Nexus WordPress theme is a magazine style theme that is versatile and incorporated with a lot of content modules and custom widgets to provide control over your webpages. All magazine themes have to take a great amount of content and present them to the readers in a structure and clear way. Nexus has managed to do it all through its clean layout, typographical hierarchy and strict grid, which provide every element ample room to breathe.



Nexus for Your Mobile

You will love the way Nexus WordPress theme responds to all devices. The theme utilizes CSS media queries to prompt various layout sets at different screen sizes. You do not have to scroll and zoom when you are browsing on your mobile device. If you want a theme for WordPress that is friendly to mobiles and tablets but also professional and simple, Nexus is definitely worth considering.

Nexus WordPress Theme Options

The ePanel theme options that come with Nexus WordPress theme will allow you to have easy control of your website, even if you do not know how to write codes. There are extra features that will allow you to turn features on and off, manage advertisements, do search engine optimization, adjust layout control colors and other needed chores. The ePanel assimilates with WordPress dashboard. It will automatically appear once you activate Nexus WordPress theme.

Nexus Shortcodes

Organizing and designing your posts have been made a lot easier with the shortcodes that come with Nexus WordPress theme. With the huge collection of shortcodes that you will find with the theme, you can build sophisticated and beautiful layouts without bothering with a myriad of complicated codes. With the shortcodes, you can immensely enhance the variety and functionality of your content, without having to deal with the headaches associated with learning web development advanced methods.

Nexus Page Templates

The page templates that come with Nexus WordPress theme will make it easier for you. That is because it provides access to premade functions and styles. You can apply all templates to individual pages, allowing you to transform their functions and looks for a unique and extra form of content. Galleries, site maps, contact pages and blog feeds can be created easily using the page templates that come with Nexus WordPress theme.