slide– MORE INFO


This is a jQuery content slider plugin that is CSS transition and 3D transform enabled. It is quite lightweight for its capability and is only 10.7 kilobytes when minified.

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin– MORE INFO


Slider Revolution will allow you to create full width or mobile friendly sliders with amazing effects while building or maintaining your SEO. This means that all your content are read by search engines all the time. You can customize the plugin from the backend using drag and drop.

Galleria Responsive Slider– MORE INFO


This is a free script that contains some image presentation features that are really cool. It includes a bottom thin bar with different image display options.

Nivo Slider– MORE INFO


This is an open source, free jQuery slider plugin that can your responsive design more amazing. It contains 16 nice transition effects and supports keyboard navigation, pre built themes and HTML captions.

Responsiveslides.js– MORE INFO


This jQuery slider is both lightweight and simple. It will allow you to create responsive sliders using elements within a container.



This jQuery image slideshow and content slider features vertical, horizontal and fade transitions. It also moves and displays a number of slides at once.

Basic jQuery Slider– MORE INFO


This is a very basic and simple jQuery slider implementation. You can style and set it up easily according to your needs. The concept behind the plugin design is to make everything as lightweight and simple as possible.