The average consumer is starting to use the internet more frequently and if you want to give your online shop a boost, take a look at our list of WordPress eCommerce plugins. There is more than one way of unleashing your products to more potential customers but for the purpose of this post, we will talk exclusively about the best WordPress plugins for eCommerce.

Electronic commerce, more commonly referred to as e-commerce or eCommerce, is where products and services are marketed with the use of the World Wide Web and other computer networks. As the years go by, people are increasingly becoming enthusiastic about online shopping resulting to a lot of eCommerce website business. If you do not want to be left behind, you must ensure that your online store is more conducive for business and one way of doing it is through WordPress eCommerce plugins.

Below is a compilation of 20 WordPress eCommerce plugins that we have collected for you. If you have thoughts and suggestions for this post, please share them with us through the comments. You can also share this post with friends who are looking for WordPress eCommerce plugins.

Orilla Cart – eCommerce – MORE INFO

Orilla Cart wordpress ecommerce plugins

This plugin has everything needed for an online store. Its design is focused on simplicity. The notion behind Orilla Cart is to provide a simple but powerful business tool for everyone.

Download File Name for WooCommerce – MORE INFO

Download File Name wordpress ecommerce plugins

The WooCommerce plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins but it needs a bit of improvement to make it even better. This plugin is one of them.

Payment Express Gateway for WooCommerce – MORE INFO

Payment Express Gateway wordpress ecommerce plugins

This will allow your WooCommerce plugin to accept payments from credit cards without having to worry about the card details. They are instead taken care of by Payment Express.

eCommerce for WordPress – MORE INFO

eCommerce for WordPress best wordpress plugins

This is a very easy method of using WordPress to market products on the net. It will utilize existing WordPress functions to create a shopping environment under the blog.

Custom Order ID for TheCartPress eCommerce – MORE INFO

Custom Order ID wordpress ecommerce plugins

This plugin will allow you to setup custom order ID in eCommerce. It is very practical if you do not want orders to start with 1.

Ecwid Shopping Cart – MORE INFO

Ecwid Shopping Cart wordpress ecommerce plugins

Ecwid is for Ecommerce Widgets. This is an ecommerce and shopping cart solution that is full of features. You can add it easily to any Facebook profile or blog and it provides the flexibility and performance you need without the hassles.

Apptivo eCommerce – MORE INFO

Apptivo ecommerce website

This plugin will allow you to create, collect and display product payments online. It will provide you with a simple admin control that will allow you to convert your WordPress site into eCommerce that is integrated with an Apptivo account.

Jigoshop – MORE INFO

Jigoshop wordpress ecommerce plugins

This ecommerce plugin for WordPress really works. It was created by professionals that have many years of experience under their belt in delivering online stores for international brands.

BeanStream Gateway for WooCommerce – MORE INFO

BeanStream Gateway ecommerce website

This is a payment gateway that will allow your small business to accept credit cards, simply, easily and cheaply. It also allows credit cards to be accepted by your WooCommerce plugin through the BeanStream Merchant Account.

Spanish eCommerce for TheCartPress – MORE INFO

Spanish eCommerce wordpress ecommerce plugins

This is the Spanish setup for TheCartPress. It will add Spanish regions as well as a button for configuring store with Spanish currency and others.

Create Customer on Order for WooCommerce – MORE INFO

Create Customer on Order wordpress ecommerce plugins

You really must have this plugin for any kind of WooCommerce store as it will really simplify your workflow. All you have to do is to create a new order then click on the Create Customer button. Fill in the first and last name (if you have them), as well as the email addresses and you are done.


Shopp wordpress ecommerce plugins

Shopp has been created to be with WordPress. Various aspects of the plugins blend seamlessly with WordPress such as widgets, admin tools, custom menus, taxonomy support, shortcodes and post types.

WooCommerce Video Links – Product Embedded Videos – MORE INFO

WooCommerce Video Links wordpress ecommerce plugins

This plugin will load videos from every main video site like Vimeo, ScreenR and YouTube. It is compatible with SoundCloud Music embeds and you can preview videos in WooCommerce. You can replace a featured product photo on your product page with your chosen embedded video.

QuickBooks(Intuit) Payment Gateway for WooCommerce – MORE INFO

QuickBooks wordpress ecommerce plugins

Intuit provides a simple, cost effective and easy option for small businesses in accepting credit cards. It will also allow your WooCommerce plugin to accept payments from credit cards through the QuickBooks Merchant account. It will require you to enable cURL though in your hosting account and you have to ensure you have a SSL enabled website.

WPdeposit – MORE INFO

WPdeposit wordpress ecommerce plugins

This is a plugin that will help in running your monetary system within a WordPress site. It will allow users to deposit money on their accounts and then spend it on subscriptions, ads and others. WPdeposit is quite the same as what Envato marketplace members use to deposit money and purchase items.

Cart66 – MORE INFO

Cart66 wordpress ecommerce plugins

This is the only ecommerce solution for WordPress that will make your online store PCI compliant. Cart66 is from security and ecommerce experts so you do not have to be one.