Using a Genesis WordPress child theme in your blog or website can be such a good idea. Or at least that is what we will try to show you in this post. WordPress developers are now using child themes because they provide the chance to customize a distinctive design over an existing layout. For newbies, this is a perfect setup as they will have plenty of room when creating their own designs.

WordPress Child Theme Genesis Framework

The Genesis framework version 2.0 is among the most robust and popular options that exists today. Genesis gives all the necessary features, functionality and security that are needed for running a well-oiled website. Even if you do not tweak it, you can utilize the framework on an array of blogs and sites, providing them with a very attractive look.

Take note though that it is not a good idea to use the same WordPress child theme on all your websites. If you are going to look closely at several authority blogs that are based on Genesis, you will see that they are actually using customized Genesis child themes. In short, they did not spend a fortune on web design. In fact, they only paid a few hundred dollars for the theme and customization.

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Selected Genesis WordPress Theme Designs

Using a Genesis theme will allow you to jump off your current premium themes and save yourself a lot of time doing it. Premium themes release fresh updates continually. If you are going to customize the theme’s core files, an update will overwrite them. A WordPress child theme will not be affected since it is separate and hidden nicely.

If you are not using a WordPress child theme yet, now is the time to give it some serious thoughts. Below are 3 Genesis WordPress child theme selections that you can use to great effect. Let us know what you think through the comments and share this post with colleagues that have not wised up yet.

TechMagazine Genesis Child Theme – MORE INFO


If you want your WordPress child theme to be fully responsive and unique, you might want to take a look at TechMagazine. It has been designed exclusively for tech and news blogs with advanced looks and typography. TechMagazine can really help in improving your brand.

Created for the Genesis Framework, take a look at the outstanding features presented by TechMagazine:

clip_image001 CSS3/HTML5 Genesis 2 support

clip_image001[1] 100% mobile responsive

clip_image001[2] Fixed top menu

clip_image001[3] Comes in 5 unique color styles

clip_image001[4] Neat typography

clip_image001[5] Breadcrumb and post navigation

clip_image001[6] 2 and 3 column layouts

clip_image001[7] 3 unique page layouts

clip_image001[8] Threaded comments and footer widgets

clip_image001[9] Major browser compatibility

clip_image001[10] 6 different layout options

Romo Multipurpose Genesis Child Theme – MORE INFO


This WordPress child theme is a premium creation for Genesis 2.0. Designed as both portfolio and corporate solution, Romo supports bbPRess and WooCommerce. The theme can be customized easily and comes with great features like the WP Customizer and Page Builder. Other features of Romo Include the following:

clip_image001[24] All features provided by Genesis Framework

clip_image001[25] CSS3 with responsive design

clip_image001[26] Extreme performance

clip_image001[27] Microdata and HTML5

Awaken Genesis Theme – MORE INFO


Awaken theme is actually a fresh creation that has been designed to be multipurpose. The clean, trendy and simple design has been designed on Bootstrap. As with the other themes offered by, there are exclusive and unique features that come with Awaken theme. These include:

clip_image001[32] Genesis Themes

clip_image001[33] Developer’s License

clip_image001[34] Fully Loaded

clip_image001[35] easy to use

clip_image001[36] professional design

clip_image001[37] support forever

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