WordPress plugins are created to extend the functionality of the popular platform. If you have a WordPress powered blog, there is a big chance that you are using at least several WordPress plugins. That is what makes the WordPress platform great. Instead of using a system that is enormously stuffed with every feature there is, you can just use plugins to add the functionality you require. And you can do it without overloading your website resources.

Deciding On WordPress Plugins

However, the WordPress plugin resources are extensive. This, in a sense, is favorable since you will have plenty of WordPress plugins to choose from. However, deciding on which one is really essential can be hard. Part of the problem lies on what you like to do with your WordPress installation. WordPress plugins that are vital for a personal blog would be different from those for business websites. Regrettably, great content alone is not enough to put you on top. You need to spread them through social media, boost SEO and improve your presentation. You have to make sharing easier and optimize your site so that visitors will browse on it longer to discover amazing products and content.

WordPress Plugin Selections

The WordPress core is intended to be lean. This is to minimize coding and maximize flexibility. With WordPress plugins, you can have customized features and functions to tailor your blog or website according to your particular needs. Below are 8 WordPress plugins that are essential in having a modern blog or website. Follow the links to their source pages to see each plugin in action. You can tell us what you think through the comments. Please share this post with friends too.

HandHeld Mobile Plugin – MORE INFO


HandHeld mobile plugin will work with your regular theme and serve as an alternative layout for users that access your site through mobile devices. This alternative will provide a better mobile experience and will only be seen by visitors when they access your website through an iphone, ipad, tablet and other mobile devices. Unlike other similar WordPress plugins, HandHeld mobile plugin has been created with HTML5 and will work perfectly with iOS phones and Androids.

Elegant Page Builder – MORE INFO


This plugin will provide you with amazing tools that you can use for structuring your page content. The page builder creates a drag and drop visual canvas that you can use for adding, resizing and arranging advanced page components. You can find the plugin under your regular text editor, when you build a page or post, creating a distinctive canvas for all posts and pages. With the Elegant Theme Builder, you can build sliders, buttons, columns, tabs, boxes, toggles and others easily and quickly.

xPass Customise Login Page Plugin – MORE INFO


xPass will allow you to customize your WordPress login screen, which can be used perfectly for client branding. The options that are offered by the plugin include:

clip_image001 background upload

clip_image001[1] showing of client logo

clip_image001[2] set text and background colors

All these options can be managed easily through the control panel within the plugin.

Easy Service Box Shortcode – MORE INFO


This plugin will allow services providers to highlight their services in a more attractive, presentable and easier manner. It supports Font Awesome icons, Glyphicons, box shaped and circle service box. In addition it also has 7 beautiful circle service box effects, 14 unique icon backgrounds and others.

Mapify.it – MORE INFO


Mapify.it is a plugin and theme rolled into one. It is a very robust CMS and theme for WordPress that can be used by both professionals and beginners. Mapify.it is perfect of creating a market drive site that is concentrated on marketing your product or concept with an established design. This puts emphasis on ROI, conversion rates and others due to the modern app looking layout. Mapify.it can be implemented easily so you can have your website operating quickly. So if you are deciding on a list of WordPress plugins to use, Mapify.it would be a perfect addition.

WooCommerce WooSales Mobile – MORE INFO


Put WooCommerce securely into your pocket with this plugin. Through it, you will get very vital data and stats directly. At present the plugin can only be used on Androids.

60 Second Ad Manager – MORE INFO


This premium plugin has been created for managing WordPress ads. 60 Second Ad Manager is elegant and robust, yet simple to use. The plugin guarantees that your ads will be fully operational in less than a minute. The plugin is also not specific to any theme. It will work perfectly with all themes that are equipped with widget areas. Most modern WordPress themes have widget areas so you are well covered.

Anticipate Maintenance Mode Plugin – MORE INFO


This maintenance mode plugin provides an alternative “Coming Soon” page to your visitors, as you work in the background creating your site. Once you activate it, every visitor that comes to your site would be directed to the landing page of Anticipate. If you are logged into your WordPress Admin though your standard theme will appear to allow you to build you site along flawlessly. Now that you have seen our list of WordPress plugins, you may also be interested in looking at our list of interesting WordPress themes.