In this post, we present 3 responsive WordPress theme designs that you can use for building a strong presence on the web. These are all premium responsive WordPress theme options so you can expect all the amazing features that come with first class themes.

Rationale for Using Responsive WordPress Theme

Let’s admit it, not all website owners and bloggers are design savvy or know something about codes. However, all of them deserve to have a responsive design in their website. If you are using WordPress to power your website, this is the article for you. Instead of spending a lot of money for a professional to give your site a facelift, you can just use one of the responsive WordPress theme designs we have presented here.

A responsive WordPress theme has been designed to realign and resize with its container. Thus, it will keep your website looking good on different mobile devices and screen sizes. Please feel free to express your thoughts on responsive WordPress theme in the comments below. You are also welcome to share my collection of responsive WordPress theme options with your friends.

Alyeska – MORE INFO


Alyeska is full of awesomeness and elegance, not to mention its flexible character. These attributes are the first to come to mind whenever Alyeska is talked about. It is the kind of theme that is likely to get a website operating fast. With all its possible layout options combinations, it is possible to create an elegant and unique site that will make you proud. Every possible tweaking has been done with Alyeska. It comes with all the professional touches that one would expect from a quality WordPress theme plus every personal feature possible. Alyeska is personal, professional and the best of its kind.

Explorable WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


Explorable is an offering from elegantthemes that is location based. You can use it for pinning your articles on a map. Listings is transformed into a component of the journey while making the website exploration a lot of fun. Explorable has the capability of making locating based listings. It is an excellent tool that you can use for creating local business directories, travel guides, travel blogs and other related websites. It also has a full-fledge blog, 100 percent responsive layout and user star ratings, which combine to present endless possibilities.

Revolux Multipurpose WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


This is a theme that is fully responsive, clean and very flexible. Revolux heralds the coming of the new standard in WordPress. The theme is ultra-intuitive. It is entirely ready to be used right out of the box. HTML5 and CSS3 has been used in coding this theme, with plenty of care and thought to make it such a pleasurable design to work with. You can have an amazing tool that you can use for creating a strong presence online. Revolux is great for all kinds of websites, be it corporate, photographers, products, blog, portfolio or business website. It comes with exclusive features that you can experience by clicking the More Info link. In addition, also includes a number of premium plugins that come with the package for free. All in all a 96 dollar value.