In this post, you will find some of the best jQuery Metro UI plugins on the internet. It seems that the Metro style have become quite a rage on the web these days so I thought I will hop in to the bandwagon by coming up with my own list.

Metro jQuery interfaces have become more popular when the Windows Phone 7 arrived. Developers love the clean and dynamic interface, which is dedicated to content. They created jQuery preloaders, navigation menus, metro tile interfaces and notifications to imitate the native touch and tile UI designed by Microsoft.

When Windows 8 came out, Microsoft tried to create an interface design that will work great with mobile devices. The Metro style appears flawless on computers but navigation is more intuitive and simpler on tablets and touch screens than on desktops. Developers took on the light and aesthetic layout that focuses on the smartness of typography. The result is the great jQuery Metro UI plugins, which are made for purposes other than devices that are Windows based.

To give you something to browse on and to inspire you, I invested my effort to come up with the list of 18  jQuery Metro UI plugins that you will find below. I guess the jQuery Metro UI plugins I have compiled here are comparable to the inherent Metro style. So jump on below and do not forget to share your thoughts on jQuery Metro UI plugins through the comment section below. If jQuery Metro UI plugins inspired you, please share this post with friends.


Metro Login – MORE INFO


This login form uses jQuery and CSS3 to emulate the login screen found in Windows 8. A document can be found inside the package, which explains the code. Metro Login also works great on mobile devices and tablets.



This is a good tool for creating custom jQuery UI themes. Its implementation has been inspired by Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8.

MelonHTML5 – Metro UI– MORE INFO


This user friendly and flexible framework can be used to generate a one page site in Metro UI. It is powered by CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5 with a lot of options that you can configure for your own needs.

Metro UI Template– MORE INFO


This will allow you to build websites in the style of the Metro UI found in Windows 8. The plugin is easy to modify and includes smooth transitions. There are numerous tiles included but you can create your own with ease.

UI-Pro – Simple Metro Style Navigation Bar– MORE INFO


This simple plugin will allow you to build Metro style navigation bars. It comes with Iconic, which is an icon pack made by P.J. Onori, which you could set easily with CSS classes.



This JavaScript jQuery plugin was designed to enable metro UI’s easily on the net. It focuses on theming, application bar and live tiles. It is still in the initial stages of development but it should function on Firefox, Android, Chrome, IE7+, Safari and Opera.

Metro Help Desk Support Tickets– MORE INFO


This plugin enables efficient and prompt support to your clients. The default Metro Help Desk is integrated with manuals and FAQ systems that allow staff members to increase efficiency and decrease response time.

jQuery Metro Plugin– MORE INFO


This free metro jQuery plugin helps create a cool metro style UI to amaze your visitors.

Megafolio Pro Responsive Grid JQuery Plugin– MORE INFO


This is a media grid plugin that is fully responsive and displays content in all ways possible with randomly generated or preset layouts. It features a wide variety of options that will allow you to control your grid layout according to your preference.

jqMetro Metro UI jQuery Plugin Control– MORE INFO


This free jQuery plugin was created to help develop metro user interface on web application.

MelonHTML5 – Metro Gallery– MORE INFO


This is an easy to integrate and flexible photo gallery feature in Metro design. It will allow you to create your own photo wall with your particular settings.

Metro UI Flexible Navigation– MORE INFO


This is a clean and minimal grid layout that was inspired by Windows 8 interface. You can customize the layout to be vertical or horizontal. The plugin can be dragged and scrolled and contains sliding controls that can be useful. There is also a large collection of icons available that you can use.

MetroTab – Responsive Tab for Metro UI– MORE INFO


This is a light jQuery plugin that will allow you to create tabs in metro style. The tabs can be aligned anywhere you like and you can include any content such as images, iframe, video or paragraphs. Both AJAX and inline content are supported so you can use two methods for SEO and best performance.

BootMetro – Metro Style Web Framework– MORE INFO


This is a flexible and simple web framework for creating modern and elegant web applications that looks and feel like Windows 8.

Metro Notifications– MORE INFO


This jQuery plugin can bring notifications to a higher level. It includes six stylish plugins contained in a single file.

Droptiles– MORE INFO


This is an open source Web 2.0 dashboard in the style of Windows 8. It will allow you to gain more experience in using tiles. The tiles are mini applications that can get data from outside sources.

Tabion – Metro Tab Accordion Switcher CSS– MORE INFO


This is a tiny CSS plugin that can be used for creating tab with Metro style. It supports responsive design that switches to vertical accordion when viewed on smaller screens.

Metro Launcher– MORE INFO


This menu can be utilized for anything you like. It has plenty of customization options and is quite simple to use. Each box can save all types of HTML code such as icons, iFrames and images. It also includes vertical slideshow capability and more than 249 icons.